69 Metaphors for justices

Oh, this justice is a splendid thinghow can one be afraid of such a mouse!

The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court is Edward D. White, grandson of a '98 rebel, and one of his ablest associates is Joseph McKenna.

But Justice to her was a goddess, 'housemate of the nether gods'and the sons of those Athenian citizens who applauded the Antigone condemned Socrates to death because his dialectic turned the gods back into abstractions.

The name of Great your martial mind will suit; But justice is your darling attribute: Of all the Greeks, 'twas but one hero's due, And, in him, Plutarch prophesied of you.

Justice and expediency have been the points insisted on or contested; these have not gone back far enough; they have not touched the central fact, to set it forth in its force and finality.

"My uncle will have cause to commend thy generous spirit," said the heiress, bending her head a little coldly, at this repeated declaration of her companion's intentions, "though it would seem that, in trade, justice is as much to be desired as generosity;this seemeth a curious design, wrought with the needle!"

This so-called American justice was all talkwords, words, words!

Fraud in the fox, force in the lion dwells; But Justice both from human hearts expels; But he's the greatest monster (without doubt)

With reference to those of Holland at this period of its history, it is sufficient to remark that the great results of their formation could never have been brought about by isolated enterprises; and the justice or wisdom of their continuance are questions wholly dependent on the fluctuations in trade, and the effects produced on that of any given country by the progress and the rivalry of others.

Justice is a habit of the mind which attributes its proper dignity to everything, preserving a due regard to the general welfare.

My Justice is a man of some sixty-odd years perhaps, but he carries a strong, large, rugged body, as yet unbent by age.

But justice is justice, and there's too many men going about deceiving simple, trusting women.

Next to truth, justice is the great duty of mankind.

" "Justice is the glory of St. Mark, and the happiness of his subjects.

The principle upon which he founded the necessity of the abolition was not policy, but justice: but though justice were the principle of the measure, yet he trusted he should distinctly prove it to be reconcilable with our truest political interest.

After that, justice became vengeance.

"He thinks he'll save his own skin by clearing out," said Holman, "but I'm satisfied that Dame Justice is an expert with the lariat.

Justice is his first guide, the second law of his actions is expedience.

Man's justice is a pattern of His; man's love is a pattern of His; man's industry a pattern of His; man's Sabbath-rest, in some unspeakable and eternal way, a pattern of His.

In the oldest times men thought him cruel and revengeful; then they began to regard him as willful and arbitraryhis justice was his determination to have his own way; his sovereignty was his egoistic purpose to do everything for his own glory.

Justice and truth became thus paramount virtues, to be practised and sought as the end of life.

There was a growing sentiment of anger among these stern men, toward the murderer who had thus cut down their friend, and a strong feeling that ordinary justice was too slight a punishment for such a crime.

[Footnote A: His mother will make a hue and cry after the gentleman yet; justice of the peace will be the word, if we don't look sharp.]

What a wretched thing a Lord Chief Justice is, always was, and will be!

And since there is no absolute or objective criterion by which the ratio of crime to punishment can be determined, penal justice becomes a game of chance.

69 Metaphors for  justices
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