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27 Metaphors for « longest »

27 Metaphors for « longest »

  • Emma Long was a singularly fascinating woman.
  • They's a kind of pigs in these deestricks putty nigh's long 's this boat."
  • In April 2007, Long became the on-screen boyfriend of Kristal, after weeks flirting with each other backstage.
  • The longest is the wels catfish, up to 4 m (13 ft).
  • The longest was Pescara Circuit (25 km) which normally held the Coppa Acerbo race.
  • The longest to be reported was 189.2 cm (74.5 in) long.
  • Of his Harrow intimates, the most prominent were the Duke of Dorset, the poet's favoured fag; Lord Clare (the Lycus of the Childish Recollections); Lord Delawarr (the Euryalus); John Wingfield (Alonzo), who died at Coimbra, 1811; Cecil Tattersall (Davus); Edward Noel Long (Cleon); Wildman, afterwards proprietor of Newstead; and Sir Robert Peel.
  • Eric Long has been the storm water engineer for the Portage SWCD since November 2010.
  • The longest and strongest of all the bones is the femur, or thigh bone.
  • And the long and short of it is, gentlemen, I believe Sir Gilbertand Lady Carstairshave gone!"
  • Emma Long would have been no doubt a good, a very good wife for him.
  • The longest was 10 holes at the 1972 Corpus Christi Civitan Open, where Jo Ann Prentice beat Hall of Famers Sandra Palmer and Kathy Whitworth.
  • Emma Long was not a hypocrite at heart, but she had an almost superhuman power of acting.
  • Moreover, besides the probability of his imagination having been early tinged with the sullen hue of the local traditions, it is remarkable, that the longest of his juvenile poems is an imitation of the manner of the Homer of Morven.
  • Huey Long was the inspiration for Buzz Windrip.
  • "Cain" and "Manfred" are regarded as almost blasphemous, though probably not so meant to be by the poet, in view of the stirring questions of Grecian tragedy; while the longest of his poems, "Don Juan," is an insult to womanhood and a disgrace to genius; for although containing some of the most exquisite touches of description and finest flights of poetic feeling, its theme is along the lowest level of human passion.
  • The longest of these is Judith, in which the story of an apocryphal book of the Old Testament is done into vigorous poetry.
  • Andthe long and short of it is, my lad!"
  • The Minor longs to be at Age, then to be a Man of Business, then to make up an Estate, then to arrive at Honours, then to retire.
  • Long and dreary was the march of the people to complete political enfranchisement from the rebellion under Wat Tyler to the passage of the Reform Bill in our times.
  • Turning suddenly to me, she said: "Sally, if I were dying, it would make me very happy to know that Emma Long would be the mother of my children."
  • The long and the short of it is, perhaps, that music, being a universal art, like a universal watch-key, will set going the complicated cogs and springs of every soul and yet not regulate or assure its rhythm.
  • Again the longest of roads becomes the safest for us, but we will not make it wholly north, we will bear to the east also.
  • Long would be the story to follow the fighting fortunes of the Irish Brigades.
  • There, while the Moorish monarch longs to have her at his side, More keen is Vindaraja's wish to be a monarch's bride.
  • "Long may this ocean-gem be bright, And long may it be fair, In Freedom's pure and blessed light, And Virtue's hallowed air!
  • That was a single moment; but here, day-long is the idyl world.

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