92 Metaphors for joyes

They did not remember ever before to have enjoyed such a feast together; even the famous breakfast they had made, with its luxuries of cutlets and bread and wine, had not given them this intoxication, this joy in living, when to be together was happiness enough, changing the china to dishes of gold, and the miserable food to celestial fare such as not even the gods enjoyed.

But sooner or later returning In grief to the well-loved nest, Our souls filled with infinite yearning, We cry, in the past there is rest, There is peace, its joys are the best.

In justice to the Russian Government it should be stated, however, that the joy of persecution was not the motive which led to the arbitrary acts.

A child of strict parents, whose greatest joy had hitherto been the weekly prayer-meeting, was taken by its nurse to the circus for the first time.

This elemental joy, this gen'ral calm, Is, sure, the smile of unoffended heav'n.

You know too, perhaps, that from the hour the crime was committedyes, sir, that was the date [and as he said this, there was somewhat frightful, I had almost said diabolical, in his countenance]I have not had an hour's peace; I became changed from the happiest to the most miserable thing that lives; sleep has fled from my eyes; joy has been a stranger to my thoughts; and annihilation I should prefer a thousand times to the being that I am.

The drops that on the blossom's light leaf hung, He bears exulting to his tender young; The grateful joy his happy accents prove, Is nature, smiling on her works of love.

Joy that ne'er was given, Save to the pure, and in their purest hour, 65 Life, and Life's effluence, cloud at once and shower, Joy, Lady! is the spirit and the power, Which wedding Nature to us gives in dower, A new Earth and new Heaven, Undreamt of by the sensual and the proud 70 Joy is the sweet voice, Joy the luminous cloud We in ourselves rejoice!

The joy and laughter of yesterday is sure the hangover of today.

So, though he found, for a while, great joy in being at the court of the King (for there were many jousts held in his honor, and, whithersoever he rode forth, men would say to one another: "Yonder goeth that great knight, Sir Launcelot, who is the greatest knight in the world"), yet he longed ever to be abroad in the wide world again.

The uproarious joy was a sort of defiance of the semi-slavery to which workmen were doomed; for when they could be impressed by the king's architect and paid whatever he chose to give them, there could not have been much real contentment, which is generally placid and calm.

The joy of the happy would be an insult; but two men in distress are like two slender trees, which, mutually supporting each other, fortify themselves against the storm.

Triumphant joy was the impression that the song brought to my darkened room.

The joy of such programs is not the relief of reaching the climax of the linear narrative, but rather the momentary thrill of making connections.

Also in the house of Deinomenes do me grace, O Muse, to sing, for sake of our four-horsed car: no alien joy to him is his sire's victory.

The wildest joy of an accepted suitor is a farce compared to my feelings on the morning of that 15th of May.

Here again are the same delight in flowers and songs, and the same grief at the thought that all such joys are evanescent and that soon "death closes all.

Her joy at seeing her present owner was unbounded, and she kept clapping her horny hands together and exclaiming, 'while there is life there is hope; we seen massa before we die.'

And then she went out, joy surging in her heart For this was Grizel's glorious hour, the end of it.

Joy is man's need; Let us smile for the sake of it.

This last, indeed, is vouchsafed to us only when we seek the good of others without personal aims: the joy of inward approval is the result of virtue, not the motive to it.

How he would go up, roaring and screaming, and thinking the devil had got him! "'Other joys Are but toys.' WALTON.

O Háfiz, while his days continue, let joy eternal be thine aim; And may the shadow of his kindness eternally abide the same!

In your honour, most noble and courteous King, to whom joy is a handmaid, and in whose heart all gracious things are rooted, I have brought together these Lays, and told my tales in seemly rhyme.

But Joy was a hearty woman still, and, pious as she was, delighted in rough and scandalous stories, the telling of which gave her severe fits of repentance.

92 Metaphors for  joyes