11 Metaphors for liquid

At that time we could not believe the truth, but the liquid which began to spray on us was certainly some kind of petroleum.

When Joe carelessly picked up a small bottle that stood upon the table before Slippery, the yegg's face turned pale, and then he explained to the boy who too commenced to shudder the longer he listened, that the harmless looking liquid in the bottle was fearfully dangerous nitro-glycerine.

Again, at another increase of temperature, when the liquid became a gas, the corpuscle would experience a further emancipation: it would possess a further freedom, with all the facts of its universe to learn anew.

This liquid was the lye, and it was then trickled into the pot into which the fat had been placed.

I perceived that the liquid was "Old Rye."

Solids, at certain temperatures, are converted into liquids; and liquids, in like manner, when heated to certain degrees, become aeriform fluids or gases.

"In Latin words the liquids are l and r only.

The liquids mostly employed in the cooking of foods are water and milk.

One carried a beautiful transparent jar, and in the fading light Babouscka could see in it a golden liquid which she knew from its color must be myrrh.

Whether the liquid was the blood of victims, the intoxicating beverage of the country, or pure water, all of which have been suggested, we do not positively know, but I am inclined to believe, with M. Wiener, that it was the last mentioned, and that it was as the beneficent deity of the rains that Con was worshiped at this sacred spot.

The only liquids given me were hot saline solutions.

11 Metaphors for  liquid