161 Metaphors for island

Silver Island is a kind of sacred island like Potou, but very much smaller.

Stevenson's Treasure Island is the most successful of the almost numberless stories of adventure suggested by Robinson Crusoe.

The whole island is but a verdureless sand-drift, of which the outlines are constantly changing under the influence of winds and waters.

This island in the center of Polynesia, and especially favored by nature, had been a source of growth and distribution of the race, the Paumotus, New Zealand, and probably the Marquesas, and Hawaii having been stocked from it, the language developing furthest in it, and customs, refinements, and leisure reaching their highest pitch in the marvelous culture, savage though it was, which astounded the Europeans.

Though they seem disconnected, these islands are parts of a submerged Coral Reef, concentric with the shore of the peninsula and continuous underneath the water, but visible above the surface at such points of the summit as have fully completed their growth.

"Some islands are hundreds of miles round, and have many people living upon them.

For Tobago, Robinson Crusoe's island, which lies away unseen to windward, is seemingly a fragment of South America, like the island of Trinidad, to which the steamer now ran dead south for seventy miles.

The next islands we come in sight of are Cape Yerd Islands near Africa.

This island, like Capstan Island, is a heap of sandstone rocks, clothed with the usual quantity of spinifex and small shrubs.

One reads between the stones, then far out beyond them where mouldering bones are feeding the smiling fields; and there is borne in upon him the thought that our country had life through so much of death that this whole island is a graveyard.

The island is too low, otherwise this would be quite a secure port; but, the island not being a sufficient protection, some storms blow very hard here.

It matters little to that bold spirit whose motto was: "The die is castI have dared it!"the whole island is his monument, if he need one.

Basilius and Gynetiaas Day writes the nameare duke and duchess of Arcadianear which, apparently, the island is situatedPhiloclea and Pamela become Violetta and Hipolita, Pyrocles and Musidorus appear as Lisander and Demetrius, Philanax and Calander from being lords of the court become captains of the castles guarding the island, and Dametas comes practically to occupy the post of Lord Chamberlain.

It was affirmed that the island was never in so prosperous a condition as at present.

the pure Culdees Were Albyn's [Scotland's] earliest priests of God, Ere yet an island of her seas By foot of Saxon monk was trod. Campbell, Reullura. CULLOCH (Sawney) a pedlar.

Some of the land in Wellesley islands is higher than the main; but the largest island is, probably, not more than one hundred and fifty feet in height;** and low-wooded hills occur on the mainland, from thence to Sir Edward Pellew's group.

On her shield is the device of a mermaid, with the motto, "Hear, Gaze, and Die."The Purple Island, vii.

The island was in shape a rough oval, the coast-line being broken by small bays and headlands.

One of the Governors left it on record that, so averse from change were the people, he thought it most fortunate the island was not Eden before the fall, as in that case the inhabitants could never have been induced to wear clothes.

Sullivan's Island and the Coffin land are the marks of the entry into Charlestown harbor.

The island is a narrow strip lying east and west, about three miles; the west end we made in latitude 21 degrees 26 minutes

These islands are also a favourite haunt of the sea otter.

Simpson said, he would willingly go for Col, if young Col or his servant would undertake to pilot us to a harbour; but, as the island is low land, it was dangerous to run upon it in the dark.

Although Depuch Island is one vast pile of reddish-coloured blocks, scattered about in the greatest possible confusion, sometimes resembling basaltic columns, its outline from seaward appears even.

The islands in this channel are the Isle of Wightcapital Newport,Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney and Sark.

161 Metaphors for  island
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