69 Metaphors for littlest

A little from the shore, westward, is a kind of subterraneous house.

A little beyond the clustering houses, upon the edge of a high rocky promontory overlooking the Ouysse, is the castle of Belcastel, still retaining its feudal keep and outer wall.

" "When you know us better, you will be surprised at discovering how little of any thing remains a dozen years," returned John Effingham.

A little beyond the village on the old road are the Baths of Bagnet, supplied by a cold sulphurous spring; they do not, however, call for much mention.

Sigismund Steinbach, though so little favored in the accident of his origin, is not a beggar to sue for that which his own generous feelings would condemn.

A little to the north-east of the river is a sandy beach, the situation of which is in latitude 15 degrees 18 minutes 21 seconds, and longitude 124 degrees 46 minutes 50 seconds.

A little of the straightforwardness which men are accustomed to call manly, is the only quality that is needed; a little of that frank courage and determination in spiritual things, which men are usually so ready to practise towards their wives in temporal things.

Just as little was moral doctrine preached by the ministers of religion, nor did the priests trouble themselves about morality or about what the people did or left undone.

He knew that SE made quality machinery, but little of it was iron.

A little farther, between Malmaison and Marly, is a beautiful château, formerly belonging to General Count Bertrand, who accompanied Napoleon to Saint Helena; it is now the property of M. Ouverard, the banker: nearly opposite is the residence of the celebrated Abbé Sieyès, who lives in great retirement.

Alfred's title was based on election; and so little was the idea of usurpation, or of any wrong done to the two infant sons of Ethelred, connected with his accession, that even the lineal descendant of one of those sons, in his chronicle of that eventful year, does not pause to notice the fact that Ethelred left children.

Were not the customs of his race holy and sacred? Little to Wenona were her father's reproaches, or her mother's curse; that she was no more beloved was all she remembered.

The daring too much is always before a man; the daring too little is, I think, the only trouble a woman has.

Chorus: Then come, &c. As Donahoo was cruising, one summer’s afternoon, little was his notion his death was near so soon, When a sergeant of the horse police discharged his car-a-bine, And called aloud on Donahoo to fight or to resign.

Of the eighth pastoral, so little is properly the work of Virgil, that he has no claim to other praise or blame, than that of a translator.

A little beyond this, on the right, are the remains of the waterworks which supplied the whole city.

It is said to have contained the following inscription: "Fair maiden Lilliard lies under this stane; Little was her stature, but great was her fame.

A LOVE-LETTER Darling little woman, just a little line, Just a little silver word For that dear gold of thine, Only a whisper you have so often heard: Only such a whisper as hidden in a shell Holds a little breath of all the mighty sea, But think what a little of all its depth and swell, And think what a little is this little note of me.

The story of a soul's passage from darkness to light, of its wanderings, vacillations, doubts, and temptations, must necessarily exercise a strong fascination over all minds of a reflective cast: "The development of a soul!" says Browning, "little else is worth study.

Near us but little could be seenonly a few fires on the ground.

It is safe to assume that a little short of six feet is the extreme width of an eastern head.

A little to the left was the borough of Southwark, even then a large and populous districtthe two most prominent features in the scene being Winchester House, and Saint Saviour's old and beautiful church.

Thus in Spain there was no serious war, but as little was there any real peace; the Spaniards, as Caesar afterwards very justly pointed out to them, never showed themselves quiet in peace or strenuous in war.

In short, every Family of animals has its characteristic action and its peculiar voice; and yet so little is this endless variety of rhythm and cadence both of motion and sound in the organic world understood, that we lack words to express one-half its richness and beauty.

Though little was their hire, and light their gain, Yet somewhat to their share he threw; Fed from his hand, they sung and flew, Like birds of Paradise that lived on morning dew.

69 Metaphors for  littlest