2027 Metaphors for manned

I have learned that a man may be a great brave, and yet gentle and merciful, as was the Master, I have learned that a man may be a lover of peace and quiet ways and have no lust of battle in his heart, and yet when the need comes be more valiant than the best, even as you, brother.

Of course, a man doesn't look his best if he hasn't slept.

For this plain reason, man is not a fly.

He believed that there was always living some man worthy to be the "real king" over men, and such a kingship was Carlyle's ideal of government.

The man he faced was considerably his superior in height and build.


The only man in the family is a private soldier, when he might have been high in rank, with such influences as we could bring to bear.

"If the man who was wounded here and carried out of the window," Ned replied, "is really the messenger we are waiting for, we ought not to go away and leave him in the hands of the enemy.

A mighty man was Beltane the Smith, despite his youth already great of stature and comely of feature.

A man with seven magnificent dogs and a native servant, and the finest furs he'd ever seenhere was either a capitalist from the outside or a man who had struck it rich "on the inside.

"Wilkinson seems to think that a man may be anybody as long as nobody knows who he is.

The man was an egoist, of course, but he had not talked exclusively about himself.

Men who work day after day in the open air, and to whom a half-holiday is a very rare experience, naturally seek their recreations in less energetic fashion than the noble game of cricket demands of its votaries.

Yes, a pious man was Sarkis, and his wife had the same virtues.

The man chiefly responsible for the success of this great work has been Colonel Goethals.

These men are generally great drinkers, and think as little of quaffing at a few draughts half-a-pint of whiskey, as an Englishman would the same quantity of malt liquor.

This man was the patriarch of the Chamber.

The innocent man is a negligible quantity, and no arrangements are made for him or his visitors.

I was fighting slavery on the frontier plan of Indian warfare, where every man is Captain-lieutenants, all the corporals and privates of his company.

that man will be a libertine who will have taken you for a minute for the sake of playing with you.

" "I," said the old man, "am Enguerrand de la Feuillee, seigneur de Brisetout, bailly du Patatrac.

They must goand make way for menif indeed men could be found, men who realized that even an Englishman owes something to the community when he goes abroad, in spite of his having grown up in a land where honourable and manly National Service is not, and those who keep him safe are cheap hirelings, cheaply held....

The man was splitting rails, which he furnished to a poor woman in exchange for some homespun cloth to make a pair of trousers, at the rate of four hundred rails per yard.

this man was Sir Benedict.

The man is half a monk, you know.

2027 Metaphors for  manned
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