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294 Metaphors for  issue

294 Metaphors for issue

Any policy issue which will bring Turkey on the same platform with Arab nation-states is a win for Ankara.

Social issues are a great place to develop metacognitive awareness and knowledge.

A further important issue is the appropriate relationship between the leader of a learning activity and the participants.

One issue that continues to be a problem is the shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment).

โ€œThe issue was the two-screen experience,โ€ recalled longtime Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer.

One potential indoor air quality issue that could arise from a faulty ventilation system is an accumulation of carbon dioxide gas, which may cause people to become drowsy or have headaches.

To be fair to our state leaders, the fact that this is even a state rather than a federal issue is a travesty.

So, the issue we are talking about is emanating from the failure of leadership and insensitivity in the way we do things.

The real issue facing the isnโ€™t Roethlisberger, though.

The issue of one note in redemption of another is not the payment of a debt, which must be made in the end by some form of public taxation.

October 18, 2002 - Issue 02-42 How Big Is BC's Public Sector?

A key issue in this regard is the improvement of our understanding of the variability in past disturbances and its linkages with climate and ecosystems.

The larger issue for ourselves and a lot of other parts suppliers and OEMs is the global supply chain.

โ€œThe issue with these recent fires is the scale, and the intensityโ€ says Keenan.

The primary issue of concern was water usage and this was addressed by a pump test conducted by Cambium.

But the biggest issue I had with the Kodak Zx1โ€™s design was its USB interface: It uses a nonstandard micro-USB cable, so you canโ€™t share the one you use for your TomTom or Razr.

I'd say the biggest issue with my valuation is the assumption that EBITDA will be the same in 2022.

Conclusively, the issues highlighted above are just but the major ones that students in their research papers.

By telling your City Councillor that these issues are a priority for you they will be better able to make them a priority for City Hall and secure funding to get them done.

Similarly, the issues of governance and funding of the needed national entity required to provide stewardship, standards, and ownership of the spectrum licence are pending resolution.

โ€œThe issue is a collective responsibility.

No doubt, Pompeo was told that those issues were Chinaโ€™s internal affairs.

A separate issue is rising vaccine scepticism around the world.

The Minister knows very well that the issue here is the governmentโ€™s ability to analyze projects when they are giving them funding with taxpayersโ€™ dollars.

The most significant issue about which she was unsuccessful was the recovery of her child's legal costs.

Yet, perhaps the most important issue on Germany's Africa agenda in Kananaskis was aid consolidation and, more specifically, getting the US to agree to a specified quantity of increased, long-term, sustainable multilateral aid.

You were far from anticipating that the issue of our struggle would become an opportunity for your country to take that position which Divine Providence has evidently assigned to you; I mean the position of a power, not restricted in its influence to the Western Hemisphere, but reaching across the earth.

As you know that for it to be a family, there is supposed to be a woman and what hides the issues is the walls.

One issue that came to mind was the turnaround time for the minister, if a request went, we'd want to make sure that the request was dealt with in an expeditious manner.

Issues of student academic loss, student mental health deterioration, and lack of supervision for students as parents return to work are real and significant factors which support the need for students to be in school.โ€

It is obvious from the cross-examinations, and defence counselโ€™s submissions at trial, that the central issue was the identification evidence proffered by the Crown, purporting to tie the appellant to the crime.

With respect, the report was not properly before the court, and the policy issue of the effectiveness of the bail system should not have been a prime consideration on the application.

Despite butting heads here or there, he said their issues had been healthy stuff to get through.

Dayo Olaide said โ€œthe NDDC issue is a classic illustration of the resource curseโ€ which can only be solved by strengthening accountability.

The issue addressed by this project is the sustainable resource use of rangelands, an essential ecosystem for avian diversity in the southern interior.

The issue which led to the meeting was the result of the work of Paul, leading people to faith in Jesus and planting churches in Asia Minor.

Employees say their biggest issues are health care, wages, and overtime.

The biggest issue on the agenda, in light of the recent spate of anti-Semitic attacks, was security.

On Wednesday, March 18 Ben Kohn, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. released a announcing that their Spring 2020 issue would be the last print job.

A principal issue in the study of humanities, specifically English, and in the creation of class curricula is the widening of the canon and its changing focus from western to global.

I am wondering if that issue was the subject of discussion in the meetings the minister was at.

These issues are real causes for investigation.

The more significant issues that would have an impact Ray-Cam operations are the possible reductions in CAP and Daycare funds from the Province.

The issue here was Kanu's debt at the Transnational Bank.

The primary issue is the yield of Intelโ€™s 7-nanometer process, which is now trending a year behind the companyโ€™s internal targets, based on recent data.

This issue is the second half of the topic on laminitis, one of the most challenging diseases for the equine clinician to treat.

Mr. Speaker, the issue is a cut of over $1 million to the ACCESS programโ€‘โ€‘over $1 million cutโ€‘โ€‘and at a time when other programs like New Careers and Student Social Allowances are also being cut.

The whole issue about getting federal support for social housing is minute in comparison.

The issues surrounding the Steele dossier and the FBIโ€™s handling of it are a central component of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Homeland Security investigations into the FBI, which remain ongoing.

The primary motion issues in the Sydney action were the representative proceeding and limits on disclosure addressed in this decision.

It is clear that the real issue is domestic violence against women.

Leaving aside Zionism and Judaism, another key issue in which the anarchists of the 1990s separated from the old guard was our blasphemous attitude towards the IDF, the Israeli "Defense" Forces.

The real issue is betrayal of trust.

Anyway, the issue I want to comment on is the proposed distance education centre for the Province.

I think the issue is being mission driven.

The first issue post-partition was the status of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

He asserted that with the current rate of help from gender-based organisations, the issues of violence against women and children would soon become a thing of the past.

For Ryan, who has been working at Local 444โ€™s Adjustment Centre helping workers find jobs, the issue of employment insurance reform was the focal point of her remarks.

A key issue was the state of Northern Ireland.

The issue with using ferro/magnetic materials to view a field is, the materials themselves become magnetized and change the original field to include their own influence.

Two major health issues facing children in sub-Saharan Africa are malaria and iron deficiency.

Everywhere it has come to be held that the issue of paper money of any kind is in its nature a public monopoly, and yet everywhere the bank note policy has come to be that of permitting the issue only to certain institutions, under strict public legislation and regulation, and of requiring in return for this privilege some substantial services or payments to the government.

He said the issue of patched children was a reality for some and also showed "areas of systemic failure".

But the facts disclosed do not sustain his theory that the issue was essentially a conflict between capitalism and agrarianism.

The most glaring issue has been inconsistent data regarding the total number of people in which COVID-19 was the cause death.

The old issues are ragged volumes, mostly bound in turf or bog grass, well corded down with ropes of heather, giving the roof a singular ribby look, rounded on the ridge.

In cafeterias, the issue would be the ingredients used, not the product.

This issue between Carmacks and Stewart - and, as you mentioned, there is a potential customer in the Minto Mine.

The issue is FGโ€™s love for obnoxious policies and action.

But that unhappy monarch found himself in a situation from which the only issue was a recourse to arms.

The issue has chiefly been defense.

The soil from which this vapor issues is an extremely white earth; it is sometimes thrown up to the height of a yard or a yard and a half, and meeting the lower temperature of the atmosphere falls to the ground in small pieces.

Another issue has commonly been the speed of the backup.

The issue is not the reason the trip was cancelled, it is what Trump said about WWI veterans.

After viewing the facts and weighing the consequences, I think the big issue out there, Mr. Speaker, the big issue that was coming from practically all those who opposed the particular project, was someone else's garbage.

Issues concerning stratospheric climate and effects of stratospheric processes on the lower atmosphere are important aspects of the session.

Their main issue is the risk to providers, Moriarty said.

The only possible issue that could be raised was the validity or otherwise of Jeffrey Blackmore's will; and since the validity of that will was supported by positive evidence of the most incontestable kind, it seemed that nothing that we had observed could have any real bearing on the case at all.

The second main issue of the Greens is gender mainstraming.

The issues that were brought to the front in the discussions about this bill, and in the still more bitter contests after the passage of the bill in regard to the admission of Kansas as a Slave State, were the immediate precursors of the Civil War.

Another issue that was discussed was the retainment of LatinX students at Luther.

So no, the issue isn't Harry and Meghan's desire for independence.

Another issue that was a concern then was the manner in which the event was being used as an excuse by luxury hotels to expand their properties.

Now, the issue here is a Yukon resident's right to medicare, and secondly, the minister's responsibility to ensure that no breach of medical confidentiality has taken place in this matter.

The whole issue of competition in these markets is a very false term because a lot of times, Mr. Deputy Speaker, we do not have competition.

The sagacity of the overseer had long enabled him to foresee that the issue of the present troubles would be insurrection; and a sort of instinct which some men possess for the strongest side, had pointed out to him the importance of being a patriot.

Even if an issue really isnโ€™t your fault or something you could have avoided, donโ€™t deflect and throw the blame on the customer.

The issue of Buhari leaving office in 2023 is not a personal choice.

Revolving around a core premise of challenging the official reports of major events and the discovery of who is manipulating the public's perception of history, the opening issue is a spellbindingly disorienting read.

Their big issue is an ongoing inability to get anything remotely approaching his best out of their most potent attacking weapon, Wilfried Zaha, who has only shown in flashes this campaign the kind of form that courted admiring glances from elsewhere.

The third issue are the integration and the chances of immigrants in Germany.

Whether that angel we have seen shall, for my need and comfort, and for your own longing, hold back his greatest gift, and leave you mine in the earthly ways we know and love, or shall hasten to make the heavenly surprise, the issue in either event will be a home-coming; if here, yet already the deeper secret will have been in part disclosed; and if beyond, that secret, fully known, will not betray the fondest hope of loving hearts.

Trade issues remain a worry for markets, and the souring U.S.-China relationship gets the brightest spotlight.

A current issue of great concern to practitioners, consumers, and government is the need to set and enforce standards of quality for both practitioners and the products marketed as traditional medicines.

At 09:29 AM 3/29/99 +0300, Ari Huttunen wrote: >Hi, > >Many of you will think this issue is braindead.

The specific issue at stake is Boris Johnsonโ€™s Internal Market Bill which will be debated in Parliament on Monday.

The predominant transport issue for these magnetic tweezers is the precise magnetic manipulations of the microbeads so that the chemical/biological reactions at the bead surface are controlled.

I think the big issue would be the venue.โ€

The losses were very heavy on both sides, but the final issue was a complete triumph for the Serbian army.

The issue is the year 2000 computer problem.