68 Metaphors for joneses

If Jones were not Jack himself, he must have been one of the group that escaped with Jack.

Captain Wayneworth Jones, U. S. Army, dressed for dining at a place where lives are better protected against lives, was a strange center for those waves from lives of struggle.

SIR WILLIAM JONES was not only the most eminent linguist, but in many respects one of the most remarkable men, of the last century; and LORD TEIGNMOUTH'S Memoir of him has been justly accounted one of the most interesting, instructive, and entertaining pieces of modern biography.

Richardson wrote deliberately for edification, and "Tom Jones" is a powerful and effective appeal for a charitable, and even indulgent, attitude towards loose-living men.

But Mr. Jones, the chaplain, was a weak manunequal to the task of standing between the prisoners and their torturers, the justices and governor, and he held out no hope to No. 19.

Jones had often been a cause of great inconvenience to me, but I didn't wish to have his death on my conscience, so I was very glad when I happened to meet him on my way back from the Golden House, and seized the opportunity of giving him a friendly hint.

In politics Mr. Jones was a Whig, but allied himself with the American party when it was in course of formation and continued to be an active member as long as the party lasted.

Jack Jones was a toper: they say that some how He'd a foot always ready to kick up a row; And, when half-seas over, a quarrel he pick'd, To keep up the row he had previously kick'd.

Who does not know the sagacious lady who, after sitting at table with the same gentleman for a month, can say, 'Good-bye, Mr. Jones,' just as though Mr. Jones had been a stranger under her notice but for a day.

Jones being the only woman in the circle of her acquaintance to whom she would lend her copper boilerlooked a little askance at these "new-fangled notions," wondering how "Miss Jones expected to keep the flies out of her house if she had all the doors a-flyin' three times a day," and fearing lest Melinda was getting "stuck-up notions in her head, which would make her fit for nothing.

Of this town Burne-Jones was a native, and Priestley, George Dawson, and Dale were dissenting ministers.

It was when we were approaching the Totopotomoy; we were in a considerable thicket and had closed up in order to keep each his leader in sight; Jones was ahead of me about fifteen steps.

" The "prodigal" to whom Thackeray refers is Captain Booth, the husband of Amelia, and "Mr. Jones" is the hero of Tom Jones.

Caterpillars are not eloquent; Jones is eloquent; Jones is not a caterpillar.

Paul Jones could not the enemy's ship; he therefore resolved to board it.

" PROFESSOR"Now, Mr. Jones, assuming you were called to attend a patient who had swallowed a coin, what would be your method of procedure?" YOUNG MEDICO"I'd send for a preacher, sir.

Jones is a diffident and retiring, but a very manly young fellow, who loves quiet and seems to have no bad habits.

Mrs. Jones was a church-member, a regular church-goer, and planted her comely person plump in front of Dr. H. every Sunday, and listened to his searching and discriminating sermons with broad, honest smiles of satisfaction.

" Mr. Jones was a former incumbent of St. Thomas's.

Neither Patsy nor I can believe that Jones is the man who robbed an Austrian countess.

Jones was a character.

The second, Rev. Stephen Jones, was my predecessor at Watertown, but only continued a few years, when he entered secular pursuits.

If it were the purpose of this tale to deal in philosophy, it would be easy to digress and show that Mealy Jones was a study in heredity; that from his mother's side of the house he inherited wide, white, starched collars, and from his father's side, a burning desire to spit through his teeth.

Tom Jones is another such slow-growing masterpiece.

Only Jones remained composed, an amused smile curling the corners of his delicate mouth as he eyed the judge who was to decide his fate.

68 Metaphors for  joneses
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