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4751 Metaphors for « journeys »

4751 Metaphors for « journeys »

  • Don't throw, if you are a true man, until we can take a fair start, and then the one that comes out second best pays the piper."
  • Pray, sir, how does it happen that you are now against him, when you were so lately sworn friends, and used to eat out of the same dish?" "Yes; but I was the butcher's friend too.
  • 'Right as usual; very thoughtful of you; you're a clever little woman sometimes, Edith.
  • You're a silly girl.
  • 'What a funny person you are, Vincy.
  • "You are an odd boy," I said.
  • Now don't you be a fool, for I ain't goin' to stand between you and them another time.
  • You must be crazy, child!"
  • "Are you not a pretty fellow to vote for Bald-head, whom you have so often called rogue and blockhead?"
  • I see you are all gentlemen, and you would not have made your appearance here had you not fulfilled the conditions mentioned in the paper."
  • When my engagement was announced one of my great friends at the German Embassy (Count Arco) said to me: "This is the end, I suppose, of our friendship; I can never go to see you when you are the wife of a French deputy."
  • At the moment of your release from this horrible danger you cannot be master of yourself.
  • Yes, you are, Rudolph; you're just the sort of man to take pleasure in beating a woman.
  • You're a poor man's son, and the sooner you make up your mind to it the better.
  • "Yesyes, after all, you are the boy's father."
  • "You are strangers, I see, or you would have understood that I am exercising my baronial privilege of doing myself justice.
  • Why, what are you better than I, forsooth, that you must be a Lady, and have your Petticoats lac'd four Stories high; wear your false Towers, and cool your self with your Spanish Fan?
  • But if the cook knoweth the manner that Lord Carlile does mix and pepper it, let that manner be followed to the smallest fraction of a pinch!" On Buying Old Books By some slim chance, reader, you may be the kind of person who, on a visit to a strange city, makes for a bookshop.
  • Yes, Sir, you have offended me, and Nature has offended me; you are his Brother, and that's an Offence to me.
  • 'You're not angry, are you, mother?
  • 'You're an angel if you've forgiven me,' he said, as they went out.
  • Leaving McDougall to secure these prisoners before following on, Lawes pushed eagerly forward, round the corner of the Sault-au-Matelot cliff, and, running in among the Americans facing the main barricade, called out, 'You are all my prisoners!'
  • She read with a sinking heart: "MY DAUGHTER: If what you said last night is true, you can not be the daughter to me that you have been.
  • Tell me what you're doing, where you're going, who you see; about Archie and Dilly; about your new dresses and hats; what you're readingany little thing, so that I'm still in touch with you.'
  • " "You're a little soldier yourself," he said.
  • You ain't a judge of these things!
  • "There you are, Fan; take it to a corner and make yourself at home.
  • "Joe Smith, I think you are a mean coward to set us afloat in a hostile country, without giving us our arms," said Simpson, who had once before asked for the weapons, and had had his request denied.
  • "Nalson, you were a servant of the Duke in England?"
  • "Oh, don't say that: I can't bear to hear you say it; we have deep feelings, we are constant, true as steel, chivalrous" "Yes, you are delightful people; but you are always living in the past.
  • She remarked to him recently, Play you're king.
  • "You are a liar!" said the bruiser.
  • "Don't know what you're made of, if, seeing that... you needn't be a Church member, but only a man, I should think, toto" He blew out his breath in impotent clouds, and then went on.
  • It's unfair if you say that you'll write great music, you horrid, you unkind (I simply loathe you, though you are my sister), you beast, cad, coward, cheat, bully, liar!
  • he exclaimed with a chuckle, 'you're the chap I was consulted about down near the mouth of the Rackett the other day, by a country trout, who was on a journey to visit his relatives in the streams of Canada.
  • You are all my guests, and you have a lady here, whose bright eyes should be a balm for controversies."
  • "Sir," she softly murmured "are you the noble hero who overcame the shark?" Mr. P. looked up at her.
  • I know you are the best of Landladies, As such I drink your Health [Drinks.
  • 'Edith, you're a brick.
  • No, we'll be ill-huswives once; You have been oft ill husbands: let's alone.
  • "It's dashed difficult always to remember that you're a doctor," he broke out the next minute.
  • Carleton had said: 'You are witnesses that we have acted in the most peaceable manner and borne the language and conduct of the United States with patience.
  • They said to Omm Khalifah: "You are the mistress of Mouley Ismail, and he gives you pieces of money."
  • It was the old, well-tried captain of Ronleigh who spoke, and the boys of Ronleigh who listened, and the manner in which the words were given and received might have reminded one of a speech of Sir Colin Campbell's in the Indian Mutiny, and the answer of the Highlanders he addressed: "Ninety-third, you are my own lads; I rely on you to do yourselves and me credit."
  • And when you are establishing a royal descent, and tracing back to czars and Plantagenets and Merovingians, and making it all seem perfectly plausible, the thing is sheer impudent, flagrant art, and you are the artist" He broke off here and shrugged.
  • "Upon my word, John, you're a perfect slave to that youngster!
  • Once he said aloud, "How happy you must be, you rare, beautiful, brilliant creature!"
  • "You been right three times, Harry."
  • And you, Frank, are an American who was shanghaied aboard a sailing vessel in Naples soon after the outbreak of the war.
  • "If you use money that does not belong to you, you will be a thief!"
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