142 Metaphors for kinds

Any kind of cooking that can be done is a most important kind of making; even the very little ones can help, and they thoroughly enjoy watching.

This third kind is incontestably the most noble, and has received the strongest sanction from custom.

If it is being fed, as well as nursed at the breast, at the time, the former should be immediately withheld: if it is being fed alone, the only kind of food that should be allowed is milk and water.

This kind of mystification and surprise was a trick below Shakspere.

those two Epistles of Lipsius, of dogs and horses, Agellius, &c. Fifthly, for bringing up, as if a bitch bring up a kid, a hen ducklings, a hedge-sparrow a cuckoo, &c. The third kind is Amor cognitionis, as Leon calls it, rational love, Intellectivus amor, and is proper to men, on which I must insist.

The other kind are the white folks, the unpredatory ones who have scruples, and get pushed to the wall for their pains.

But the only kind of body that completely answers this description is an Egyptian mummy.

The different kinds of rice, and especially the upland, would no doubt be an acquisition to our country.

And she believed that she spoke the truth; having never learned to analyze her own feelings, she did not know that all her dislike for Charlton had its root in a secret liking for him, and that having practical ability herself, the kind of ability that did not make a living was just the sort that she admired most.

The congregation is a mixture of working and middle class people; the former kind being preponderant.

"Yes, indeed," answered the Doctor; "all kinds of Woodpeckers are industrious workers, and all of them except the Sapsuckers are very useful to us in destroying hurtful insects.

Other kinds of vernation are revolute, the opposite of involute, where the leaf is rolled backwards towards the midrib; circinate, rolled from the apex downwards, as we see in ferns; and corrugate, when the leaf is crumpled in the bud.

But as this kind of Dance is the particular Invention of our own Country, and as every one is more or less a Proficient in it, I would not Discountenance it; but rather suppose it may be practised innocently by others, as well as myself, who am often Partner to my Landlady's Eldest Daughter.

Some village boys were in the woods, and, hearing a great noise, I went to see what it was all about They were Band of Mercy boys, and finding a country boy beating a snake to death, they were remonstrating with him for his cruelty, telling him that some kinds of snakes were a help to the farmer, and destroyed large numbers of field mice and other vermin.

But this kind of Complaisance is peculiarly the Manner of Courts; in all other Places you must constantly go farther in Compliance with the Persons you have to do with, than a mere Conformity of Looks and Gestures.

The kind of "gigantic brains" which you mention are, I agree with you, often repulsivethere is a harshness of dissent from all that mankind most values, all that has raised them above this earth, which cannot be rightwhich is the result of deficiency in some part of their minds or hearts or both, and not of excess of intellect or any other good thing.

Of something the same kind are the archaeological and scientific, the literary and debating societies....

And even though the morrow should prove as bad as our fears, Christ's precept is still justified, for the worst kind of preparation for such a day is worry.

At first, indeed, I suspected him of actual plundering, so copiously did he bring in supplies, and so little had I to pay for them; but I was not long in discovering that all kinds of produce were dirt cheap in Servia, and that as I could myself buy a lamb for a quarter, it was not surprising that Andreas, to the manner born, could easily obtain one for half the money.

The Green-winged Teal Length less than fifteen inchesall kinds of Teals are very small Ducks.

You send in an order: "The kind of girl that I like is a Methodist without bangs."

Slashdorks and other netizens have social life as rich as reading-circlites, but they don't ever get to see each other face to face; the only kind of book they can pass from hand to hand is an ebook.

That kind of sanction is just as good a law as a law made by statute and imposing five or ten dollars penalty or a week's imprisonment.

Any kind of trap is but a diabolical contrivance at best, but these "humane patents" are a vast improvement, and do the work better than the old, as I can testify, having used them from the time Sir Herbert Maxwell first called attention to them, and being quite satisfied with them.

She is the dearest creature in the world;so good to her mother; but no fool, and quite aware that the kind of restraint to which she has been subjected is an injustice.

142 Metaphors for  kinds
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