56 Metaphors for labor

Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.

The labor on that first number was a joy to him.

Labor is her inheritance.

It is suggestive of the doctrine that labor is a masonic duty.

To women capital may be an abstraction, but labor is a purely human proposition, a thing of flesh and blood.

Well, my lords, baffled in their expectations that the first of August would prove a day of disturbancebaffled also in the expectation that no voluntary labor would be donewe were then told by the "practical men," to look forward to a later period.

" Now, this doctrine, that labor is worship, is the very doctrine that has been advanced and maintained, from time immemorial, as a leading dogma of the Order of Freemasonry.

The labor of the slave is constant toil, wrung out by fear.

" CHILD LABOR "What's up old man; you look as happy as a lark!" "Happy?

One negro, who had been in our employ two weeks, and whose whole labor in that time was less than four days, thought he deserved a hundred dollars' worth of presents, and compensation in money for a fortnight's toil.

It has sometimes been said that slavery was necessary, because the commodities they raise would be too dear for market if cultivated by freemen; but now it is said that the labor of the slave is the dearest.

"Labor," says Gadicke, the German masonic lexicographer, "is an important word in Masonry; indeed, we might say the most important.

Without hope, uncompelled labor is an impossibility; and hope implies an object.

He brought it home with him, requiring, as he thought, still further revision, and his last labors were the completion of it with the valued assistance of the Rev. Daniel Rapalje, of the Amoy Mission.

Smith was a Scottish thinker, who wrote to uphold the doctrine that labor is the only source of a nation's wealth, and that any attempt to force labor into unnatural channels, or to prevent it by protective duties from freely obtaining the raw materials for its industry, is unjust and destructive.

Labor is the accustomed design of every lodge meeting.

I have not heard one man assert that it would be an advantage to return to slavery, even were it practicable; and I believe that the public is beginning to see that slave labor is not the cheapest.

Until this hour, alas, my labor was Vengeance on Wrangle only; how could I Then dedicate myself to such a task?

Adequately paid labor is the foundation of all prosperity.

The daring assumptions that labor is the supreme force, that loyalty to the working world is the supreme virtue, and failure in that loyalty the one unpardonable sin, has stirred to the very depths organized labor of the conservative type, has roused to self-questioning many and many a self-satisfied orthodox trade unionist, inspiring him with loftier and more exacting ideals.

But it seems to me that this unskilled labor of fishing from a steamboat must be epidemic, if not contagious; for even Young New York, who in the early forenoon doubted visibly his discretion at having got himself into such an ugly scrape as an "excursion-spree," put off his delicate gloves, and set to hauling, hand over hand, as if for a bet.

They were very hopeful of having the whole war settled by this engagement: yet they felt encouraged even should that not prove the case, the one party expecting that if they should conquer then no further labor of importance would be theirs, and that if they should prevail on this occasion they would incur no further danger of defeat.

This giant labor of men, this obstinacy in living, is their excuse, is redemption.

Organized labor, moreover, is opposed to the powerful capitalists, the only real friends the Negroes have in the North to furnish them food and shelter while their lives are often being sought by union members.

The great disadvantage under which the country labors, is its frequent drouths, but were the soil more generally cultivated, and the old orchards replanted, these would neither be so frequent nor so severe.

56 Metaphors for  labor
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