93 Metaphors for  look

93 Metaphors for look

A bold and fearless look's the best at all times.

The demand is manufactured with respect to the plaintiff, as Watts look could be strongly related court procedures and beneficial to the plaintiff’s situation.

Looks like hit was my heart, an' I believe in my soul it is.

A serious look shall be a Jury to excommunicate any man from our company.

If looks were daggers I should have been pierced through the heart.

But looks were only half of the battle performance is the real reason you purchase a drive shower and through extensive testing we have developed the finest drive shower produced today.

The look which accompanied these last words was a terrible mingling of cunning, cruelty, hope, and despair.

She was laughing joyously as they entered; but at her very first glimpse of the approaching group, the laugh ceased, and a look of sudden resolve flashed into her face,a look that the Selwyn cousins, who had been told the whole story of the fraudulent invitation, understood at once to mean, "Here is my opportunity and I'll make the most of it!"

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she could hear them, see them:little Charles, who, in his very babyhood, had been accustomed to uplift his tiny arm in championship of his own dear mother;Digby, the soft, tender, loving infant, whose every look was a smile, whose every action an endearment!And now they appeared to pass before her as strangers; changedmaturedenlightened;without one word of fondnessone gesture of recognition!

I tell you Father, One hour of this mans goodness, this mans Nobleness Put in the Scale, against the Counts whole being, Forgive his lusts too, which are half his life, He could no more endure to hold weight with him; Arnoldo's very looks, are fair examples; His common and indifferent actions, Rules and strong ties of vertue: he has my first love, To him in sacred vow I have given this body, In him my mind inhabits.

My look must have been a somewhat blank interrogation, for Mademoiselle was laughing.

That look was essentially a hamburger costume.

"My sister says I'm a fraudthat I really have a frivolous mind and that my serious look is a hollow pretense."

All its language lies in the tones, the looks, the little half-concealed gestures, hints which pass themselves off modestly in jest; and such was Tom's first interview with his father; till the old Isaac, having felt Tom's head and hands again and again, to be sure whether it were his very son or no, made him sit down by him, holding him still fast, and began "Now, tell me, tell me, while Jane gets you something to eat.

The healthy red or pink look of the lips and finger-nails becomes a dusky purple.

Indeed, this girl was a "raving beauty" in her buxom, countrified way, and her good looks were the pride of the Sizer family and the admiration of the neighbors.

That look of fragrant cleanliness was her chief charm.

He hated coffee because he liked it; and the look of disgust with which he shoved it away was the exact measure of his physical craving for it.

Nevertheless, there is a language of the eyes, as of the lips; and it was not Lord Bearwarden's fault if his looks were misunderstood by their object.

One more look, followed by a heavy frown and a low growling sound in his throatwhich may have been his way of saying good-byeand he was gone.

The looks were a study in patchwork, as if made by a survivor civilization, with matted hair and glitter face paint.

"Me!"thought she"I am the lady whom, I have not a doubt, you have been longing to meet ever since the ball;" but her look was unmoved gravity.

On Friday, the Olympic gymnast took to the photo-sharing app to show off her sexy and sophisticated swimwear, and her overall look was a huge hit.

Their looks were rather expressive of a ready acquiescence in the proffered kindness of the men, and when at length they brought a sable nymph vis-a-vis to Mr. White, I could preserve my gravity no longer, and throwing the spears aside, I ordered the bullock-drivers to proceed."

His indifferent look was an additional annoyance to Eric, who walked up to him carelessly, and boxing his ears, though without hurting him, said contemptuously, "Conceited little sneak."

Nicole’s long, dark locks were down in voluminous waves, and her beauty look was all glam, with a smoky eye and pink lips.

"Looks are a matter of taste," said Mr. Sharp, morosely.

We even took 'is boots off, and then we 'ad another look in 'is bunk while 'e was putting 'em on ag'in.

" And the good woman was sure that Doctor Moreno's daughterthat abominable creature whose good looks had been her nightmare for some months pastno longer existed for Rafael.

Ph. Fletcher, in The Purple Island, iii., also calls Queen Elizabeth "Cynthia." Her words were like a stream of honey fleeting.. Her deeds were like great clusters of ripe grapes... Her looks were like beams of the morning sun Forth looking thro' the windows of the east...

Come, come, take Heart of Grace; pull your Hats down over your Eyes; put your Arms across; sigh and look scurvily; your simple Looks are ever a Token of Repentance: comecome along.

The eager looks of those that would get money, the troubled looks of those who have lost it, worst of all the gloating looks of them that have it, these are sure signs of the service of mammon.

To-day has been warm, and nature this morning seemed determined that our last look should be the brightest, for the beauties of the entire landscape invited us to make a longer stay, and we lingered till the last moment, that the final impression might not be lost.

But perhaps the most memorable look of the night was Steinfeld's tea-length champagne Marchesa gown.

Whether your look is gym-bound or gym-inspired, the clean, sporty design versatile performance of the Saucony® Kineta Relay!

Every look he met was an incipient gun levelled at the head of Red Jim.

The look that passed between Lord and Lady Bearwarden was a sufficient reply.

The only return he made when his brutal executioners struck and abused him was, to pray for them in the most touching manner: he turned his face once towards his Mother, who was standing overcome with grief; this look quite unnerved her: she fainted, and would have fallen, had not the holy women who were there supported her.

The fair sultanas of his court; a troop Of chosen beauties, but with care concealed From each intrusive eye; one look is death.

1 CLARENDON had law and sense, Clifford was fierce and brave; Bennet's grave look was a pretence,

Another said the look of a butcher's shop was all the meat they ever got.

The shy look and the blush with which she had suggested the introduction were ominous indications, upon which I mused gloomily as we ascended the stairs and passed through the wide doorway.

On the contrary, a stranger would have pronounced her to be decidedly good-looking, considering that she was a woman of nearly fifty years, and those good looks were the secret of Mr. Santon's unfortunate connection with her.

It was not so with the frank and blunt sailor, who had had a kind of Puritan bringing-up too; so I suppose that was the reason it made me tremble so strangely, or perhaps the look on his face was the cause.

Pretty looks were too often a snare.

There he showed no consciousness of what was going on around him; his look was a dull, brutish stare; nor did he give any indication of intelligence, until pen and paper were placed in his hand, when he wrote clearly and repeatedly, "Kaspar Hauser."

But the humorous look of children is perhaps the most endearing of all the bonds that hold the Cosmos together.

" "Whose every look and gesture was a joke To clapping theatres and shouting crowds.

At this moment, the eager looks of the Eagle are all ardor; and levelling his neck for flight, he sees the Fish Hawk once more emerge, struggling with his prey, and mounting in the air with screams of exultation.