72 Metaphors for isnt

I said that our's was a very particular case.

His Substance is within the Substance of every Being, whether material, or immaterial, and as intimately present to it as that Being is to it self.

"Lest by any means this liberty of your's become a stumbling-block.

"How is yourhow is Mrs. Day?"

" "Yes," replied Mr. James, "this is one of the old lady's fowls, and a fine one, too; her's are the smallest web-footed birds known.

Besides, do you not know, Marquis, that the being on earth who thinks the most evil of women, is a woman? I wish, however, very seriously, to justify the ideas, to my manner of expressing which you have taken an exception.

Take him when he is awaked too soon after a Debauch, or disappointed in following a worthless Woman without Truth, and there is no Man living whose Being is such a Weight or Vexation as his is.

Then doing will blossom into being, and "Being is the mother of all the little doings as well as of the grown-up deeds and heroic sacrifices.

" My would-be host was himself a very striking somebody.

On the 1st of May, 1825, he moved into new quarters, having rented an entire house at No. 20 Canal Street for the sum of four hundred dollars a year, and he says, "My new establishment will be very commodious for my professional studies, and I do not think its being so far 'up town' will, on the whole, be any disadvantage to me.

To a stranger the names sound uncouth and meaningless, the fact being, that we all go by nicknames. 'Giblets,' 'Diamond Digger,' 'Mangelwurzel,' 'Goggle-eyed Plover,' 'Gossein' or holy man, 'Blind Bartimeus,' 'Old Boots,' 'Polly,' 'Bottle-nosed Whale,' 'Fin MacCoul,' 'Daddy,' 'The Exquisite,' 'The Mosquito,' 'Wee Bob,' and 'Napoleon,' are only a very few specimens of this strange nomenclature.

He said 'e didn't want to worry other people with 'is troubles; let everybody bear their own, that was 'is motto.

This Being was Pachacamac, 'the sustainer of the world.'

"Your being here in this housewith me" "I'll be very glad to go" "Wait!

"The 's cannot be a contraction of his, because 's is put to female [feminine] nouns; as, Woman's beauty, the Virgin's delicacy."Dr.

That being of supernatural beauty, on whom she gazes with a look of blended reverence and love, is her father.

That's simple enoughthere are plenty of that type everywhere.

so am I. Are they ministers of Christ?

Though the Parliament of 1782-1800 was little more than a Pale Parliament, in which the mass of the Irish people had no representation whatever, one of its Acts, to its credit be it said, was an attempt to mitigate the Penal Laws and emancipate the oppressed Gaelic and Catholic population of Ireland.

" "So am I. 'T isn't a butter-knife, anyhow.

This doctrine, too, Murray and his copyists absurdly endeavour to reconcile with the other, by resorting to the idle fiction of "substantive phrases" endued with all these powers: as, "His being at enmity with Cæsar was the cause of perpetual discord.

Gradually, under this teaching, the Hebrew rises to the very idea of an inward teacher, which the Yogi had, and to a far purer and clearer form of that idea; but he is not tempted by it to selfish individualism, or contemplative isolation, as long as he is true to the old Mosaic belief, that this being is the Political Deity, "the King of Kings."

Woman to Vicar: "Please Sir will you write to our George in France? 'is number is a 'undred and eleven million four thousand and six.

"What's the matter with him?" "Dad, he is proud," replied Lenore, dreamily.

Soon it began to be rumoured that the Duke's bride-to-be was no obscure Circassian Princess; this was merely a convenient cloak to conceal her true identity, which was none less than that of daughter of an Empress!

72 Metaphors for  isnt
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