87 Metaphors for  littlest

87 Metaphors for littlest

Enough for each of work, of leisure, of joy; too little for none, too much for nonesuch is the Social ideal.

A little from the shore, westward, is a kind of subterraneous house.

A little to the north-east of the river is a sandy beach, the situation of which is in latitude 15 degrees 18 minutes 21 seconds, and longitude 124 degrees 46 minutes 50 seconds.

A little of the straightforwardness which men are accustomed to call manly, is the only quality that is needed; a little of that frank courage and determination in spiritual things, which men are usually so ready to practise towards their wives in temporal things.

Just as little was moral doctrine preached by the ministers of religion, nor did the priests trouble themselves about morality or about what the people did or left undone.

His Hundred and Forty-ninth Psalm is likewise good; but I have given enough of Lord Bacon's verse, and proceed to call up one who was a poet indeed, although little known as such, being a Roman Catholic, a Jesuit even, and therefore, in Elizabeth's reign, a traitor, and subject to the penalties according.

He knew that SE made quality machinery, but little of it was iron.

But a kindly man would not take that ground: for doubtless the Me, however little to every one else, is to each unit in humankind the centre of all the world.

IDAHO: Republican Gov. Brad Little’s stay-home order restricting nonessential businesses expires Thursday.

This, and the little she has to say besides, is no riddle to me, because I can see in this dear child the same character as that of her mother, who was my own dearest friend; who grew up with myself, and whose daughter, I am certain, if I had the care of her education, would form into an exquisite creature.

Alfred's title was based on election; and so little was the idea of usurpation, or of any wrong done to the two infant sons of Ethelred, connected with his accession, that even the lineal descendant of one of those sons, in his chronicle of that eventful year, does not pause to notice the fact that Ethelred left children.

A little over a mile to the south-east is picturesque Twyford on the wooded banks of the Itchen.

As Donahoo was cruising, one summer’s afternoon, little was his notion his death was near so soon, When a sergeant of the horse police discharged his car-a-bine, And called aloud on Donahoo to fight or to resign.

Aspirations till then considered little else than Utopian became tangible possibilities, while, as suddenly, dangers deemed far off loomed large and near.

Of the eighth pastoral, so little is properly the work of Virgil, that he has no claim to other praise or blame, than that of a translator.

From Capua to Naples is twenty miles; a little beyond Capua are the remains of a large Amphitheatre and this is all that exists to attest the splendour of ancient Capua.

When his $40,000 were paid, under a forced sale, little, indeed, would be the residue.

Call on the lazy leaden-stepping hours, Whose speed is but the heavy plummet's pace, And glut thyself with what thy womb devours Which is no more than what is false and vain, And merely mortal dross: So little is our loss!

It is said to have contained the following inscription: "Fair maiden Lilliard lies under this stane; Little was her stature, but great was her fame.

Such, and so little is the mind of man!

A LOVE-LETTER Darling little woman, just a little line, Just a little silver word For that dear gold of thine, Only a whisper you have so often heard: Only such a whisper as hidden in a shell Holds a little breath of all the mighty sea, But think what a little of all its depth and swell, And think what a little is this little note of me.

And though a little, the more, and the less, are common phrases, the article does not here prove the following word to be a noun; because the expression may either be elliptical, or have the construction of an adverb: as, "Though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved.

says Browning, "little else is worth study.

Near us but little could be seenonly a few fires on the ground.

So little is thy gain!

A little to the left was the borough of Southwark, even then a large and populous districtthe two most prominent features in the scene being Winchester House, and Saint Saviour's old and beautiful church.

Thus in Spain there was no serious war, but as little was there any real peace; the Spaniards, as Caesar afterwards very justly pointed out to them, never showed themselves quiet in peace or strenuous in war.

In short, every Family of animals has its characteristic action and its peculiar voice; and yet so little is this endless variety of rhythm and cadence both of motion and sound in the organic world understood, that we lack words to express one-half its richness and beauty.

Though little was their hire, and light their gain, Yet somewhat to their share he threw; Fed from his hand, they sung and flew,

A little to the right was the huge volcano of Avacha, with a long banner of golden smoke hung out from its broken summit, and

As little as that is a woman's care, it may be permitted into the number of a woman's fears.

An altar was erected on the great market-place, and so little were the people affected by the catastrophe of a patriot whom they were informed had sacrificed* his life in their cause, that the only part of the business which seemed to interest them was the extravagant gestures of a woman in a dirty white dress, hired to act the part of a "pleureuse," or mourner, and whose sorrow appeared to divert them infinitely.

Doug Little was a former Senior Vice-Present of Forest Operations at Northwood Pulp and Timber Ltd., and the founder of the JD Little Forest Centre.

Mr. Little was a man of superior gifts, full of scholarly enthusiasm, and devoted to his Master's work.

yes; the spiders Cobweb, out of which great flyes breake and in which the little are hangd: the Tarriers snaphance, limetwiggs, weavers shuttle & blankets in which fooles & wrangling coxcombes are tossd.

But in sentences like the following, the adverb appears to express, not time, but degree; and for the latter sense ever is preferable to never, because the degree ought to be possible, rather than impossible: "Ever so little of the spirit of martyrdom is always a more favourable indication to civilization, than ever so much dexterity of party management, or ever so turbulent protestation of immaculate patriotism.

He entirely denied the truth of the evidence, and said that "the only reason which he had assigned to Piso for seeing so little of him was his weak health and love of retirement.

This work, which was translated into English and printed by Caxton in 1483, although little heard of now, was for several centuries a household word in Christendom.

But that "a little over" is 44 minutes every month so, to keep the calendar in step with reality, an extra day is needed nearly every third year, so these years are 355 days long.

Little and much are but relative terms; yet when we look back to the period in which English grammar was taught only in Latin, it seems extravagant to say, that "little improvement has been made" in it since.

" "Is there hope for those who remain on the wreck?" "But little."

Two days Katherine had been thus alone at the villa, little knowing the idea of bringing her cause to the King's notice was the most foreign to either Buckingham or Monmouth, the latter wishing to promote his own cause with her until she should become satisfied to remain at his side, without seeking further Court favour.

And of a sudden it came over me as a wave rolls up the beach, how much of sorrow and how little of joy had been this man's portion.

They were now on a slope looking southward; above them the wind sighed through a large grove of cedars; a little below was a copious spring of clear, sweet water.

You know, perhaps, that Mrs. Little is a daughter of Dr. Cornelius; and, when I recall the love and honor I was taught to feel towards him when I was a little girl, my heart quite yearns towards her, especially in this time of fearful anxiety about her husband.

The interior, too, struck him forcibly; for there, in addition to the garden, now flourishing, though a little in want of the hoe, was a meadow of acres in extent, in which the grass was fit to cut.

In addition, little of what Dr. Alexov alleges was the consensus from the May 8 webinar is in the parts of the proceedings.

Then, a little to the left, is four-headed Brahma, below him, Indra, his body spotted with a thousand eyes and finally a fourth god of uncertain identity.

I have done very little, but that little has been my exceeding comfort."

Truth to tell, we have known very little on the philosophy of the Indian languages, and that little has been the re-echo of foreign continental opinions.