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11 Metaphors for « marshes »

11 Metaphors for « marshes »

  • Marsh was an exception to the prevailing American rule, which for the most part changes their diplomatists with the change of President.
  • Mrs. Marsh is hereyou remember her, his housekeeper, the wife of the man who got penal servitude for killing a baby or somethingyou said she robbed him and justified her stealing because the story of the unjust steward was in the Bible!
  • The marshes are the home of many a bird like the Redshank.
  • Mr. Marsh was a man of very large and varied culture.
  • Sharon Marsh is Stan and Shelly Marsh's mother, as well as Randy Marsh's wife.
  • For a moment I paused, thinking that even the salt-marsh might perhaps be a safer resting-place for the night than the headquarters of some desperate smuggler, for such I conjectured that this lonely dwelling must be.
  • After being in Celebrity Big Brother, Marsh was on several of the spin off shows including: Big Brother's Little Brother, Big Brother's Big Mouth and Big Brother's EForum.
  • But an impassable marsh stretched along the stream, and there was no sign of a landing or of a roadway that might lead to the house.
  • Sharon Marsh is Stan and Shelly Marsh's mother, as well as Randy Marsh's wife.
  • Nick Marsh, the poet of the class, as became the mystic tendencies of his tribe, was for poisoning the detested PomeranianOswald was a compatriot of Bismarck, often boasting, as the then slowly emerging statesman became more widely known, that he lived in his near neighborhood.
  • The Romney Marsh, therefore, though not ranking as a first class in respect of perfection and symmetry of breed, is a highly useful, profitable, and generally advantageous variety of the English domestic sheep.

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