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532 Metaphors for  love

532 Metaphors for love

Having seen to Jack's welfare afloat, the next thing was to look after him on shore; for though the song says: If love's the best of all that can a man befall; Then Jack's the king of allfor they all love Jack; yet as a matter of fact there are always sharks on the look-out to cheat and rob Jack whenever he has money in his pocket.

Love is a joy, which upon pain depends; A drop of sweet, drowned in a sea of sours: What folly does begin, that fury ends; They hate for ever, who have lov'd for hours.

"Lawless love" is Shelley's expressed ideal of the relation of the sexes; and his justice, his benevolence, his pity, are all equally lawless.

When art shall be annexed to beauty, when wiles and guiles shall concur; for to speak as it is, love is a kind of legerdemain; mere juggling, a fascination.

One of the finest and most touching conceptions in the whole series represents a dilapidated Cottage,a mere shanty, so wretched that the love of those who live in it is all their happiness,nay, all their comfort.

And love is the genius of mothering, the greatest of all the arts.

I am puft up like a bladder, sweld with the wind of love; for go to and go to, I say and I sayt, this love is a greife, and greife a sorrowe, and sorrows dry.

This would have been true; yet his readiness to decide and to condemn where he himself is concerned, shews that passion is not dead in him, nor subject to the controul of reason; but that self-love is the main-spring that moves it, though on all beyond that limit he looks with the most perfect calmness and philosophic indifference.

I will maintain, and you will agree with me, I know, that the love of a serious and honourable man for a woman who is worthy of him is the most momentous of all human affairs.

We tax the tea, but love is free, Sweet Molly, Molly!'

Underlying all this remorse, all this doubt was a steadily growing consciousness that her love for him was in the very outset a mistake, an abnormal emotion, born of temporary and insufficient occasion, and therefore sure to have sooner or later proved too weak for the tests of life.

Love is a truck is an ode to all kinds of trucks, and to the kid who loves and collects them.

Lovethe love of our kindthe undying love of a mother for her childrenthe love, so gloriously exhibited lately, of a soldier for his countrythe eternal love between a man and a woman, which counts the world well lostthese are the clues through the wilderness.

Love, lim., is an error.

The love of our country, when it rises to enthusiasm, is an ambiguous and uncertain virtue: when a man is enthusiastick, he ceases to be reasonable; and, when he once departs from reason, what will he do, but drink sour tea?

Love, other than that ethereal kind which aspires towards Paradise, was a stranger to his thoughts, and he constantly erred in attributing to other people natures and purposes as unworldly and spiritual as his own.

Yet in that month, my love was a leaven in me, and made slowly a sweetness and a tenderness and an understanding that were not in me before; and truly Love and Pain do shape the Character of Man.

Love is not an illnessbut no matter about him.

Surely it is ridiculous to maintain seriously that Byron's love of the desolate and inhuman in nature was the mark of vital scepticism and depression.

The love of Jason and Medea is the vital symbolism of the Argonautica.

the love of money is the contempt of man: there's an aphorism for you!

The real love of his life had been Uncle Hugh.

ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN LOVE The founders of the Australian race, Curr believes, were Africans, and may have arrived in one canoe.

His love of punch, and his habit of becoming a little tipsy over his private dinners with Sir Robert Walpole, were English as well as German traits, and were regarded almost as condescensions; and then he had a kind of slow wit, that was turned upon the venial officials whose perquisites were at their disgraceful height in his time.

Love first revealed the poetic gift in Novalis; and in reading the Autobiography of Goethe, one can but notice the quickening of his powers after every new experience: a new love was a new push given the shuttle, and a new thread was added.

It is well to be able to look back to a mother who served as ideal of all that was noblest and dearest during childhood and girlhood, whose face made the beauty of home, and whose love was both sun and shield.

If we must, therefore, conclude that man in primitive and ancient times was unable to feel that love of which adoration is an essential ingredient, how is it with women?

For with man, love is but an episode, while with woman it is her whole life.

Thy love afar is spite at home."

Yet it was by such little things that their love was now like some once valued possession that had been in brutal hands, it was scratched and chipped and tarnished, it was on its way to being altogether destroyed.

Who roves all day, at length may hit the marke; That is the cause,because I cannot stay With him whose love is dearer then my life.

He had learned, in the first book of Zoroaster, that self love is a football swelled with wind, from which, when pierced, the most terrible tempests issue forth.

His love's a line that's long drawn out, Yet lasteth firm unto the end; His heart is oak, yet unto us It like the gentlest reed can bend.

No, Robin was not likely to forget that, seeing that Dick's love for him was his safeguard from all evil, and his love for Dick was the mainspring of his life.

There is a Providence whose care And sovereign love I crave to share; His love is gold without alloy; Those who possess't have endless joy.

Natural love or hatred, is that sympathy or antipathy which is to be seen in animate and inanimate creatures, in the four elements, metals, stones, gravia tendunt deorsum, as a stone to his centre, fire upward, and rivers to the sea.

What has justice, or truth, or even probability, to do with a report, of which love and matrimony are the themes?

Ah, youth is very sweet, lad, and lovetrue love is youth's fair paradise andbody

The love I have for clothes is a mixture of self expression and appreciation the former scratching my creative side, while the latter soothes the obsession I have for good aesthetics.

But Mrs. Love was a friend of Jay's, and I don't think she had found that a drawback.

It has never been possible for me to overcome my distrust for hearts in which love was the principal actor.

Love, my dear Mr. Verty, is contiguousyou cannot be near the beloved object without catching the contagion, and to this fact I distribute that flame which now flickers with intense conflagration in my bosom.

No, Robin was not likely to forget that, seeing that Dick's love for him was his safeguard from all evil, and his love for Dick was the mainspring of his life.

I never have been able to make up my mind whether ideal love was the best, or if love with a great deal of common-sense in it was not the most philosophical and better in the long-run.

And at the green inexperienced young, as well, who thought that love was exclusively their affairchildren the age of Mary taking their sentimental thrills so seriously!

Hence this supposed love of the nightingale for the rose has been frequently the subject of poetical allusion.

Love is now rather a mystical idea than a direct affection for a particular lady: the lover is swayed by a spiritual and intellectual ideal, and the motive of physical attraction recedes to the background.

JENIFER'S LOVE Small is my secretlet it pass Small in your life the share I had, Who sat beside you in the class, Awed by the bright superior lad: Whom yet with hot and eager face I prompted when he missed his place.

Love is the sublimest conception possible to man; and a life inspired by it is the highest conceivable form of goodness.

The model-turned-actress - who is openly pansexual - said: "Love is such an important message.

And also because there are some who say that love is idolatry, and that the Father will not have us long for our own, therefore am I permitted to wait and watch and think the time not long for the love I bear him.

Let love be its own inspiration!

"Unconditional Love is the new bible for any grandparent looking for ways to support and connect with their children and grandchildren.

"Love," I say, with Browning, "is energy of life.

Love is a privy wound within the heart, and none knoweth of that bitterness but the heart alone.

But the government knew that Mary's first love was her missionary work.

Love is a familiar; love is a devil; there is no evil angel but love.

Man's justice is a pattern of His; man's love is a pattern of His; man's industry a pattern of His; man's Sabbath-rest, in some unspeakable and eternal way, a pattern of His.

'Love is the Daughter of Idleness, but the Mother of Disquietude. 'Men of grave Natures (says Sir Francis Bacon) are the most constant; for the same Reason Men should be more constant than Women.

"To see in all things good and fair, Thy love attested is my prayer.

Such was the history of the ill-fated love of Immalee for a being to whom mortal love was a boon forbidden."

I have learned through my own experience, that love is a traitor with whom it will not do to trifle.

One word I must object to in your little book, and it recurs more than onceFADELESS is no genuine compound; loveless is, because love is a noun as well as verb, but what is a fade?and I do not quite like whipping the Greek drama upon the back of "Genesis," page 8.

Zuppy Love is your very own cuddly puppy She's cheerful, creative and totally loves nature.

The love of a good woman would be your salvation.

In sum, having no eagle's eye to look upon the sun, and fearing to look too high, for fear of a chip in mine eye, I will in these few words speak in praise of this peerless virtue:Love is the grace of Nature and the glory of reason, the blessing of God and the comfort of the world.

Loni Love is currently a co-host of the one-hour daily talk show on Fox stations.

Loni Love is currently a co-host of the one-hour daily talk show on Fox stations.

Shirley D. Love (May 15, 1933 July 17, 2020) was an American politician and broadcast journalist.

Love is almost always unknown to themI mean by love that ensemble of refined sentiments, which, among civilized peoples, ennoble the sexual appetite."

God's love is over all and above all, but when our love responds to his, his love becomes to us a personal experience.

In her gleamed the wisdom of the woman, more cautious and foresighted than that of the man, since love was her only preoccupation.

For though you are more beautiful than she, yet true love is no wanderer; it gives a beauty that it does not find, and weaves a chain no other charms can break.

I dare thy worst; Shou'd Hell assist thy Aims, thou cou'dst not find, New Plagues, unless thou shou'dst continue kind, Hard Fate, Diana, when thy Love must be The greatest Curse that can arrive to me.

Love as the Original Creative Motive is the only logical conclusion we can come to as to why we ourselves or any other creation exists.

Conjugial love in its origin is the sport of wisdom and love, 75.

Love was the Mother of Poetry, and still produces, among the most ignorant and barbarous, a thousand imaginary Distresses and Poetical Complaints.

She has cast the die of her life, and past loves are shadows compared with the absorbing power that now grips her heart like a vice.

Love is a medley of endearments, jars, Suspicions, quarrels, reconcilements, wars; Then peace again.

Love and marriage are, as might be expected, well represented in the dream-flora; a circumstance, indeed, which has not failed to impress the young at all times.

Love is a zephyr, mon ami, not a tornado."

" "Converse and love mankind might strongly draw When love was liberty and nature law."

Love is, indeed, the privilege of youth; Yet, on a day like this, when expectation Pants for the dread

Love Must be a tribute free, and unconstrain'd; From all enforced duties death absolves, And unto him we owe no further debt.

"Love, and love only, is the loan for love.

Mutual Love is the Order of the Files where he commands; every Man afraid for himself and his Neighbour, not lest their Commander should punish them, but lest he should be offended.

Cheerful I follow to the rural cell; Love be my wealth, and my distinction virtue.

The jocund boy! Love has come back a gray-haired man.

A disinterested love of facts, without any regard to the bearing which those facts may have on one’s hopes or fears or destiny, is a rare quality in all ages, and it had been very rare indeed since the ancient days of Greece and Rome.

The fourth line, in which love is the text, would swell into mammoth proportions.

* * * * * Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs; Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes; Being vex'd, a sea nourish'd with lovers' tears; What is it else?

Love Is My Religion - Ziggy Marley live performance GRAMMYs.

Love is a itchin' 'round the heart you can't get at to scratch.

Shall love be my reward, if I do bring A certain token of his good estate, And after pacify my brother's wrath?

Underscoring this fundamental shift in jurisprudence, is an allegiance to the underlying principle of monogamy and the romantic and social ideal that true love is a numeric equation between two partners.

And happy will our nature be, When love is an unerring light, And joy its own security.

But it was a day when one entered love's wardship with a plunge, not in more modern fashion venturing forward bit by bit, as though love were so much cold water.

To her, love finally became a mere thirst, and a desire for pleasure to be gratified by indulgence like all other pleasure.

To her and to all her associates, love was a taste emanating from the senses, a blind sentiment which assumes no merit in the object which gives it birth, as is the case of hunger, thirst, and the like.

Yet some theologians would have us believe that conjugal love and fidelity is an invention of Christianity.