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24 Metaphors for « massacred »

24 Metaphors for « massacred »

  • The massacre of Vassy was, undoubtedly, an accident, a deed not at all forecast or prepared for.
  • Principally by hiring the assassination of the gifted native leader, Silang.C. Danger to Europeans, "Massacre of all white people," was a frequent Spanish allegation in political disturbances, but the only proof ever given (the 9th degree Masonic apron stupidly attributed to the Katipunan in 1896) was absurd and irrelevant.
  • By this means he had the excuse ready that these massacres were local disturbances among remote and insubordinate tribes, one of whom, however, the Kurds, he armed with modern rifles and caused to be instructed in some elementary military training.
  • That came to an end earlier than the organisations in Armenia, and in Syria now, as over the rest of the Turkish people, Arabs and Jews and Greeks have nothing except German influence and Kultur to stand between them and the spirit of Turkish progress of which the Armenian massacres were the latest epiphany.
  • Anakin's massacre was already an horrific episode, especially since he murdered helpless children in the attack, but this bit of recontextualizing in makes the sequence in Attack of the Clones that much darker.
  • Massacre or slavery is the alternate fortune of the two peoples.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an American horror franchise.
  • It was admitted in the "Richmond Enquirer" of the time, that "indiscriminate massacre was not their intention, after they obtained foothold, and was resorted to in the first instance to strike terror and alarm.
  • The Ampatuan massacre in Maguindanao on Nov. 23, 2009 of 58 persons by the Ampatuan clan is the worst single day loss for journalists.
  • He created a unique character that helped The Texas Chainsaw Massacre become a macabre masterpiece and was the first of the iconic slashers that we take for granted today.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 2003 American slasher movie directed by Marcus Nispel.
  • The families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims for wrongly claiming that the massacre was a false flag operation orchestrated by supporters of gun control.
  • Nay, it would scarcely be too much to say that this massacre of character is the point on which Mr. Macaulay must chiefly rest any claims he can advance to the praise of impartiality, for while he paints everything that looks like a Tory in the blackest colours, he does not altogether spare any of the Whigs against whom he takes a spite, though he always visits them with a gentler correction.
  • The bombardment of cities, the destruction of historic monuments, the burning of villages, and, in many cases, the massacre of civilians was the price which the Belgians were forced to pay for resisting the invader.
  • Let it not be supposed for a moment that either the first massacre, or any that followed, was the result of local disturbances and fanaticism.
  • The Massacre was a riddle.
  • On May 19, 2016, police arrested Diego Uribe, a relative of the family, and his girlfriend, Jafeth Ramos, in connection to the murders, saying that the massacre was a robbery gone horribly wrong.
  • The Boston Massacre, 1770.There were not enough soldiers at Boston to protect the customs officersif the colonists really wished to hurt them.
  • This so-called massacre has been the source of endless controversy, and during the progress of the Modoc war afforded Eastern sentimentalists grounds for shedding crocodile tears in profusion.
  • He says, moreover, that I have "the effrontery to imply that the horrible massacres of the Revolution ... were 'a very mild story compared with the atrocities of the Jews or the crimes of Catholicism.'"
  • That there should be a number of convictions for adultery, where polygamy was a custom, was not to be wondered at; but he feared, if a sale of these criminals were to be done away, massacre would be the substitute.
  • [Footnote 1: Lately (September 1917), when the massacres were all over, Talaat, speaking at a Congress of the Committee of Union and Progress, upheld as right and proper the treatment of the Armenian race.]
  • The "Massacre of the Innocents," compared with this relief, is a tragedy beside an idyll.
  • The result was that six good shots and superb horsemen, who were capable of making a gallant fight under worthy leadership, had become demoralized, and, but for the advent of Thurstane, might have been massacred like sheep.

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