7 Metaphors for iris

The Iris, to be edited by the Rev. Thomas Dale, is another novelty in this way.

"The Iris was a steamer of many names, and had, I believe, been painted nearly all the colors of the rainbow at various times.

The iris of the eye is a film of color covering the watery inside part of the eyeball, and the pupil is a round hole in the iris that lets the light into the back of the eye.

The Iris is the orchid of the flower garden; its blossoms are the most rich and varied in colour of hardy plants.

The IRIS is a handsome plant, attractive alike from the variety and the beauty of its blossoms; some of them are also used medicinally.

Sir Arthur Pinero's Iris is a case in point; so are Mr. Shaw's Candida and The Devil's Disciple; so is Mr. Galsworthy's Strife.

" "Iris is a word that means rainbow, which as you know is a belt of beautiful colors, made by the sun shining through rain.

7 Metaphors for  iris