26 Metaphors for job

The job's no good.

"My job would have been a good deal easier if there'd been less of that secret machinery.

At times Job is intemperate in his speech and at other times he yields to despondency; again his faith overleaps all obstacles and he holds for the moment a clear belief in the ultimate vindication not only of himself but of Jehovah's justice.

"But our first job is the Pole.

Willis had lighted the lamp: moreover, one might have sent a workman, but when a job was urgent Lister went himself.

He says this counthry's job is jist a-mindin' av her biz, And imparyilism's thrayson, so ut is, so ut is.

"A big job," was his comment, sorry to find the hour quite so late.

God's sight, as Job was, the Magi, the queen of Sheba, Darius of Persia, Socrates, Aristides, Cato, Curius, Tully, Seneca, and many other philosophers, upright livers, no matter of what religion, as Cornelius, out of any nation, so that he live honestly, call on God, trust in him, fear him, he shall be saved.

But, Ah! you have such a sweet wife, and Job's was such a vinegar cruet.

He says this counthry's job is jist a-mindin' av her biz, And imparyilism's thrayson, so ut is, so ut is.

But Job is the very opposite of this; he endures, because there is no way out; but he never for a moment acquiesces in the justice of his affliction, and his complaints are both specific and protracted.

" "I'll look around," answered the Major, briskly, as if such a "job" was the easiest thing in the world to procure.

That at least was man-sizehis job had been man's work.

This job ain't no class.'

It is easy to perceive that, under such a system, jobbing must become not the exception but the rule.

If he had been a seaside boy, his first job would have been a boat; if he had lived in a flat country, it would very likely have been a windmill; but the most noticeable thing in that neighbourhood was a mill for grinding corn driven by a water-wheel.

'You!a foreigner, an adventurer, who may be as poor as Job, for anything I know about you.' 'Job was once rather comfortably off, Lady Kirkbank; and I can answer for it that Montesma's wife will know none of the pangs of poverty.' 'If you were a beggar I would not care,' said Lesbia, drawing nearer to him.

Her job was a lot of work but going well.

Well, the first job is breakfast, an' after breakfast we'll get Old Jubilee round by the footbridge an' make shift to borrow a cart down at Ibbetson's, for the scenery.

In the later poetic version of the story (which begins with the third chapter) Job himself is the embodiment of the problem of innocent suffering.

The maiden-lady living near the roof Quoted Isaiah may be, or perhaps Job How the Lord gives, and likewise takes away, And how exceeding blessed is the Lord!

All right!my job is to see, in person, anybody who knew.

Many of them found the wage-earning opportunity scant, for the slaves were given preference by their masters when steady occupations were to be filled, and odd jobs were often the only recourse for outsiders.

I waited till he had finished, knowing that he would want to see me after the others, as the machine-gunner's job is always rather a specialized side-line.

'If Job had been a general in my situation, his memory had not been so famous for patience.

26 Metaphors for  job