172 Metaphors for lightest

The lights and shadows are then the best, and the streets are quieter and less crowded.

Even the light was extraordinary, a kind of reddy-coloured twilight, on account of the streamers of seaweed that floated up on either side of the ship.

The light of his eye was a joy to see; The path of his arrows a storm to flee!

It was like a picture by Gustave Doré; and, looking up the dark perpendicular side of the rock at the weird city with its white houses, queer-shaped balconies, and striped awnings, standing out clear and distinct against the starlit sky, gave one an uncomfortable, uncanny feeling, hard to shake off, and heightened by the fact that, although the hour was yet early, not a light was visible, not a sound to be heard.

Some spots of dark purple were on the ground where the light was most dim.

Rely upon your own judgment; be true to your own conscience; follow the Light that is within you; all outward lights are so many will-o'-the-wisps.

In all the creatures of thy hand divine Thy love-light is a living guest, Whether a petal's palm confine Its glitter to a lily's breast, Or in unbounded space a starry line Stretches, till flagging Thought must droop her wing to rest.

So I continued moving along in the same direction, until I struck woods, where the hill ceased in a plateau; here I was on level ground, and I could see in the distance the light of camp-fires, between which and me I could not doubt were the pickets, if not indeed the main line also, of the enemy.

For all practical purposes I believe this light (which carries five No. 6 Bray's union jets, and which we use as a portable light at repairs and breakdowns) is as efficient and economical a form as it is possible to make for ordinary rough work.

The greatest light among the Romans was the Phrygian slave Epictetus, who was born about fifty years after the birth of Jesus Christ, and taught in the time of the Emperor Domitian.

"A light behind his eyes? M'frien', are you tryin' to string me?" "What's his name?"

"She'll know it's Casey Ryan comin' homeknow it the way them lights are slippin' over the country.

Everything that passed within the ken of that wonderful organism, whether a thing or combination of things seen, or an incident, or a trait revealing or suggesting character, was instantly reproduced, fixed, registered by it, the operating light being the wonderful native force of her intellect.

He said, "Oh, it is too dry eating; the liver and lights were a great deal better, and brains made good soup!"

I have here supposed that my Reader is acquainted with that great Modern Discovery, which is at present universally acknowledged by all the Enquirers into Natural Philosophy: Namely, that Light and Colours, as apprehended by the Imagination, are only Ideas in the Mind, and not Qualities that have any Existence in Matter.

The "Ayeroplanes" seemed almost to float along the surface of the snow, so light and smooth was their pace, so harmonious their team action.

Before the pure light of this divine Ideawhich is no mere Idealthe phantom of a world whose events are an incoherent concourse of fortuitous circumstances, utterly vanishes.

~The Complaint of an Officer~ O Heaven above, before whose light Revealed is every deed and thought, To thee I cry.

High over the water a light had come outLiberty's high-flung torch.

Light is a great factor in Ski-ing.

The peace of evening was in the air and the lights along the single street were a gentle and persistent protest of human life against the mighty stretch of the enveloping mantle of night.

It was not yet full day; what light filtered down here into this sheltered spot was cheerless; as it drew forest details out of the thinning shadows it seemed to be painting them in cold grey monotones upon a cold grey world.

Bill 'ad just lit 'is pipe, and as he threw the match down he ses: "I don't like these 'ere safety matches," he ses.

The strong lights are little heaps of these granules, the middle lights thinner sheets of them; the shades are formed by the dark silver itself, thinly sprinkled only, as the earth shows with a few scattered snow-flakes on its surface.

Gentle winds through forests calling; Big waves on the sea-shore falling; Bright birds through the thick leaves glancing; Light boats on the big waves dancing; Children in the clear pool laving; Mountain streams glad music giving; Yellow corn and green grass waving; Long-haired, bright-eyed maidens living; Light on all things, even as now God, our Father, it is Thou!

172 Metaphors for  lightest