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104 Metaphors for  jack

104 Metaphors for jack

Jack is not that kind of boy."

"Jack, dear, isn't this coffee delicious!"

Jack was his ideal always.

He escapes by chopping down the beanstalk and the giant, who is pursuing him, falls to his death and Jack becomes a hero.

He told the minister that Jack was a liar and a thief, and gave the minister a chance to talk with Uncle Jack about the state of his soul.

He's worried about Jack being a power that he can't control.

And though Jack was almost boyishly penitent, in the manner of one who comes before parental authority after he has been in mischief, still John Wingfield, Sr.

Jack and his friends were a good deal chagrined to learn that they were not as near the enemy as the column to the south of them, whose fires had been mistaken for Beauregard's.

Jack was one o' these 'ere chaps, nobody's enemy but their own, as the saying is; a good-'arted, free-'anded chap as you could wish to see.

The flag which floats at her peak, bearing the sign of the "skull and cross-bones," explains it all: the "Jack" is a pirate; and you could easily tell by the long, low, black hull, and tall, raking masts that her pursuer is a revenue cutter.

I think I have said that Jack was a very comely fellow?

The jacks were not in general use, for soon after the invention the "tin kitchen," or "Dutch oven," as it was sometimes called, was introduced, and superseded the jack entirely, as people were afraid of being blown up by steam.

Jack was one o' these 'ere chaps, nobody's enemy but their own, as the saying is; a good-'arted, free-'anded chap as you could wish to see.

The count struggled furiously, but Jack was a strongly built English lad of nearly sixteen years old, and he not only retained his grasp, but lifted his struggling captive from his feet.

"Jack was a well built and intelligent Wanderers defender, wearing jersey number 5. He was good in the air, on the ground and in attack.

Pedro was a half-breed, whose God among men was Pete Leddy no less than Jack was Firio's and the Doge was Ignacio's.

Jack was all eyes and ears for the spectacle the country presented.


We didn't see either of them any more for a month and when they hit the Kiowa again Captain Jack was a regular baby after th' Ramblin' Kid and would follow him around like a dog" "That's the way he's been ever since," Charley said, "them two are just like sweethearts."

the Colonel had asked Keith hurriedly, nodding at the treasure-covered table, and catching up the finger-marked block before Jack was a yard from the window.

While Jack the Bulldog is perhaps the most recognizable mascot on campus, a traveling panda bearโ€™s Georgetown University stardom is on the rise, having a loyal Instagram following since the accountโ€™s founding in February.

She was quite hot and red, and she snatched me away, and said that Jack was a thief andand a vagbag, or something like that.

Jack has been his lordship's most constant friend for many years.

Johnson controverted it, asserting that at an early age it was better to gratify curiosity with wonders than to attempt planting truth, before the mind was prepared to receive it, and that therefore, Jack the Giant-Killer, Parisenus and Parismenus, and The Seven Champions of Christendom were fitter for them than Mrs. Barbauld and Mrs. Trimmer.'

Following out this plan, Jack became a daily promenader in Chestnut, Walnut and other leading thoroughfares.

Jack will be an admiral if he isn't sick; Peggy'll take the tickets and punch them with a click;

If the way to rule men is through the stomach, Jack was a general who never knew defeat.

The Jack that now rose from the chair was a Jack of action, driven by the scourge of John Prather's smile into obsession with the one idea which was crying: "I will know!

Jack was his half-brother.

It's this: I'm more thankful than I can express that Jack is not twins.

A being from outer space, Jack from Jupiter is an original member of The Seven who hasnโ€™t been shown on screen yet.

It was a quite natural proceeding, for Jack was a wild sort, and he was probably gambling away all the gold that was dug in his mines.

Our Union Jack, flapping in the wind, was very likely quite the most thrilling spectacle they had seen in a week, and they hailed it with a cheer and a cry of "Vive l'Angleterre!"

Jack is the Founding Head Coach of Team Hardwood in 1995 and coached the team until he took over the management of Hardwood Ski and Bike in 2008.

The ship veered crazily; and at the some moment, Frank, who was standing where Jack had been a moment before, heard something swish past.

Jack has a great variety of talk, Jack is a scholar, and Jack has the manners of a gentleman.

"Then Jack must be a high priest, for there are a dozen girls here and in the city who believe themselves enshrined in that elastic heart.

And I think he's just right, too; Jack is a perfect dear," and the receiver was hung up with a click that admitted of no further argument.

Jack was a loyal-hearted youngster; he was nothing to Allingford, but Allingford was something to him, as head and leader of the community of which he himself was a member.

This, Jack, is my scheme, at the first running.

Jack was always a quick learner, advancing from lessons in Maine to instructions from a national-caliber instructor in New Hampshire, and then to Florida.

Upon my soul, Jack, a suspicious temper is a punishable temper.

The common smoke-jack is an instrument in which the velocity communicated is too great for the purpose required, and it is transmitted through wheels which reduce it to a more moderate rate.

It soon became evident that Black Jack was a hard driver, for sluicing began with the first trickle of snow watereven while the ditches were still ice-boundand it continued with double shifts thereafter.

Jack was a mere boy, Richard is a boy.

Let that be as it may, he found Texas Jack a splendid hunter and guide, and Jack has been his guide on several hunts since.

This old smoke-jack was Aunt Rachel's especial protege, and she obstinately and successfully defended it against all comers.

Jack is a natural leader and caretaker, as evident by his actions immediately following the crash.

Jack-of-some-trades could be more cost effective than masters-of-one?

Maintaining purchasing power is one reason Jack is a big fan of OAS and CPP.

Jack is her darling, remember.

"Lumber-Jack" The Giant Killer But the lumber-jack is a casual worker and he is the finished product of modern capitalism.

I went to the wood and got it "I went up one pair of stairs" I won't be my father's Jack Jack and Jill went up the hill Jack be nimble, Jack be quick Jack Sprat "Jacky, come and give me thy fiddle" Jerry Hall, he was so small Johnny shall have a new bonnet Ladies and gentlemen come to supper Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home!

Here, Jack, was a story to support to the lady; face to face too!

Jack was ev'ry inch a sailor, Five and twenty years a whaler.

The new jack, the "Knight of Malta," as he was called, was a smaller beast than "Royal Gift," and his ears measured only twelve inches, but he was well formed and had the ferocity of a tiger.

But here, Jack, is the thing that concludes me, and cases my heart with adamant: I find, by Miss Howe's letters, that it is owing to her, that I have made no greater progress with my blooming fair-one.

Jack became himself an object of attention, on account of what appeared to be his singular behavior.

Jack was the oldest of five children born to John Edward Oโ€™Donnell Jr. and Katherine Ann (Concannon) Oโ€™Donnell.

Jack was the subject of a Globe and Mail (Toronto newspaper) column 'Lives lived'.

" The recital was a long one, and Jack was fain to admit that the hardships which he had gone through were as nothing to those which had been borne by our soldiers in the Crimea during the six months he had been away from them.

And I never knew any reasonable argument to appeal to Patricia, and Jack will be a cornered rat!

โ€œThe only whiskey jack I have heard about is Jack Daniels, and the real Canadian Jays are blue and play in the Toronto Stadium, and were beat last year by Oriolesโ€ snarled Nac.

Jack was three days without eating, except what he could pick on the shore.

Hugh Jack is a Mechanical Engineer and a former Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University.

Jack was an arrant coward, but old Sconchin, whose bows and arrows I retain as a souvenir, and which were presented to me by a sergeant of the troop, was a fighter, and would have died fighting.

Jack was with many others a spectator of this scene from Cathcart Hill; but it must not be imagined that even a vague idea of what was passing could be gleaned by the lookers-on.

Little JACK was the poet's pet because he was the afflicted one of the household, and poets know full well how to sympathize with affliction.

In the Spanish proverb, the fourth man necessary to compound a salad, is a madman to mix it: Jack is that madman.

"I don't question," Musgrave said, at length, "that Jack is the highly estimable character you describe.

Jack was an apprentice builder and rugby league player who played for St George as fullback in the winning premiership team in 1941.

But why, Jack, is this dear creature so lovely, yet so invincible?Ever heardst thou before that the sweets of May blossomed in December?

Thomas Jack is always a great hit with every crowd.

What an expressive manner Jack's must be, if it can convey all thatlike Lord Burleigh's nod, by Jove.

But why, Jack, is this dear creature so lovely, yet so invincible?Ever heardst thou before that the sweets of May blossomed in December?

Jack was one o' these 'ere chaps, nobody's enemy but their own, as the saying is; a good-'arted, free-'anded chap as you could wish to see.

Jack was sergeant of the guard that night, and it was in the group of sentries awaiting their relief every two hours, re-enforced by his tent-mates of Company K, that these learned dissertations on war were carried on.

In all respects save one the match was eminently satisfactory, for the Calvert family, being descended from Lord Baltimore, was as good as any in America, and Miss Nelly's amiable qualities, wrote Washington, had endeared her to her prospective relations, but both were very young, Jack being about seventeen, and the girl still younger.

Who was Jack the Ripper?

Once more, Jack, safe, as thou seest, is thy thousand pounds.

In the half light Jack became a gaunt and lonely figure that ought to be confined in some Utopian kindergarten.

Jack was all white and red save for the saddle, which was black with silver trimmings; and Surry, milk white from ears to heel, served to complete the picture satisfyingly.

"Captain Jack was an outlaw, too," Bert explained.

"But, Jack, when my steps sounded so firm the day I left you at Versailles it was the firmness of force of will fighting to accept the inevitable.

The water was getting deeper, and Jack was now half-swimming and half-walking, just behind the canoe.

But Jack never was a lady and does not know what havoc imagination and the spell of the East can play with a loving but lonesome wife.

By my faith, Jack, as I sit gazing upon her, my whole soul in my eyes, contemplating her perfections, and thinking, when I have seen her easy and serene, what would be her thoughts, did she know my heart as well as I know it; when I behold her disturbed and jealous, and think of the justness of her apprehensions, and that she cannot fear so much as there is room for her to fear; my heart often misgives me.

Jack was a stranger to the better class of business men, and those who did know him were either friends of the Committee or in deadly fear of it.

The case was stated with all the eloquence Jack was master of to the captain in command.

The Jack of wild, tumultuous pleading who had parted from Mary Ewold on the pass became a Jack elate with the glad, swimming joy of May sunshine at seeing and speaking to her again.

Jack was a hobbledehoy son of the house, almost as much as Vincent.

He hurried to the spot and Nick saluted him with the cry "Here, Jack, are two recruits who declare they must enter Company K." His gun was on his arm and his knapsack on his back, but only the realization that a score of eyes were upon him saved Jack from dropping limply on the ground, as, looking in the group, he saw Dick Perley and Tom Twigg grinning ingratiatingly at him.

Jack had been a general favorite.

Jack is tremblingdemoniac.

And, Jack, every man's labor that you can save and retain efficiencythat is the trick!

Jack was the reverse.

Jack was ev'ry inch a sailor, Five and twenty years a whaler.

Jack was a new man in the country, but evidently had plenty of nerve and pluck, as he had brought dispatches from Fort Fetterman, a distance of 300 miles through a dangerous Indian country.

I have about fifteen minutes in which to convince Patricia both of her own folly and of the fact that Jack is an unmitigated cad, and to get him off the place quietly, so that Anne will suspect nothing.

Jack was, however, not his old self that he had been before dinner.