513 Metaphors for love

Having seen to Jack's welfare afloat, the next thing was to look after him on shore; for though the song says: If love's the best of all that can a man befall; Then Jack's the king of allfor they all love Jack; yet as a matter of fact there are always sharks on the look-out to cheat and rob Jack whenever he has money in his pocket.

Romantic Love is the rose Evolution has grown on earthly soil.

Ah! youthful love is like the tranquil main, Heaving 'neath smiling skies its bosom blue Beautiful as a spiritcalm, but fearful too!

When art shall be annexed to beauty, when wiles and guiles shall concur; for to speak as it is, love is a kind of legerdemain; mere juggling, a fascination.

Love is a joy, which upon pain depends; A drop of sweet, drowned in a sea of sours: What folly does begin, that fury ends; They hate for ever, who have lov'd for hours.

"Lawless love" is Shelley's expressed ideal of the relation of the sexes; and his justice, his benevolence, his pity, are all equally lawless.

One of the finest and most touching conceptions in the whole series represents a dilapidated Cottage,a mere shanty, so wretched that the love of those who live in it is all their happiness,nay, all their comfort.

Their love was no longer hunger and unrest, it had gained the impassioned peace of great accepted realities.

And love is the genius of mothering, the greatest of all the arts.

I am puft up like a bladder, sweld with the wind of love; for go to and go to, I say and I sayt, this love is a greife, and greife a sorrowe, and sorrows dry.

This would have been true; yet his readiness to decide and to condemn where he himself is concerned, shews that passion is not dead in him, nor subject to the controul of reason; but that self-love is the main-spring that moves it, though on all beyond that limit he looks with the most perfect calmness and philosophic indifference.

I will maintain, and you will agree with me, I know, that the love of a serious and honourable man for a woman who is worthy of him is the most momentous of all human affairs.

In former times people took it into their heads that love should be something grave, they considered it a serious matter, and esteemed it only in proportion to its dignity.

By the pecks of letters I had been receiving, I had learned that there were thousands of women with grievances, and no power to state them or to discriminate between those which could be reached by law and those purely personal; and that the love of privacy with which the whole sex was accredited was a mistake, since most of my correspondents literally agonized to get before the public.

Love, lim., is an error.

The love of our country, when it rises to enthusiasm, is an ambiguous and uncertain virtue: when a man is enthusiastick, he ceases to be reasonable; and, when he once departs from reason, what will he do, but drink sour tea?

Love, other than that ethereal kind which aspires towards Paradise, was a stranger to his thoughts, and he constantly erred in attributing to other people natures and purposes as unworldly and spiritual as his own.

Yet in that month, my love was a leaven in me, and made slowly a sweetness and a tenderness and an understanding that were not in me before; and truly Love and Pain do shape the Character of Man.

Love is not an illnessbut no matter about him.

Surely it is ridiculous to maintain seriously that Byron's love of the desolate and inhuman in nature was the mark of vital scepticism and depression.

My Love is lyke to yse, and I to fyre: How comes it then that this her cold so great Is not dissolv'd through my so hot desyre, But harder growes the more I her intreat?

Scortatory Love By Emanuel Swedenborg A Swede Being a translation of his work "Delitiæ Sapientiæ de Amore Conjugiali; post quas sequuntur Voluptates Insaniæ de Amore Scortatorio" (Amstelodami 1768) 1892 Published A.D. 1850 PRELIMINARY RELATIONS

Emily, although confiding in the fullest manner in the truth and worth of her lover, had felt an inexplicable sensation of pleasure, as she heard the earl speak of his sister by the name of Marian; love is such an unquiet, and generally such an engrossing passion, that few avoid unnecessary uneasiness while under its influence, unless so situated as to enjoy a mutual confidence.

The love of Jason and Medea is the vital symbolism of the Argonautica.

the love of money is the contempt of man: there's an aphorism for you!

513 Metaphors for  love