42 Metaphors for lion

"Lion, who is your father?" "My father is a lion and my mother is a lioness.

Because that the three lions are one coat made of two French dukedoms, Normandy and Aquitain.

[Footnote 4: " Galagron, il maledetto cane"] [Footnote 5: The lions in the shield of England were leopards in the "olden time," and it is understood, I believe, ought still to be so,as Napoleon, with an invidious pedantry, once permitted himself to be angry enough to inform us.]

The Golden Lion is my dwelling-place, Where what you please shall be with care perform'd.

This lion is the Marzocco, the legendary guardian of the Florentine republic, and it stood here for four centuries and more, superseding one which was kissed as a sign of submission by thousands of Pisan prisoners in 1364.

Mountain lions are great ones for horse or cattle flesh.

The second Lion was a Taylor by Trade, who belonged to the Play-House, and had the Character of a mild and peaceable Man in his Profession.

The Lion, studious of our common good, Desires (and kings' desires are ill withstood) To join our nations in a lasting love; The bars betwixt are easy to remove; For sanguinary laws were never made above.

The only lion in Peter's path at present was the strong Tory proclivity of the head of the house; and although he had been warned by his Albany friends to be prudent and respectful, the boy had inherited a sturdy patriotism which burned all the more hotly for its repression.

Lions and hyaenas have been our camp followers, and not a little are we grateful to these wonderful scavengers, the best of all possible allies in settling the great question of sanitation in camps.

THE LION, JUPITER, AND THE ELEPHANT The Lion, for all his size and strength, and his sharp teeth and claws, is a coward in one thing: he can't bear the sound of a cock crowing, and runs away whenever he hears it.

The great lion of Stamford is the Burghley House, the palace of the Marquis of Exeter.

So if lion be the lightning, Somewhere else will fall the bolt: Therefore once again, Daria, Come, I say, embrace me. . . . .

" "That were to hope the winged lion would become a lamb, or the dark and soulless senate a community of self-mortifying and godly Carthusians!

"Mountain lions were around there a good deal, and E. De Long, who had a cabin a little further up in the valley, told me that three times in his experience of hunting up there he had come on a place where a mountain lion had just killed a sheep.

When the Nawab, Shumsh-ud-deen, was hung at Delhi for hiring a sowar to assassinate Mr. Fraser, the British Commissioner, the country population round about were seized with the news as with the coming of a dragon or a destroying army; and the British Lion was the Bogy, the Black Douglas, in whose name poor ryots' wives scared refractory brats into trembling obedience.

At the second door a mountain lion or panther was the guardian.

And the little lion could become the toast!

The second lion was a tailor by trade, who belonged to the playhouse, and had the character of a mild and peaceful man in his profession.

"Nanahboozhoo thus discovered that these lions, as he had supposed them to be, were wicked magicians who had been doing a great deal of harm, and who when they chose to do so could change themselves into the form of lions and live either under the water or on land, as best suited them, to escape from being killed by those whom they had injured.

" "You are by nature the most impulsive woman I ever saw," he said, much amused, "and Eustaquia's lion is a kitten to the one that sleeps in you.

At the same time, it is noticeable that in nearly every European language the plant bears a similar name; whereas Professor De Gubernatis connects the name with the sun (Helios), and adds that a lion was the animal symbol of the sun, and that all plants named after him are essentially plants of the sun.

The lion at the left end of the façade is also a copy, the original by Donatello being in the Bargello, close by; but the pedestal is Donatello's original.

To clear up a Matter that was so variously reported, I have made it my Business to examine whether this pretended Lion is really the Savage he appears to be, or only a Counterfeit.

'Oh! well, Lord Lion, hast thou said, Thy King from warfare to dissuade Were but a vain essay; For, by St. George, were that host mine, Nor power infernal, nor divine, Should once to peace my soul incline, Till I had dimmed their armor's shine In glorious battle-fray!'

42 Metaphors for  lion