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194 Metaphors for  kinds

194 Metaphors for kinds

In devising this study, he wanted to know whether they also work for others and, if so, which kinds are the most successful.

Any kind of cooking that can be done is a most important kind of making; even the very little ones can help, and they thoroughly enjoy watching.

This third kind is incontestably the most noble, and has received the strongest sanction from custom.

This stormy kind of wine is a bit of an underdog grape, funky, and often blended with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon for a Bordeaux style; a turbulent sort of wine in itselfdeep, and reminiscent of its roots.

While all kinds of extremist groups are ready to exploit citizen’s grievances over their governments handling of the pandemic, governments themselves can exacerbate those grievances.

The least powerful kind of the SLS is the Block 1. The core stage will use the parts of the Space Shuttle External Tank.

The result of my reflections is that the only kind of literature worth writing is literature with some original intention.

If it is being fed, as well as nursed at the breast, at the time, the former should be immediately withheld: if it is being fed alone, the only kind of food that should be allowed is milk and water.

This kind of mystification and surprise was a trick below Shakspere.

One kind of welding that does not use an arc is Oxy-fuel welding (OFW), sometimes called gas welding.

The other kind are the white folks, the unpredatory ones who have scruples, and get pushed to the wall for their pains.

They also provide a food and shelter for fish. citation The most common kinds of seagrasses are Halophila and Halodule.

The kind of power Freedland focuses on is not real power.

But the only kind of body that completely answers this description is an Egyptian mummy.

This kind of benching is a nice plyo drill, as you might guess.

i. page 180), says, "Gauell kind is all the male children equallie to inherit, and is continued to this daie in Kent, where it is onelie to my knowledge reteined, and no where else in England."

The different kinds of rice, and especially the upland, would no doubt be an acquisition to our country.

If this were a case of a serious, fast-moving plague that we couldn't move fast enough to contain, though, I'd expect these kinds of measures to be the "oh shiat" last line of defense to handle it.

And she believed that she spoke the truth; having never learned to analyze her own feelings, she did not know that all her dislike for Charlton had its root in a secret liking for him, and that having practical ability herself, the kind of ability that did not make a living was just the sort that she admired most.

This kind of continued active management is a departure for grounds management, which calls for areas to be left undisturbed.

asked Nat; "and do any good?" "Yes, indeed," answered the Doctor; "all kinds of Woodpeckers are industrious workers, and all of them except the Sapsuckers are very useful to us in destroying hurtful insects."

Other kinds of vernation are revolute, the opposite of involute, where the leaf is rolled backwards towards the midrib; circinate, rolled from the apex downwards, as we see in ferns; and corrugate, when the leaf is crumpled in the bud.

But as this kind of Dance is the particular Invention of our own Country, and as every one is more or less a Proficient in it, I would not Discountenance it; but rather suppose it may be practised innocently by others, as well as myself, who am often Partner to my Landlady's Eldest Daughter.

'How can anybody tell me, as this outbreak is beginning to erupt, that kind of gathering of people in close proximity is a good idea?'

Some village boys were in the woods, and, hearing a great noise, I went to see what it was all about They were Band of Mercy boys, and finding a country boy beating a snake to death, they were remonstrating with him for his cruelty, telling him that some kinds of snakes were a help to the farmer, and destroyed large numbers of field mice and other vermin.

But this kind of Complaisance is peculiarly the Manner of Courts; in all other Places you must constantly go farther in Compliance with the Persons you have to do with, than a mere Conformity of Looks and Gestures.

Of something the same kind are the archaeological and scientific, the literary and debating societies....

After all that kind of information is too high level for mere programmers to be interested in.

It strikes me that the kind of marriage you propose would be a good deal flimsier than this will."


Each different kind of abnormal breath sound is a sign of a different problem.

At first, indeed, I suspected him of actual plundering, so copiously did he bring in supplies, and so little had I to pay for them; but I was not long in discovering that all kinds of produce were dirt cheap in Servia, and that as I could myself buy a lamb for a quarter, it was not surprising that Andreas, to the manner born, could easily obtain one for half the money.

You send in an order: "The kind of girl that I like is a Methodist without bangs."

Slashdorks and other netizens have social life as rich as reading-circlites, but they don't ever get to see each other face to face; the only kind of book they can pass from hand to hand is an ebook.

That kind of sanction is just as good a law as a law made by statute and imposing five or ten dollars penalty or a week's imprisonment.

Mikaela Dell'Oro, UniSA PhD candidate, said that this kind of brain tumour treatment in children is very important considering that the brains of children are still developing.

She is the dearest creature in the world;so good to her mother; but no fool, and quite aware that the kind of restraint to which she has been subjected is an injustice.

The most dangerous kinds are the so-called "dry-rot" fungi which work in many kinds of lumber after it is placed in the buildings.

One kind is the likes of Mitsuku, which have either won theLoebnerprize or cleared Turing tests.

There are, on social and political questions, two kinds of reasoners: there is one portion who term themselves practical men, and call the others theorists; a title which the latter do not reject, though they by no means recognise it as peculiar to them.

This kind of experience is a trial to any man.

Sant Rajinder emphasizes that this kind of meditation is a purely spiritual practice, so the position of the body is immaterial.

But no kind of infamy was a barrier to the favor of Louis XV.

This kind of Tory is so incongruous a creature, that it is a wonder ever such a one existed.

Every kind of knife or razor is a fine saw, though we cannot possibly see it with the naked eye; and on all the edges of those fine polished tools there sticks a kind of resinous substance, which, when put into warm water, takes off the same, and makes the razor cut more easy and free.

When slide photographs are put between two thin sheets of glass for showing in a slide projector, this kind of pattern is a big problem.

I have no design to anticipate his reflections; and, therefore, shall only sketch the picture, which he must finish by himself: he will pursue the subject farther, and form to himself a view of the common and domestick life of the Athenians, of which this kind of comedy was a picture, with some aggravation of the features: he will bring within his view all the customs, manners, and vices, and the whole character of the people of Athens.

Four kinds he excepts, fanatical persons, such as were Cassandra, Nanto, Nicostrata, Mopsus, Proteus, the sibyls, whom Aristotle confesseth to have been deeply melancholy.

One kind is psychosocial treatment.

The lowest kind is a bass trumpet.

They may have seemed undisciplined to a drill sergeant; but the kind of discipline they needed was a sight of the real thing.

But on the flipside, traditional MMOs are not as popular as they once were, while other kinds of online games, like battle royale shooters, have become the new dominant force in social gaming.

Since therefore we have now investigated the entire arrangement of the consultations which we proposed to discuss, the kinds of causes are now the principal things which remain.

A third kind is a governmental monopoly for purposes of revenue.

But hey, if this kind of defeatism is the new religion here, I'll just move on.

Old Naylor did not see how it was to be done, or even hoped for; but the right kind of wife was unquestionably the best chance.

Relating to influencing the mind, when exhortations are delivered to men to defend the republic, or when they are encouraged to seek glory and praise: of which kind of addresses are complaints, and encouragements, and tearful commiseration; and again, speeches extinguishing anger, or at other times removing fear, or repressing the exultation of joy, or effacing melancholy.

Regulators may be divided into two sorts, viz., those with, sliding valves and steam ports, and those with conical valves and seats, of which the latter kind are the best.

A light kind of mould of great depth, without a particle of stone of any kind, was the character of the soil.

The two former kinds of adulterers are those who become more and more not men; whereas the two latter kinds become men as they recede from those errors, and afterwards become wise.

The only kind of fish taken was the common catfish.

The kind of absence of self-restraint which makes people unable to resist temptation, in any form, is a disease, and ought to be segregated.

Again, "The plebeian kind of respect for piety is the very pest of virtue."

The only kind of knowledge that is useful to the will is the knowledge that a given effect is produced by a certain cause.

The common kind of hall-lamp of England, of different sizes and different colours, is the prevailing article; these are supplied with a tumbler half-filled with water, having a layer of oil upon the top, and two cotton-wicks.

This kind of self-sacrifice is not a test of true love, for it is not altruistic.

The fifth kind are cozeners, such as belong to magicians and witches; their prince is Satan.

The kinds of meats used are beef and pork, the kind of vegetables are hakusai (Japanese white cabbage), shungiku, Japanese enoki mushrooms, and Welsh onions.

If the case admit of it, it is not disadvantageous to begin with some new topic, or with some one which may excite laughter; or with some argument which has arisen from the present moment; of which kind are any sudden noise or exclamation; or with something which you have already prepared, which may embrace some apologue, or fable, or other laughable circumstance.

And the last kind of truth is that which is full of error and inaccuracy through sense, and the instability of its object.

R. WILSONI, a cross between R. ciliatum and R. glaucum, is of remarkably neat growth, and worthy of cultivation where small-sized kinds are a desideratum.

That kind of technology is beyond any earthly scientific capability.

But this kind of talent was of no use in India: the intellectual wares, of which the Chief Judge delighted to make a display, were in no request there.

I saw a lot of this stuff, but I just chose to believe that this kind of dark side was the recessive gene, not the dominant one, he says.

Any kind of fresh air was heaven after that stuffy little cabin.

At first I had been in some degree calm and collected, but that too was a desperate effort; and when it gave way, a kind of instant insanity became its successor.

Such kinds of truths the mind perceives at the first sight of the ideas together, by bare intuition; without the intervention of any other idea: and this kind of knowledge is the clearest and most certain that human frailty is capable of.

And the other way forest, too, and a kind of brokenwhat is it?amby-theatre of black and rusty cinders rising out of it all, and the sea in a kind of bay in the middle.

In our opinion this kind of medallion is a more judicious form of indication than the bands, armlets or large letters used elsewhere.

Someone has said that no people are happier than those living in a despotism, if the right kind of man is the despot.

On the walls of the Markovitch dining-room all kinds of pictures were hungold family photographs yellow and dusty, old calendars, prints of ships at sea, and young men hanging over stiles, and old ladies having tea, photographs of the Kremlin and the Lavra at Kieff, copies of Ivan and his murdered son and Serov's portrait of Chaliapine as Boris Godounov.

If this kind of traveller is a writer, he can of course do admirable work, work of the highest value; but the value comes because he is a writer and observer, not because of any particular credit that attaches to him as a traveller.

"And I think that kind of is the story.

The other kinds of money are not commodity-money and the materials of which they are made, whatever they be, are not worth as much in any other uses as they are in their present monetary form.

For although every kind of speaking is an oration, still the language of the orator alone is distinguished by this name as its own property.

That kind of world is the very antithesis of the so-called new order of tyranny which the dictators seek to create with the crash of a bomb".

The least-obvious kind are soft switchesapplications that you need to run to enable or disable the wireless radios.

Writing in English, she said: 'Thank you Sophie, it's gonna take time, but I really hope men will finally understand that this kind of comments are a complex gender issue.

That kind of thing is the hight of abuse of an engine.

But it will be over in a minute; this new kind of death must be a temporary death for temporary soldiers.

The most convenient and reliable kind of marketable yeast, when fresh, is the compressed yeast.

This kind of work is a blessing, but addicting.

God knows why they built such housesperhaps it was in accordance with the old Puritan idea that any kind of physical perfection is blasphemy.

There are, on social and political questions, two kinds of reasoners: there is one portion who term themselves practical men, and call the others theorists; a title which the latter do not reject, though they by no means recognise it as peculiar to them.

Kind are her answers.

They include arthropods (the most common kind are trilobites that look a little bit like pill bugs), echinoderms (sea stars and sea lilies), corals and brachiopods (a kind of shellfish).

These kinds of incidents are becoming more and more commonplace, because staff and clients are frustrated with the cutbacks and the unmanageable workloads.

What kind of wood are the desks made of?

Ultimately, this documentary is a short field guide to the landscape of contemporary sound healing that will help you discern what kinds of sound experiences are the most beneficial for you.

The natural habitat of the indigenous varieties is the sides and interstices of the rocks, where leaf mould, and micaceous sand, has accumulated and moisture been retained, indicating that the kind of soil favorable to the growth of this interesting little plant is a rich vegetable mould, with an admixture of sand, somewhat moist, but having a dry subsoil.