33 Metaphors for lack

But this lack of urbanity, this unnecessary insolence, is a very grave fault in a writerfatal, indeed, to his permanence.

This is a call for man-power in addition to that suggested by the Fuel Administrator to the effect that lack of coal is partly lack of cars and that "back of the transportation shortage lies labor shortage."

The lack of this kind of housing has been a disgrace to our so-called civilization.

The lack of vital joy in the Church is the chief cause of indifference in the world.

His lack of personal charm was the origin of the invention of Pan's pipes or syrinx.

The lack of fixed local habitation is an evil common to all classes of city dwellers.

For although the possession of selfish inclinations does not make a man virtuous, yet the lack of them is a moral defect, since they are indispensable to the general good.

The lack of any result except rust was an able argument for the Christian missionaries, when they came, to destroy his cult by laughing at the foolishness of his ideas and the weakness of his god.

The lack of supplies is the great drawback to its development, and this will not be overcome to any extent until by some means heavy freight can be brought over the coast range to the head of the river.

Lack of precedent was no difficulty to Bowdler's learned opponent.

It was not the heterogeneous mediocrity of the American summer hotel where the lack of any standard is the nearest approach to a tie, but an organized codified dulness, in conscious possession of its rights, and strong in the voluntary ignorance of any others.

His mental lack was form not force; and he had enough original elemental ideas to have supplied a dozen men.

Furthermore, the clauses in regard to arbitration and appeals from arbitral awards, to which reference has been made, the lack of any provision for the establishment of a permanent international judiciary, and the introduction of the mandatory system were strong reasons to reject the President's plan.

My mother used to say to me: "Be careful, daughter, your lack of common sense will be your ruin.

In other words, lack of adaptation to present conditions of the houses we live in is a large factor in the prevailing domestic discontent.

His narrowness of imagination, his lack of general ideas, has been the despair of the Socialist and of every sort of revolutionary theorist.

From the standpoint of observation and inexperience, I would say that the supremest lack of men as lovers is the inability to say, "I am sorry, dear; forgive me."

The manufacturing industries are rapidly developing, although the lack of demand for Cashmere shawls has been a severe blow to local weavers, who, however, have turned their attention to carpets and rugs instead.

Lack of appetite was a misfortune as well as a dangerous symptom, and to eat when not hungry was not only a necessity but a virtue.

Probably lack of the true measure of Faith has been the story of every generation, with few exceptions, in the long history of Christianity, but there possibly never has been a time when men talked more of it and possessed less than in our own day.

Lack of thoroughness and of solid information was his especial weakness through life, in spite of the charm and power of his personal oratory.

" PERSIAN AND GREEK JEALOUSY Enough has been said to prove the incorrectness of Westermarck's assertion (515) that the lack of jealousy is "a rare exception in the human race."

The two who were first put in charge of me did not strike me with their fists or even threaten to do so; but their unconscious lack of consideration for my comfort and peace of mind was torture.

But, in spite of our full recognition of this undesirable national trait, I doubt whether any great number of Americans have permitted a dislike of German manners to affect their opinion as to German morals in the conduct of war, though some do hold that lack of good manners is a characteristic mark of inferior civilisation.

Lack of appetite, lack of energy, lack of response to stimuli are its keynotes and the motifs of the later years of childhood.

33 Metaphors for  lack