263 Metaphors for lasted

The last of the series, "Janet's Repentance," is, I think, the best.

" The last of Mencius's teachings on kingship to which we shall refer is perhaps the most remarkable of all.

This last is a kind of fruit about the size of a nut, and is chewed all over India to sweeten the breath, and is supposed to carry off phlegm from the stomach and to prevent thirst.

Fould, at different periods, has painted legendary subjects, at other times religious pictures, but in my judgment the last were the least successful of her works.

This last is an exceedingly important point, for it implies that the action of the subjective mind is in no way limited by precedent.

Then, at the best, pleasure and pain are mere oscillations; but the first movement is downwards, for we cry when we come into the world; and the last is also downwards, for we groan when we go out of it.

The last is the loveliest to the eye and the nearest to the heart.

" The last was his own number.

This last is a species of sugar which is procured by the Indians from the maple-tree.

The most highly prized varieties are the crimson and carmine red; these are the oriental ruby of the jeweller; the next is sapphire; and the last is sapphire, or oriental topaz.

The last of the great civilians associated with Gaius, Papinian, Paulus, and Ulpian, as oracles of jurisprudence, was Modestinus, who was a pupil of Ulpian.

The last named was, in some respects, and especially in the skillful construction of the plot, his best novel.

The last to hold office (a Bankes) was also Lord High Admiral of Purbeck, a picturesque title over three hundred years old.

The last was a coach, called "the White Chariot," bought second hand soon after he became President.

The first is the most common; the last is the most disagreeable.

The last to recover was the Doctor.

The last is an historical collection of the direct or positive evidence still on record, tending to show what part the earls of Murray and Morton, and secretary Lethington, had in the murder of the lord Darnley.

So long as they journeyed through prairie steppes, the last of which was Hungary, they maintained their shepherd character, but when they once passed the site of the present city of Vienna and entered the plateau of Bavaria, they found new physical conditions which caused them to reduce and to separate their herds of large cattlean unbroken forest affording little pasture of grass.

"Well, lad, there are two reasons, 'cordin' to my way of figgerin', but the last is the strongest.

The first treats of sundries, under half a dozen titles, but chiefly of Orthography; and the last is three pages and a half, of the most common remarks, on Derivation.

The last was a pointed reference to the Colonel.

On her bookshelf stood her few choice books; the last she read were, The Earth's Formation on Dynamical Principles, by A.J. Ritchie, Goodwin's Works, The Life and Letters of Rev. W. Pennefather, The Upward Gaze by her friend Agnes Giberne, and books by Rev. G. Everard.

Still he is showy in all that is not the human figure or the preternatural interest: but the first are below a drawing school girl's attainment, and the last is a phantasmagoric trick, "Now you shall see what you shall see, dare is Balshazar and dare is Daniel."

This last was the second of the two influences spoken of above.

This last is a theory that can only be upheld on the supposition that the whole does not consist of the sum of the parts; for whereas we can check off on our fingers the tribes that have slightly increased, we can enumerate scores that have died out almost before our eyes.

263 Metaphors for  lasted