34 Metaphors for lip

Her lips are your welcome, and your entertainment her company, which is put into the reckoning too, and is the dearest parcel in it.

She is thinner; there are hollows in her cheeks; her lips are no longer a thread of scarlet.

" "Wal," he bent forward, and his face came out of the shadows; we could see that his pale blue eyes, red-rimmed and short-sighted, were suffused with tender light, and his pendulous lower lip was a-quiver with emotion; even the hair of his headtow-coloured and worn à la Pompadourseemed to bristle with excitement, "Wal," he whispered "it'sit's Miss Birdie Dutton!"

A. No, indeed, my lips are all presumptions upon his goodness.

She was the most graceful creature I have ever seen, I think, and surely merrier lips and eyes were never seeneyes very blue and softhair golden, and flowing like sunset on her shouldersa mouth which had a charming archness in itand withal an innocence and modesty which made one purer.

But my lips are sealedat least for the present.

The trembling lip, trembling in spite of itself, was the only outward sign of the depth of feeling that words could not reflect, at tea in the dug-out.

The lips were her finest feature, their perfect outline indicating sweetness without feebleness of character.

No doubt, to the heart of the chivalrous backwoodsman those smoke-dried lips were yet the altar of early passion,as that rather ungrammatical tongue was still the music of the spheres; but the unattractiveness of that conjugal counterblast is Nature's own protest against smoking.

The closed lips were a gain to the eyes and her friends missed nothing.

McRae's clean-shaven upper lip was a straight, grim surface.

A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.

The soft features seemed to melt, the lips to move, the anxiety in the eyes to become a personal inquiry.

[her coral lips will be purple then, Jack!]: sigh not so deeply, my beloved!Happier hours await thy humble love, than did thy proud resistance.

"Divers philosophers hold that the lips is parcel of the mind.

Their lips were four red roses on a stalk That in their summer beauty kissed each other.

" He kissed her, and his lips were moist, and he reeked of tobacco, and though Rose shrugged impatiently away from him he knew that he had won.

"My lips are the lips of Anpu.

The lips he had kissed were a purplish white in her thin bloodless face.

Then Ambrose's voice came softly through the gloom: "Aphrodite," it said, "yo' lips am jes' lak plush!" THE JUDGMENT OF VULCAN

And now he sees young Siduri, whose breast Infuses life; all nature she hath blest, Whose lips are flames, her arms are walls of fire, Whose love yields pleasures that can never tire, She to the souls who joy on earth here miss, Grants them above a holier, purer bliss.

They are lizards among adders, They inspire no fear, for they bite not. Put a sheepskin before them, they Will tear your arms and hands; Their parched lips are all scaly, Besides being red and spotted.

" The smiling child, though half afraid, Thus to her beauteous mother said: "With me, mamma, oh, do not quarrel, I thought your lip had been my coral.

Those lips are thinethy own sweet smile I see, The same that oft in childhood solaced me; Voice only fails, else how distinct they say, 'Grieve not, my child, chase all thy fears away!' The meek intelligence of those dear eyes (Blest be the art that can immortalize, The art that baffles Time's tyrannic claim To quench it) here shines on me still the same.

Your lips are red flowerspoppies to lure to destruction.

34 Metaphors for  lip