86 Metaphors for johnsons

Johnson was through life a kind and judicious friend to her; and had attracted her on their first meeting by a significant indication of his character.

That he is dead, is certain; so is Lord Hollandand so is not the Bishop of Worcester [Johnson]; however, to show you that I am at least as well informed as greater personages, the bishopric was on Saturday given to Lord North's brotherso for once the Irishman was in the right, and a pigeon, at least a dove, can be in two places at once.

Fenton Johnson is a young poet of the ultra-modern school who gives promise of greater work than he has yet done.

Here let the profane and licentious pause; let them not thoughtlessly say that Johnson was an hypocrite, or that his principles were not firm, because his practice was not uniformly conformable to what he professed.

The advocates for Johnson and opponents of Webster, who are now so zealously stickling for the k and the u in these cases, ought to know that they are contending for what was obsolete, or obsolescent, when Dr. Johnson was a boy. OBS.

In this collection Johnson is the great moral teacher of his countrymen; his essays form a body of ethics; the observations on life and manners, are acute and instructive; and the papers, professedly critical, serve to promote the cause of literature.

Robert Johnson was a wheelwright, and his wife took in weaving.

SHAKESPEARE was the HOMER, or Father of our Dramatic Poets; JOHNSON was the VIRGIL, the pattern of elaborate writing.

Johnson, after a half-apology for 'these diminutive observations' on Scotch windows and fresh air, continues:'The true state of every nation is the state of common life.'

After another winter in London, during which Johnson was still a frequent inmate of her house, she went to Bath with her daughters in April, 1783.

While Dryden, Pope, and Johnson were successively the dictators of English letters, and while, under their leadership, the heroic couplet became the fashion of poetry, and literature in general became satiric or critical in spirit, and formal in expression, a new romantic movement quietly made its appearance.

'But is there not reason to fear that the common people may be oppressed?' JOHNSON.

Sir William Johnson, the first baronet, had been the great British leader of the Indians and a person of much consequence throughout America.

Johnson was a powerful adherent of classicism, and he did much to defer the coming of romanticism.

As Miss Johnson is a charming, cultured woman, with liberal ideas and brilliant in conversation, she readily drew out all that was best in me.

Ole Johnson was a member of the First Minnesota regiment, and died in a hospital in Virginia.

In this business Johnson was a day-labourer for immediate subsistence, not unlike Gustavus Vasa, working in the mines of Dalecarlia.

Wesley, his senior by six years, was a fellow of Lincoln whilst Johnson was an undergraduate, and was learning at Oxford the necessity of rousing his countrymen from the religious lethargy into which they had sunk.

This was a testimony from an enemy; for Dr. Johnson was not an admirer of the simple in style or minute in description.

They do take pardonable pride in the fact that 'Mistah' Johnson, a colored boy, was the first American soldier in France to be decorated for extraordinary bravery under fire.

His letter to Cave on this subject is still extant, and may well justify sir John Hawkins, who inferred that Johnson was the translator of Crousaz.

Boswell should have shown, for he must have known it, that Johnson was Mrs. Thrale's guest at Brighton.

and, dear, Eastman Johnson was thereand Kensett sent such a cunning little landscape.

Dr. Johnson was all attention to her grace.

Captain Johnson was the captain and part owner of a large merchant ship, and had arrived the day before from New Orleans.

86 Metaphors for  johnsons