6 Metaphors for magnet

The principal magnets that draw people here, no doubt, are the Fra Angelicos and Botticelli's "Primavera"; but in five at least of the rooms there is not an uninteresting picture, while the collection is so small that one can study it without fatigueno little matter after the crowded Uffizi and Pitti.

The magnets which draw every one who visits Florence to S. Marco are first Fra Angelico, and secondly Savonarola, or first Savonarola, and secondly Fra Angelico, according as one is constituted.

The magnets are not plane, but are curved so as to form portions of a vertical cylinder whose axis coincides with the direction of the suspension wire, and to which the axes of the bobbins are tangent at their center, approximately to the points where the poles of the magnets are situated.

The magnet with its union of opposite polar forces is the type of all configuration in nature.

The heart of the transmitter was an electro-magnet in front of which was a drum-like membrane with a piece of iron cemented to its center opposite the magnet.

Certainly not; to insist upon such an anomaly would be to deny that the magnet is master of the needle.

6 Metaphors for  magnet