19324 Metaphors for  its

19324 Metaphors for its

It was the most wonderful and the most beautiful demonstration I have ever seen, in all the years that I have been upon the stage.

It is the most excellent of all prayers, being most excellent in its author, its form, its depth of meaning, its effects.

It was a pleasant laugha clear, rippling carol of clean mirth that sparkled in her eyes, and dimpled in her wholesome cheeks.

It was a marvelous and an impressive panorama of force and of destruction that we saw it was being constantly unrolled before my wondering eyes as we traveled along the road out of old Boulogne.

My birds don't interest me much once they have been caught; it is the catching that I enjoy.

Judged by its sales alone, it was the most popular of his works during the poet's lifetime.

We have not here enumerated all the species of felonies, or of crimes by which forfeiture was incurred: we have said enough to prove, that the possession of feudal property was anciently somewhat precarious, and that the primary idea was never lost, of its being a kind of FEE or BENEFICE.

The navy of Sweden is comparatively small, but for its numerical strength it is probably the most effective in the world.

Surely, it had been a brave strugglefor nothing.

As this mode of production therefore, from its being the most perfect of all others, originates from the highest natures, it will consequently first belong to those self-subsistent powers, who immediately proceed from the ineffable, and will from them be derived to all the following orders of beings.

It is not only the most fascinating of all flowers to gather, but more available for decorative purposes than almost any other, if it can only be kept fresh.

"It's only Horace Bright, out yonder in the orchard, looking at us.

"It would be a more orthodox welcome if you found your relations waiting for you with open arms, but the Hildreth family is not given to gush.

It is perhaps the most successful of all the contrivances hereabout to aid the natural enchantment of the scene.

First time to see your baby blanket it is GORGEOUS!

The direction of its upper course easily led him to believe that it was an affluent of the Gulf of Carpentaria, and after tracing it for some distance he returned to camp.

It would be such a happiness to me!"

This house ought to be very serious and political, but we have every sort of creatureprovided it's an amusing, or successful, or good-looking one.

Seward: It is certainly a very attractive and, I conceive, a humane proposal.

It was Mr. Motley who said in Boston"Give me the luxuries of life, and I care not who has the necessaries.

"It became the plainest and most elegant, the most splendid and richest, of all languages.

It is a dainty and a costly creature; and therefore I must be paid sweetly.

It is a surprising rather than a pleasing composition; but the strength of colouring is very extraordinary.

It was a delightful Even!

The original Samsung Galaxy Note can be credited as the first phablet, and while many people dislike the term describing a smartphone with a screen larger than 5″, it is the most apt.

It is the most remarkable of the drooping trees except the Willow, which it surpasses in stateliness and in the variety of its growth.

It was a brilliant and a warm night.

It was the most impressive I ever attended.

It being obviously the most hazardous to remain to the last, and descend without the support of one above him, Roswell acquiesced in this proposal, lowering the boat-steerer down the rock, until he too was hid from his sight.

Had it not been for the change in the quality of the bottom, I should have doubted so great a depth, which is the more remarkable from its being the greatest within the Strait.

Why of all perfumes, next to that of the clover and the new-mown hay, it is the most delicious.

It is exquisite of its kind, both in matter and style.

With one exception, it is the most perfect of all Browning's works.

"Well, it is a beautiful nightthough a trifle cold.

For it is an instance of military attachment, beyond all that Wallenstein or any commander, the most beloved amongst his troops, has ever experienced, that, on the breaking out of the Civil War, not only did the centurions of every legion severally maintain a horse soldier, but even the privates volunteered to serve without pay, and (what might seem impossible) without their daily rations.

It is only the elect Who Say with Plato: [Greek: tois pollois polla dokei] which means that the public has a good many bees in its bonnet, and that it would be a long business to get at them.

The telegraph office in the Via del Proconsolo is a palace commissioned by the Strozzi but never completed: hence its name, Nonfinito; next it is the superb Palazzo Quaratesi, which Brunelleschi designed, now the head-quarters of a score of firms and an Ecclesiastical School whence sounds of sacred song continually emerge.

The affirmative, life, persists in spite of defects, and it is this affirmative which alone is here in question.

It must be his consummate self-conceit that deceives him, if he is deceived.

"But it isn't the deserving always who get the rewards in this world.

It's only the most sensational caseswhere there's real organic injury of a really serious kindthat ever come at all before the highest courts.

But there is no' height of fortune from which a man may not fall; and it is usually the proud, the ostentatious, and the contemptuous who do fall, since they create envy, and are apt to make social mistakes.

"It's not thatI only wanted to get a look of ye.

He replied, "It is a tablet with this inscription, THE COVENANT BETWEEN JEHOVAH AND THE HEAVENS:" he said no more.

But it's the practical question that SILAS:

And it is, at the end of the day, a plethora of different technologies.

It's a muzzle loader, you see.'

It was "The Kentucky Cardinal" he read, that exquisite love-story, that makes us lovers all, even if we never have been, or worse still, have forgotten.

It was Astarte herself; it was the Queen of Babylon; it was she whom Zadig adored, and whom he had reproached himself for adoring; it was she whose misfortunes he had so deeply lamented, and for whose fate he had been so anxiously concerned.

This need: the two classes which will have an increasing, it may be a preponderating, influence on the fate of the human race for some time, will be the pupils of Aristotle and those of Alexanderthe men of science and the soldiers.