85 Metaphors for jack

Jack was his ideal always.

Jack is not that kind of boy.

He told the minister that Jack was a liar and a thief, and gave the minister a chance to talk with Uncle Jack about the state of his soul.

Jack and his friends were a good deal chagrined to learn that they were not as near the enemy as the column to the south of them, whose fires had been mistaken for Beauregard's.

The flag which floats at her peak, bearing the sign of the "skull and cross-bones," explains it all: the "Jack" is a pirate; and you could easily tell by the long, low, black hull, and tall, raking masts that her pursuer is a revenue cutter.

"Jack is a deuced clever fellow, and I 'll have to do something more for him.

She now agrees with me, that there is nothing in this unexpected circumstance of the clandestine marriage which absolutely tends to divert suspicion from Mr. Jay, or Mr. "Jack," or the runaway lady,"audacious hussey" was the term my fair friend used in speaking of her, but let that pass.

"Jack!" There was a nervous twitching of her lips.

The count struggled furiously, but Jack was a strongly built English lad of nearly sixteen years old, and he not only retained his grasp, but lifted his struggling captive from his feet.

Jack was all eyes and ears for the spectacle the country presented.

And that cursed Hemorrhoid Jack was the cause of them all!

Another Jack that should not be overlooked was Jack Barbour.

We didn't see either of them any more for a month and when they hit the Kiowa again Captain Jack was a regular baby after th' Ramblin' Kid and would follow him around like a dog"

the Colonel had asked Keith hurriedly, nodding at the treasure-covered table, and catching up the finger-marked block before Jack was a yard from the window.

Jack has been his lordship's most constant friend for many years.

Containing "Think before you Act," "Jack, the Sailor Boy," "Duty is Safety.

Following out this plan, Jack became a daily promenader in Chestnut, Walnut and other leading thoroughfares.

Jack will be an admiral if he isn't sick; Peggy'll take the tickets and punch them with a click; But I will make a splendid hum up there in the blue; I'll look down on London town, I'll look down on you.

If the way to rule men is through the stomach, Jack was a general who never knew defeat.

Now, Jack, this pitiful dog was such another unfortunate one as thyself his arguments serving to confirm me in the very purpose he brought them to prevail upon me to give up.

The Jack that now rose from the chair was a Jack of action, driven by the scourge of John Prather's smile into obsession with the one idea which was crying: "I will know!

Jack was his half-brother.

"Jack, dear, isn't this coffee delicious!" "Mah-mal Do we have to p-pay that there g-godsend?

It's this: I'm more thankful than I can express that Jack is not twins.

Vat frying pan? by garr, I tinck de foolish petit Jack is madd.

85 Metaphors for  jack