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222 Metaphors for  island

222 Metaphors for island

Silver Island is a kind of sacred island like Potou, but very much smaller.

Stevenson's Treasure Island is the most successful of the almost numberless stories of adventure suggested by Robinson Crusoe.

And it is a litle Island being fruitfull of all things which a man can imagine, with great store of fruit: and this Island is a great succour to the shipping which returne for Portugall.

"You see, Thimble Island is a good distance from the channel and only the smaller pleasure boats come this way.

The islands are a golden colour.

The whole island is but a verdureless sand-drift, of which the outlines are constantly changing under the influence of winds and waters.

The island is about two-thirds of a mile in circumference, low and sandy, with a large reef extending to windward.

The largest islands of the group are Mainland, Yell, Unst, Fetlar, Whalsay, and Bressay.

This island in the center of Polynesia, and especially favored by nature, had been a source of growth and distribution of the race, the Paumotus, New Zealand, and probably the Marquesas, and Hawaii having been stocked from it, the language developing furthest in it, and customs, refinements, and leisure reaching their highest pitch in the marvelous culture, savage though it was, which astounded the Europeans.

Its biggest island is Manamansalo.

On nearing the shore, the Moorish pilots recognized it, and said that the Christian island of Quiloa was three leagues astern; on which the general was much grieved, believing certainly that the natives of Quiloa had been Christians, as represented by the pilots, and that they had purposely taken a wrong course that the ships might not come there.

"Some islands are hundreds of miles round, and have many people living upon them."

For Tobago, Robinson Crusoe's island, which lies away unseen to windward, is seemingly a fragment of South America, like the island of Trinidad, to which the steamer now ran dead south for seventy miles.

Island in the Sun is a 1957 American romance movie directed by Robert Rossen and based on the 1955 novel of the same name by Alec Waugh.

The next islands we come in sight of are Cape Yerd Islands near Africa.

This island, like Capstan Island, is a heap of sandstone rocks, clothed with the usual quantity of spinifex and small shrubs.

One reads between the stones, then far out beyond them where mouldering bones are feeding the smiling fields; and there is borne in upon him the thought that our country had life through so much of death that this whole island is a graveyard.

The island is too low, otherwise this would be quite a secure port; but, the island not being a sufficient protection, some storms blow very hard here.

It matters little to that bold spirit whose motto was: "The die is castI have dared it!"the whole island is his monument, if he need one.

Basilius and Gynetiaas Day writes the nameare duke and duchess of Arcadianear which, apparently, the island is situatedPhiloclea and Pamela become Violetta and Hipolita, Pyrocles and Musidorus appear as Lisander and Demetrius, Philanax and Calander from being lords of the court become captains of the castles guarding the island, and Dametas comes practically to occupy the post of Lord Chamberlain.

It was affirmed that the island was never in so prosperous a condition as at present.

Administratively, the whole island of Saint-Barthรฉlemy was a French copmmune (commune de Saint-Barthรฉlemy).

These islands of the Bocas, three in number, are some two miles long each, and some eight hundred to one thousand feet in height; at least, so say the surveyors.

A language island is a language area that is fully surrounded by a language border.

The largest islands are Cres and Krk.

The island was in shape a rough oval, the coast-line being broken by small bays and headlands.

One of the Governors left it on record that, so averse from change were the people, he thought it most fortunate the island was not Eden before the fall, as in that case the inhabitants could never have been induced to wear clothes.

Sullivan's Island and the Coffin land are the marks of the entry into Charlestown harbor.

Easter Island is 27ยบ 10' south.

The island is a narrow strip lying east and west, about three miles; the west end we made in latitude 21 degrees 26 minutes South and longitude 114 degrees 54 minutes East.

These islands are also a favourite haunt of the sea otter.

The islands were probably Buddhist before like they were in the Maldives.

Simpson said, he would willingly go for Col, if young Col or his servant would undertake to pilot us to a harbour; but, as the island is low land, it was dangerous to run upon it in the dark.

Although Depuch Island is one vast pile of reddish-coloured blocks, scattered about in the greatest possible confusion, sometimes resembling basaltic columns, its outline from seaward appears even.

The islands in this channel are the Isle of Wightcapital Newport,Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney and Sark."

All the islands inside the triangle are Polynesia.

The round island is about 15 m high and between 70 m and 90 m across.

These seafaring islands on the eve of the modern Greek Revolution were an exact reproduction of the Aigina, Korinth, and Athens which repelled the Persian from Ancient Greece.

[Illustration: Goths on the March] [Illustration: Franks Crossing the Rhine] The island now known as Great Britain, which was inhabited two thousand years ago by the Britons and Gaels, Celtic peoples, was overrun and conquered in part about 450 A.D. by the Saxons and Angles, Germanic tribes, after whom part of the island was called Angleland.

[10] If right in our former conjectures, the island spoken of in the text must be Sumatra not that now called Java.

Luzรณn is about the size of Ohio, and the other six islands that really matter, are in size mere little Connecticuts and Rhode Islands, and in population mere Arizonas or New Mexicos."

Entitled Futurity Island, the art installation by artists Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas is an architectural structure conceptualized as a space for acoustic experimentation.

I think that island is an intermittent dream of ours.

The Carib incursions and hurricanes did the rest, and the island soon became a vast jungle which everybody who could abandoned.

The centre island (or 2nd) of the group is in latitude 23 degrees 51 minutes 10 seconds, and longitude 152 degrees 19 minutes 5 seconds.

At first, the island of Sulawesi was one single province.

"Numbers of birds; penguins, albatrosses, gulls, ducks, cormorants, &c.; and the island is the resort of seals and sea-elephants."

"The only habitable islands near here are the Sandwich Isles (not Captain Cook's) and Georgia; but they are neither large, numerous, nor important: we will, therefore, round the Cape and enter the Pacific Ocean."

Railway point located 3.71 km N of : Reeds Island was a flag station on the Tobique Valley Branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1904: Reeds Island became part of St. Almo.

The small island of Memmert south of Juist is a nature reserve housing rare birds.

MAN, ISLE OF (56), a small island in the Irish Sea, 35 m. W. of Cumberland and about the same distance E. of Co. Down; from its equable climate and picturesque scenery is a favourite holiday resort; it has important lead mines at Laxey and Foxdale; fishing and cattle-grazing are profitable industries; the people are Keltic, with a language and government of their own; the island is a bishopric, with the title Sodor and Man.

The island of Owyhee, or more properly Hawaii, is the largest, being 415 miles in circumference.

The VIRGIN ISLES are 12 in number, of which Danes Island is the principalProtestants.

'The island is about a hundred yards from the shore, and I wondered how the animals crossed from the mainland as I sat under the porch of the ruined church.

From personal experience, particularly behind the search-light of an automobile that drew them in swarms, I, should say that the island would be a rich field for the entomologist.

This island (Manicolo, or Vanicolo) is not the Mallicolo of captain Cook, being situated only 118 miles to the leeward of Tucopia, in latitude 11 deg.

The principal islands between them are Massacre, Horn, Ship, and Cat islands, near to which there is anchorage for large ships of war.

China's artificial islands are a symbol of its revisionism in the South China Sea, but they're also militarily significant.

I did not go, for the castle was, perhaps, ten miles off, and there is no riding at Raarsa, the whole island being rock or mountain, from which the cattle often fall, and are destroyed.

That high, mountainous, and ragged island, on the extreme left, is modern Ischia.

The oldest island is Heimaey ("Home Island").

The most common opinion among the prognosticators of evil is, that the emancipated negroes will abandon the cultivation of all the staple products, retire to the woods, and live in a state of semi-barbarism; and as a consequence, the splendid sugar and coffee estates must be "thrown up," and the beautiful and fertile island of Jamaica become a waste howling wilderness.

The only coronavirus free islands in the Caribbean now are Bonaire and Saba.

The short stories served as an apprenticeship for the longer romances, of which Treasure Island is the best constructed and the most interesting.

Certain islands have become the bases of civilizations, but this is true of only a very small number of many existing islands.

The island of Japat had been the home of a Mohammedan race, the outgrowth of Arabian adventurers who had fared far from home many years before Wyckholme happened upon the island by accident.

The Purple Island is man, whose body is anatomically described after the allegory of a city, which is then peopled with all the human faculties personified, each set in motion by itself.

That other island, away to the right, with its great boulders and bare rocks rising straight up out of the water, is a fortification, a stronghold surrounded by a wall of solid masonry, and bristling with cannon.

On Christmas night 986 and again in 987. The ruling dynasty of Alba traced its origin to Iona, and the island thus became an important religious icon of the new kingdom.

This island was a stranger to all on board!

The northernmost island of this range is the extremity of the Cumberland Islands, as well as the north-eastern limit of Whitsunday Passage; it forms a high, bluff point, in latitude 20 degrees 0 minutes, and longitude 148 degrees 50 minutes 30 seconds, and is of bold approach: on the western side of the island are some low islets.

His Satisfaction Island is clearly Rossel's, and Eruption Island is St. Aignan's of D'Entrecasteaux.* (*Footnote.

The largest island is Tongatapuon.

Though they seem disconnected, these islands are parts of a submerged Coral Reef, concentric with the shore of the peninsula and continuous underneath the water, but visible above the surface at such points of the summit as have fully completed their growth.

The island is about eighty-two degrees west longitude and twenty-one degrees south latitude.

Bernard Shaw's John Bull's Other Island, as Irish plays go, is a fine specimen; Canon Hannay has written two successful comedies, Eleanor's Enterprise and General John Reganthe latter not wholly to the taste of the people of the west.

The volcanology institute reminded the public that the small island where the volcano lies is a โ€œpermanent danger zone,โ€ although fishing villages have existed there for years.

The 3 big islands are Batam, Rempang, and Galang.

Harvests of Prince Edward Island : Silver Fox Industry : History PastThe industry that would eventually see Prince Edward Island become the world leader in providing quality Silver Fox pelts began with the hunting and capturing of wild foxes.

When the coffin was lowered the grave was found to be partially filled with waternaturally enough, for the whole island is a mere swamp, off which the Altamaha is only kept from sweeping by the high dykes all round it.

Rhode Island is indeed the only Northern State which has a property qualification for the franchise!

His Satisfaction Island is clearly Rossel's, and Eruption Island is St. Aignan's of D'Entrecasteaux.* (*Footnote.

Macleod has offered me an island; if it were not too far off, I should hardly refuse it: my island would be pleasanter than Brighthelmstone, if you and my master could come to it; but I cannot think it pleasant to live quite alone, "Oblitusque meorum, obliviscendus et illis."

The island first occupied by Betancourt was Lanรงerota, where he built a castle of stone for the better defence of the new settlers.

These islands, anciently called the Insulae Fortunatae, or Fortunate Islands, are seven in number, in lat.

And even the islands which were colonized by Greeks were seats of sculpture and painting, as well as of schools of learning.

The island is, unequivocally, a Paradise; and, if I remember rightly, dwellers in Paradise are not expected to labor.

The islands in this sea are uniformly Greek in population, but their respective geographical positions and political fortunes differentiate them into several groups.

The seven next largest islands are Palawan, Samar, Panay, Mindoro, Leyte, Negros, and Cebu; of which the first measures about two hundred and fifty, and the last about one hundred square miles.

The University of Prince Edward Island is a member of AACSB Internationalโ€”The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

But outside these you might say that the whole island is one monastic enclosure.

LIP`ARI ISLANDS (22), a group of islands of volcanic origin, 12 in number, off the N. coast of Sicily, in two of which, Vulcano and Stromboli, the volcanic force is still active, the latter emitting clouds of steam at intervals of five minutes.

Zero weather is uncommon, and except for the great rainfall the island is a very comfortable place of existence; existence, because that is the limit reached by most of the people.

In this way these islands would become a sort of safety valve for the United States.

The islands are a mix of island types.

Clark's Island, with the great rock by which the Pilgrims "rested, according to the commandment," on the first Sunday, or Sabbath, as they loved to call it, which they passed in the harbor of Plymouth, is the most interesting of them all to us.

The island was a tropical picture of peace, only the glitter of armies breaking the spell.

Forty years have passed since Timar's disappearance from Komorn, and the island is now a complete model farm.

Again, Swift's flying Island of Laputa is a phenomenon so opposed to all scientific probability, and so directly at variance with natural laws, that it loses in interest in a direct ratio with the violence it does to our feelings.

Actually the island, located only 90 miles from Florida, was economically a United States colony and politically a Washington dependency, with United States armed forces stationed in the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.