140 Metaphors for  largest

140 Metaphors for largest

The largest of the 11 municipalities in Lambton County is the City of Sarnia.

The second largest is the ancient town of Osh.

But when the greatest oppression comes upon us, we must have recourse to patience, begging of God to give us that virtue; and the more composed, we are under any trouble, the more commendable is our wisdom, and the larger will be our recompense.

The largest of these suburbs is Cottingham.

It is plain that the latter or secondary form of emotion must be by far the commoner, and the one to which the dramatist of any ambition must make his main appeal; for the longer his play endures, the larger will be the proportion of any given audience which knows it beforehand, in outline, if not in detail.

In one place two of these openings were neighbors: the larger was the route and the smaller led nowhere.

It adds: Mr Large, who was famous for his singing and impressions, is the most famous Briton to be killed by coronavirus, which has now claimed almost 3,000 lives in the UK with deaths hitting 500-a-day.

They were so called by Juan Bermudas, who discovered them in the year 1557, but did not land upon them: they are of various sizes, the largest being about twelve miles.

The Duchateau Isles are three low, wooded, coral islets, the largest of which is only three-fourths of a mile in length.

The farther inland they came, the larger were the lakes, and the more plentiful were the islands and points.

The globular, or oval, corpuscles which float so thickly in the yeast as to make it muddy, though the largest are not more than one two-thousandth of an inch in diameter, and the smallest may measure less than one seven-thousandth of an inch, are living organisms.

SPORADES, a group of islands in the Ægean Sea, of which the largest is the Mitylene.

The largest of the lakes are Lake Wellington, Lake King and Lake Victoria.

Several islands are in the gulf; the largest is Gonâve Island, followed by the much smaller Cayemites.

There are several islands here, but the largest is Rey Isle.

Larger also was the man who rode over the brow of the hill to the east.

But the largest of these were mere collections of a few hundred houses ranged along streets, none of which were sewered and few of which were paved or lighted.

The larger the screw is, the greater will be the efficiency of the engine in propelling the vessel; the larger will be the ratio of the pitch to the diameter, which produces a maximum effect; and the smaller will be the length of the screw or the fraction of a convolution to produce a maximum effect.

The larger of the two is the Western and it is the tree that mixes gold among the green where the valley walls rise out of the Lake.

The largest with 1,506 voters is still Bodden Town East, currently held by Environment Minister Dwayne Seymour, which grew by just one vote.

Clean tech saw a 200 per cent uptick in investment with almost $2B invested in over 25 deals, driven by five $50M+ dealsthe largest being the $800M acquisition of Montérégie-based Services Matrec Inc.

The largest is the Isua greenstone belt at the southwest coast of Greenland.

The largest of these unions is the AFSCME union, which includes hundreds of employees, from library workers to sanitation workers.

Large were the sums he gathered from them, for he omitted not a single source of revenue, no, not even the first that might offer itself, though its character were reprehensible, but he sought money from everybody alike, of secular or religious profession.

Above the cascades the main stream passes through a series of open, sunny levels, the largest of which are about an acre in size, where the wild bees and their companions were feasting on a showy growth of zauschneria, painted cups, and monardella; and gray squirrels were busy harvesting the burs of the Douglas Spruce, the only conifer I met in the basin.

It is in Borneo that the largest of the monkey tribe, the ponga, equalling the human race in stature, is to be found; also the ourang-outang, or Simia Satyrus, which comes nearer to man in his looks, manners, and gait.

Meanwhile, the largest following a French group amassed in the Central African Republic was 34 followers.

The largest is the Coronation of the Virgin with its many liliesa picture which one must delight in, so happy and crowded is it, but which never seems to me quite what it should be.

The largest of the Cetacea is the Right whale, of whichso persistently is it hunted downthere will soon be but few Left.

The more the content, the larger will be the number of questions related to it.

The four next largest being the Pennsylvania Depot at Philadelphia, St. Pancras Station in London, England, the Pennsylvania Depot in Jersey City, and the Grand Central Depot in New York City.

The largest are the Caroní, which joins it at Puerto Ordaz.

The smallest patient treated was a spider tortoise (0.08 kg) and the largest was an Asian elephant (4,826 kg).

Furthermore, the longer the time that the work on which people are now engaged takes to yield its product, the larger must be this store of consumers' goods.

The largest of these were the London and South Western Railway, the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, and the South Eastern and Chatham Railway.

In sumptuous guise magnificently dight; Large were his presents, cost was nothing spar'd, And every former friend his bounty shar'd.

The largest on record was 69 pounds, 15 ounces.

Next day (20th) we passed the influx of six rivers, the largest of which is Leaf River, coming in from the West.

On Deal, the eastern isle, there are charred stumps of a few large eucalypti: but otherwise the trees are small, the largest being a few casuarinas over the head of East Cove.

The court he practised, not the courtier's art: Large was his wealth, but larger was his heart, Which well the noblest objects knew to choose, The fighting warrior, and recording muse.

In the comparatively unfished rivers of Scandinavia large salmon are much more frequent, although the largest we ever heard of was an English fish which came into the possession of Mr Groves, of Bond Street.

This year's largest are 15 x 20 mm, of which there are three.

The largest of the sharks was a 4.65m mature female.

The three largest are Grand Canary, Teneriffe, and Ferro.

The administrative area of Prisočka includes a dozene villages; the larger is Palivuk.

"The Aleutian Isles are very numerous, principally volcanic: the three largest are Bhering's, Attoo, and Onolaska.

The largest I have yet met in the course of my explorations is a majestic old scarred monument in the King's River forest.

They remind us that he is a great man, and that the largest of us are very small ones.

In truth, this largest of the herons is well-nigh omnipresent in Florida.

The largest and most inclusive has been the civilization.