95 Metaphors for  keying

95 Metaphors for keying

A key was the atmosphere on the buses, where drivers blasted disco music and posted racy images of women.

The key to this longevity is their ability to continually adapt to their consumer’s needs and the marketplace.

The keys of the dictionary are the type names, and the value is a tuple, with the first paramter a pointer to the class, and next the type's mandatory parameters.

The key here is always the platform though.

Key to achieving this is explainability (why and how the expected outcome is going to happen) and interpretability (how effectively you can predict the outcome).

The key to this beautiful harmony is the ancient glaciers; where they flowed the trees followed, tracing their wavering courses along cañons, over ridges, and over high, rolling plateaus.

A door-key is not Arcadian, Patricia, but it makes a very creditable noise.

Little Palm Island - the entire Key is the resort - is the epitome in luxury, whether you come for lunch, for the famous Sunday brunch, or book into one of only 30 suites (served by 100 staff members) for an extended stay.

"The key to going forward in the context of these issues is transparency.

That skeleton is safely locked in its closet, and the key to that closet is missingmore thanks to you.

Key among the goals of this strategy is talent and our universities are a great source of talent.

Ni says the key to success is teamwork.

Keys to become a better person!

The key to doing this is always simplicity, and it is easy also on the internet to find good models of prayers to follow.

The key here is moderation and choices, not outright exclusions, Psaila said, adding that it needs to be managed sensibly.

Key among these preconditions were local government's capacity to manage the scheme; the need to properly capitalise local authorities properly to implement the policy; and the necessary political will to drive it forward.

Background: Although there have been reported benefits of health education interventions across various health issues, the key to program effectiveness is participation and retention.

The key to the hash is the pattern to be replaced and the value is the replacement string.

No matter how addiction and recovery may be understood, I believe that the key to recovering from addiction is an inner decision by the individual to confront his or her problem.

Don't forget, the IoT also includes all those smart electric cars like the Tesla as well, where the key to the car is your smartphone and tracking everything about what's happening with the car is also relayed through your phone.

He stresses that key to Lakehead's graduate program is the provision of the knowledge and skill set students will require "to capture the new technologies of the future".

The key to fewer sick days may be in a sit-stand desk: University of Regina Prof

And the key to their survival was the range and depth of their solidarities.

Of course, a consumer tech company is nothing without good products, and the key to Roborock's success has been its superb devices.

This church is usually locked, but the key is next door, on the right, and it has to be obtained because over the right sacristy door is a boy's head by Rossellino, and over the left a boy's head by Desiderio da Settignano, and each is joyful and perfect.

Our keys to help shape your continual improvement strategy are not all-encompassingrather some suggestions on how to mould and shape your approach.

The key to this app is the virtual teacher who walks you through poses.

For example, suppose that suppose that is a sorted map whose keys are strings.

The keys to your current car are a good option, but not your driver’s license.

The key to this strategy is good intelligence.

I was cool enough to see that the key of the position was finance, for I knew that Crispi would make short work with the insurrection, and I knew also the full value of all the possible ministers of finance in the country, and their influence abroad.

As Prometheus points out, the two keys to survival of a cardiac arrest are immediate CPR and defibrillation, says MacLeod.

" CHAPTER III STRIFE AND MEDITATION "God hath treasuries beneath the throne, the keys whereof are the tongues of poets.

" "Then the keys, they tell me, are dangerous navigation, Gar'ner, and a body needs have all his eyes about him.

She loathed the very thought of itcould no more have touched it than if the ivory keys had been white hot steel.

The key to the shift is the NDP and here a bit of background is in order.

The keys of the stables, which are now intrusted to Chiffinch, shall be stolenthe horses set freeand the two damsels caught in the trap prepared for them, while the only person blamed in the matter will be Leonard."

Another key to finding the correct structure of DNA was the so-called Chargaff ratios, experimentally determined ratios of the nucleotide subunits of DNA: the amount of guanine is equal to cytosine and the amount of adenine is equal to thymine.

The key to overcoming prostate cancer is early detection.

The key, he says, is the freshness and the fat content that gives it a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth taste.

The key has been found to set man's moral nature in action, to check and reverse that course of universal failure manifest before; and this key is Christian doctrine.

But the key is the "assignment" of vertices to classes, such that every vertex is assigned to one class - no more, no less.

The haunted keys (literally, "with God through them, penetrating them").]Cassandra was his Key-bearer, holding the door of his Holy Place.

The key to the high current handling is the lower maximum resistance values for each size ranging from 3 milliohms for the HCJ0402 to 0.5 milliohms for all other sizes compared to a max resistance value of 50 milliohms for standard thick film jumpers.

It wouldn’t even need to be this blatant, because the key to Trump’s strategy is chaos.

The key to the plan was sacrifice.

The keys are byte arrays, and the values are objects.

RSA keys are typically at least 2048 bits.

But no-one should be counting on a major breakthrough the key for markets is control of the spread of the virus, he said, another front where there are positive signs.

The only key to the present is the past.