34 Metaphors for meals

Even the ordinary meals had become the chief points of interest in life, and the days were named from the dinners.

If the meal is dinner, usually consisting of three courses, after the soup has been eaten, it may be the duty of some member of the family to remove the soup plates and place the vegetables, grains, and meats if any are to served, before those chosen to serve them.

Indeed, a good meal and a bottle of wine is an answer to most standard works upon the question.

Now, with an increasing proportion of the community, the universal luncheon, postponed to a later hour, is the actual dinner; and our under-meal is the afternoon tea.

A meal that cost more than sixpence was a feast.'

Of all family gatherings the meals should be the most genial and pleasant, and with a little effort they may be made most profitable to all.

Meal, meat, molasses were the only rations I saw.

The meal was an awkward half-hour.

It is certain that Clive worked much better after he had this apartment of his own, and meals at home were gayer; and the rides with his father more frequent and agreeable.

Without the slightest covering, they are left out the whole night, and their only evening meal is a little chopped barley-straw.

In the evenings, after supper or dinnerit is hard to tell by what title the exceedingly movable evening meal should be calledthe members of the party sometimes told stories of incidents in their past lives.

The last meal is the principal one of the day.

The meal, which had been prepared in anticipation of his coming, was a much more splendid entertainment than would have been got up for me had I been alone.

My chief Meal is a Supper, which I always make at a Tavern.

All the meals for school children will be vegetarian meals.

The mid-day meal is also a crucial factor in determining the efficiency of afternoon study, and many students almost completely incapacitate themselves for afternoon work by a too-heavy noon meal.

If she had supposed that a bad meal would be the result of the bland autocracy she had just encountered, she would have been better satisfied; but, as she knew the case would be quite otherwise, her spirits continued to fall.

This meal, however, was no longer a state function, being served by the old servants as a mere matter of routine.

Indian meal alone, baked in cakes by the fire, if eaten only in small quantities, is a very nutritious and by no means unwholesome bread.

In his opinion, meals were things to be treated casually, to be consumed haphazard at any hour that chanced to suit.

Fra Giulio trembled; he would have said those were the very grapes he had chosen to tempt Fra Paolo's slender appetite,white, with the veins of purple,all as he had left them on his desk that day, with the plate of fine white bread, when the midday meal was servedbut in no lordly dish.

As far back as I remember anything, I can hear father's voice saying alike to Aunt Lot, myself, or a complaining servant, "The family board is sacred; meals are not the time for disagreeables.

The meal Apollonie had planned was a great success and the open air on the terrace added to the children's enjoyment.

With Mr. BONAR LAW all meals are oatmeals.

TABLE-TALK.A sullen, silent meal is a direct promoter of dyspepsia.

34 Metaphors for  meals