131 Metaphors for john

John, however, was a kind of philosopher, and calmly sustained his love misfortunes.

And now each man stepped forward and shot in turn; but though each shot well, Little John was the best of all, for three times he struck the clout, and once only the length of a barleycorn from the center.

There is now only a keen and wholesome interest for the country's sakenone of the countless agitations which at all events on the formation of the three last Ministries, of which John was either the head or a prominent member, more than overpowered satisfaction and pride, perhaps not to himself, but to his wife in her secret heart.

Whether we say, 'It is John's book,' or, 'The book is John's;' John's is not less the possessive case in one instance, than it is in the other.

" "But John the failure of others is no excuse for our own derelictions.

"Oh John," she answered, with a sort of whimsical pathos, "isn't it sad, so few delightful things as there are, that two of them should come together, so that I can't have both!" "What are the delightful thingsoffers?" "Don't be so tiresome.

" "Why, master," quoth Little John, taking the bags and weighing them in his hand, "here is the chink of gold.

Whether he shared Wiclif's opinions is unknown, but John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster and father of Henry IV., who was Chaucer's life-long patron, was likewise Wiclif's great upholder against the persecution of the bishops.

"That evenin', as John was leavin' to go back to the ranch, Demijohn tells him he'll see him later.

I that John was a thief.

Not that Uncle John was a busybody, troubling himself about many things, and seeking out occasions for obtruding his kindnesses.

Botsford, Cummings, and Hauser had reported: 'The St John is a fine river, equal in magnitude to the Connecticut or Hudson.

"In comparing two persons or things, by means of an adjective, care must be taken, that the superlative state be not employed: We properly say, 'John is the taller of the two;' but we should not say, 'John is the tallest of the two.'

Lord John, as different from Fox in temperament as a man could be, was the inheritor of the spirit which leavened the old Whig tradition.

"John was a great deal graver than you are," said Brandon; "besides, he knew the multiplication table.

Lord John was an ambitious and restless author; without steady perseverance in any branch of literature; he went from poems to tragedies, from tragedies to memoirs, then to history, tales, translations of part of the "Odyssey," essays (by the Gentleman who left his Lodgings), and then to memoirs and histories again.

I shall then first really feel that John is Minister, and find out the pains of the position, having as yet little experience of anything but the pleasures of it.

'John is no child; he is the same age as David, and comes from helping me to finish David's headstone.

Sir John is a better listener than any man I have met in England.

John-a-Cumber was a famous Scotch magician.

We played many a game o' billiards together, John and I, i' the wee hoose at Tooting.

Why did Timothy choose to trust a perfect strangereven though John is a cousinwith the care of his wife and son, and his estate, rather than his own sisters?

Why, John shall be but Richard's deputy. FITZ.

His wife thought herself his superior, and John, to her, was more a convenience than a husband.

Mahs' John had been dead a long time den; you nebber knowed Mahs' John.

131 Metaphors for  john
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