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2124 Metaphors for  manning

2124 Metaphors for manning

Nietzsche's over-man is an ideal; the Mohammedan paradise is an ideal; and conduct can be modelled on them.


When the Endeavour arrived at Funchal, the only British man-of-war there was H.M.S. Rose, which sailed the following day with her convoy, and neither her Captain's Journal nor his ship's log make any reference whatever to a dispute with the Portuguese.

Of course, a man doesn't look his best if he hasn't slept.

I have learned that a man may be a great brave, and yet gentle and merciful, as was the Master, I have learned that a man may be a lover of peace and quiet ways and have no lust of battle in his heart, and yet when the need comes be more valiant than the best, even as you, brother.

For this plain reason, man is not a fly.

The man he faced was considerably his superior in height and build.

A mighty man was Beltane the Smith, despite his youth already great of stature and comely of feature.

Considered only as the man there was a largeness of purpose, a broadness of mental and spiritual vision about him that gave a subtle atmosphere of greatness and unconsciously influenced his son to take big views of life.

A man with seven magnificent dogs and a native servant, and the finest furs he'd ever seenhere was either a capitalist from the outside or a man who had struck it rich "on the inside.

"Wilkinson seems to think that a man may be anybody as long as nobody knows who he is.

The man was an egoist, of course, but he had not talked exclusively about himself.

Men who work day after day in the open air, and to whom a half-holiday is a very rare experience, naturally seek their recreations in less energetic fashion than the noble game of cricket demands of its votaries.

Yes, a pious man was Sarkis, and his wife had the same virtues.

Luckily the men in our ambulance just now are either convalescent, or, at any rate, able to sit up in bed and bear excitement.

The man chiefly responsible for the success of this great work has been Colonel Goethals.

These men are generally great drinkers, and think as little of quaffing at a few draughts half-a-pint of whiskey, as an Englishman would the same quantity of malt liquor.

This man was the patriarch of the Chamber.

The innocent man is a negligible quantity, and no arrangements are made for him or his visitors.

"Whythe man was an utter stranger thenyou didn't know him at all."

I was fighting slavery on the frontier plan of Indian warfare, where every man is Captain-lieutenants, all the corporals and privates of his company.

When a man is keenly peevish, or fiercely angry, or eagerly contentious, then he blustereth, and dischargeth his choler in most tragical strains; then he would fright the objects of his displeasure by the most violent expressions thereof.

that man will be a libertine who will have taken you for a minute for the sake of playing with you.

For example they may think that all men or boys are potential rapists.

this man was Sir Benedict.

The man is half a monk, you know."

A man may be all sweetness and light to his wife and children and go to church on Sundays; he may even play pretty fair with his own gang; but outside of his home and social circle he's a ravening wolf; at least Raphael B. Hogan is!

To Tom, McLaren, although addressed as "Doctor" by others, was still "my Carl," and in return the younger man to McLaren was simply "Tom."

These two men were Tarleton the dashing cavalryman, and Ferguson the rifleman, the skilled partisan leader.

The beautiful American girl had told him that this man before him was a great and daring detective.

" "I arsked," said the wagoner, "because he's hired by the Primrose Feet; an' if he's the kind o' man to sell 'is princerples, I don't so much mind 'ow bad the news I breaks to him."

That man was Napoleon Buonaparte.

The men of both armies were comparatively raw levies, highly susceptible to the influence of "surprise," and the appearance of an enemy on their flanks, or in their rear, was calculated to throw them into disorder.

In the vision, Williams turned and asked some bystander the name of the victim; the bystander replied that the stricken man was Mr. Spencer Perceval, the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The average man is a Doctor Watson.

Will you never understand that you have to decide whether those men who performed that action are homicides or assertors of freedom? XIII.

Wise Draco comes, deep in the midnight roll Of black artillery; he comes, though late; In code corroborating Calvin's creed And cynic tyrannies of honest kings; He comes, nor parlies; and the Town redeemed, Give thanks devout; nor, being thankful, heeds The grimy slur on the Republic's faith implied, Which holds that Man is naturally good, Andmoreis Nature's Roman, never to be scourged.

But these men are a shame to the mothers that bore them."

The Stoics are altogether of opinion (as Lipsius and [1580]Picolomineus record), that a wise man should be [Greek: apathaes], without all manner of passions and perturbations whatsoever, as Seneca reports of Cato, the Greeks of Socrates, and Io.

A third man was the best illustration of shell-destructiveness.

There were others involved in the development of this theory, but the above 3 men were the main proponents.

That Part of your Law which is reserved in your self for the readier Service and Good of the Publick, slight Men are eternally buzzing in our Ears to cover their own Follies and Miscarriages.

"The man is a nuisance," Anna declared, with a little grimace.

There is no "soil people" to this community at all; your bottom-most man is a mobile freeman who can read, and who has ideas above digging and pigs and poultry-keeping, except incidentally for his own ends.

Their medicine men, priests, and jugglers, are proverbially the greatest scamps of the tribe.

The only literary man whom he mentions as a friend is George Farquhar, himself a native of Londonderry, and about the same age as Hopkins.

An absent man, whose heart can seldom resist the importunities of beggars, was, a few mornings since, followed by a hungry half-starved dog, when he inadvertently took from his pocket a penny, which he was just about to give to the four-footed wanderer, when he perceived his mistake.

But his dark eyes plainly tell it, Tell it, as he sayeth proudly, "Papa's man is little Harry."

Evidently this fat man is an old hand at this sort of thing, and I should not be surprised if he did not arrive at his destination.

The man, she was told, was not the only peasant on the place.

The strong man who arrived at the top was an omnipotent god to be feared.

Let any man be ruler whom the Arabs choose, and I will work for him loyally.

But Mrs. Carroll expressed her opinion that the man must be the most ungrateful of creatures if he kicked up a row on the present occasion.

The next man went to the bat with the determination to slug the ball, but Old Put signaled for a sacrifice, as the man was a good bunt hitter.

No immoral man, then, can possibly be a true patriot; and all those who profess outrageous zeal for the liberty and prosperity of their country, and, at the same time, infringe her laws, affront her religion, and debauch her people, are but despicable quacks, by fraud or ignorance increasing the disorders they pretend to remedy."

But when the King's archers went to their tents, they told their friends all that had passed, and how that these four men were the famous Robin Hood and three of his band, to wit, Little John, Will Scarlet, and Allan a Dale.

The man who led the way was centre-forward Teleco.

Any man would be an anticlimax to me after him."

Men are flatterers.

Wherefore the birds of passage proclaimed the man, this human mountain-ash in which they nested and of whose berries they ate, to be in reality a dangerous trap; and they seemed hardly able to see the visible berries for the invisible snares.

I suppose the old man was righthe hasn't got it in him to make money."

He regretted having brought his servant with him; for the man was a European, and by his dulness and speech might easily get them both into difficulties.

We know that very many religious men are bad logicians: if I am as puzzle-headed a fool as Mr. Rogers would make people think me, how does that justify his mocking at my religion?

The next important man was Thomas Dehler.

The men of the minor States are mostly mere caricatures of periwig diplomatists, who at once put on their official visage if I merely beg of them a light to my cigar.

And a man, by his lane, was in trouble always wi' the great beasties they had in yon days.

For it was obvious that if the man were an accomplice, and had therefore undertaken the burial himself, then his servant-girl must have committed a crime before he could be an accomplice in it.

He said a man had been advisin' him to take the Immoral Railway as the best way of seein' the Fair grounds as a hull before we branched out to see things more minutely one by one.

And this shews their fundamental sanity and rightmindedness; for a sufficient income is indispensable to the practice of virtue; and the man who will let any unselfish consideration stand between him and its attainment is a weakling, a dupe and a predestined slave.

"Ye'll ride back and say the old man was skeeredhey?

For my part, Mr. Dodge, I think no man should be a judge, in the same court, more than ten years at a time, and a priest gets to be rather common-place and flat after five.

A man with these views was not a fit instrument for the British Government, and therefore, agreeably to his own request, he was permitted to remain at home.

We get eggs up herea fine man is Lord Kitcheneryes, sir, eggs up here in the trenches!"

When he first turned professional, the reigning top man was Jack Kramer.

The ideal man is our Lord Christ Himself, and none other.

That those men were congressmen or merchants from Boston and other New England towns, who opposed war.

Man, who looks at nature and thinks and feels about its unconscious unfeeling order; man, with his temptations, his glory, and his shame, his heights of goodness, and depths of infamy, is not one with those innocent and soulless forces so sternly immutable"the blowing clouds and falling rain."

All men are equalmoujik and bรกrin, krestyanin and prince.

Also he went as often as he could to church, which, little as it means in general, did not mean little when the man was Paul Faber, and where the minister was Thomas Wingfold.

Man is the most dangerous enemy of all, but even from him our brave mountain-dweller has little to fear in the remote solitudes of the High Sierra.

As to the friendship shown to Culliford, a notorious pirate, Kidd denied, and said, he intended to have taken him, but his men being a parcel of rogues and villains refused to stand by him, and several of them ran away from his ship to the said pirate.

We all do,we are all women in that regard; although the honestest man to confess it that I ever heard of was Sir Godfrey Kneller, who said to Pope, when he was painting his picture, "I can't do so well as I should do, unless you flatter me a little; pray, flatter me, Mr. Pope!

It was, of course, impossible that the man she had seen could be Stafford: Stafford on board a cattle-ship!

The man was a goat though he were ten times told her child's husband.

At the first shott, when the Convertine came in, 3 men were killd.

" "I confess I do fear that these men are political plotters as well as exiles.

A man must be still a greenhorn in the ways of the world, if he imagines that he can make himself popular in society by exhibiting intelligence and discernment.

The man who had the most to do with the elevation of Louis Philippe was the Marquis de Lafayette, who as far back as the first revolution was the commander of the National Guards; and they, as the representatives of the middle classes, sustained the throne during this reign.

The Man Who Walked Alone is a 1945 American romantic comedy movie directed by Christy Cabanne and starring Dave O'Brien, Kay Aldridge, Walter Catlett, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Isabel Randolph, Smith Ballew.

The third man was Mr. Johnson, the Wells Fargo detective.

" you senseless man, is a suitable expression for the forum, or the senate house.

The man, however, for some reason or other, did surrender like a good citizen, and the man who did not appear was his own leading counsel Clarkson.

The man on the hillside was no runaway; he had told his name.

"To tell you the truth," the planter said, "the man is a good workman, and like to an ox in his strength.

Fitzherbert anticipated a modern poet, Henley, in one of his most happy phrases: "Ryght so euery man is capitayne of his owne soule".

The man was a Scot, prudent, wary, and sagacious; and in the revelations he made he appeared to be governed by a conviction that his own course was run, and that it was best that his secret should not die with him.

No man can be both a dreamer and a man of action, and we are called upon to determine what rรดle we shall play in life when we are too young to know what to do.

I die; were all your greatness Doubled upon you, y'are a perjur'd man,

This man was Sir Stratford Canning (a cousin of the great Canning), who in 1852 was made viscount, with the title Lord Stratford de Redcliffe.

Men, as individuals, may be, and sometimes are, reasonably uprightbut, bodies of men, I much fear, never.