58 Metaphors for  miller

58 Metaphors for miller

The Rev. Craig S. Miller is the minister at Knox United Church, Brandon, Manitoba.

From 2007 to 2011, Miller was chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee.

Miller and Kelso were brothers-in law.

Eric Miller is the founder of UX Kits: a store that sells beautiful assets for creative professionals.

Mr. Miller was a 33d Degree Mason, and when he died a midnight funeral service was held for him in Masonic hall, the first instance on record of a similar service in the city.

Ben Miller is the vice president for Postsecondary Education at the Center for American Progress.

Justin Miller is an agent with Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Stephen Miller was our St. Cloud delegate to the Chicago Convention which nominated Mr. Lincoln, led the canvass in the State, as the most efficient speaker and was chairman of the Electoral College.

Miller was a perennial candidate for public office.

He was a retice'nt man; he loved books, and had hungered for them all his life; his townsmen unconsciously resented what they pretended to despise; and so it had slowly come about that in the village where his father had lived and died, and where he himself had grown up, and seemed likely to live and die, Reuben Miller was a lonely man, and came and went almost as a stranger might come and go.

JECKYLL & MR HYDE I first met Andre Harell as part of the rap-group Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, when they released Genius Rap, on Cory Robbins High school friend Alonzo Miller was his partner.

Mr. M. J. Miller, Mayor of Lyttelton, was a master shipwright and contractor, who took great interest in both the Discovery and the Terra Nova, and stopped the leak in the latter vessel which had been so troublesome on the voyage out.


Norma Miller (December 2, 1919 May 5, 2019) was an American Lindy hop dancer known as the "Queen of Swing".

When Miller was a student, copies were still circulating on campus.

At the time of his retirement in 2003, Miller was the longest-tenured commentator with one team (37 years) in pro football history.

The letter was carried by Christopher Miller, and a Shawnee prisoner; and in it Wayne explained that Miller was a Shawnee by adoption, whom his soldiers had captured "six month since," while the Shawnee warrior had been taken but a couple of days before; and he warned the Indians that he had seven Indian prisoners, who had been well treated, but who would be put to death if Miller were harmed.

Stephen Miller is truly a master at pitting groups against one another by using wedge issues.

The late T. Miller, Esq., was a warm friend of St. Mary's schools, and, whenever any extensions were made at them, he always, on having the plans and estimates submitted to him, defrayed one- third of the expenses.

Andy Franklyn-Miller (born Andrew Franklyn-Miller; January 9, 1955) is an English singer, songwriter and musician.

Irwin Alberto Miller was an electician in an aircraft factory on 18 April 1940.

And sometimes, of late, it has occurred to me that there never was such a mill as I used to know down yonder; and that the miller, whose coat was always powdered so fragrantly, was but a white ghost, after all.

John Ripin Miller (May 23, 1938 October 4, 2017) was an American politician.

Bennett Miller is an undervalued director.

Mr. Miller was author of many occasional pieces in poetry, of which his Harlequin Horace is the most considerable.

Serjeant James Miller afterwards became a captain, and fought in Scotland, under the Duke of Cumberland in 1745.]

It is perfectly proper, too, or Mr. Carrollton would never have put it here, for he knows what is right, of course," and the still doubtful lady turned away, saying as she did so, "On the whole, I think I am glad that Hester has a handsome monument, and I know I am glad that Mrs. Miller's is a little the taller of the two!

The Doctor having died at Jamaica, the celebrated botanist, Philip Miller was now his successor.

Eve Miller (born Marilyn Miller; citation August 8, 1923 August 17, 1973) was an American actress who appeared in 41 movies between 1945 and 1961.

Miller, Glacier, Gold, Little Gold and Bedrock Creeks are all tributaries of Sixty Mile.

Mr. Jonathan Miller is currently senior fellow at the Japan Institute of International Affairs and also deputy directory and senior fellow at the Ottawa-based MacDonald Laurier Institute.

Can’t stand the Broncos but Von Miller is the exception.

Gordon Miller is a freelance artist who currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

Miller is a leader in waste management, providing government and industries with a wide range of services in the provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Manitoba.

We are happy to report that Miller is a very happy, spoiled and loved dog.

Miller was the editor of the National Billiard News.

Mr. Smith promised faithfully, and both the Tidgers and Mrs. Pullen were surprised to find that Mr. Miller was the only visitor that evening.

Kenny Miller is the first player in the modern era to cross the Old Firm divide twice, having played for Rangers then Celtic, then moving back to Rangers.

Then very briefly he related to her the particulars of his adventure, to which she listened eagerly, one moment chiding herself for the faint, shadowy hope which whispered that possibly Maggie Miller would never be his wife, and again sympathizing in his disappointment.

Doctor Miller was a kind and considerate owner; never believed in punishing slaves unless in extreme cases.

The miller and two or three peasants, who were living in this lonely spot, were Christians.

Poor Reuben Miller had never before been the object of half so much interest.

JAMES MARTIN MILLER FORMER UNITED STATES CONSUL IN FRANCE To have lived on the principal battle ground of the world war was a privilege the author did not appreciate at the time.

Mrs. Miller, the person who let these lodgings, was the widow of a clergyman, and Mr. Allworthy had settled an annuity of £50 a year on her, "in consideration of always having her first floor when he was in town."

If Jane Miller had been a strong, determined woman, Reuben would not have been a failure.

William Franklyn-Miller (born May 25, 1992) is a YouTuber who has been known for "Animation Lookback"

In the early 1930s, Miller was a trombonist, arranger, and composer in The Dorsey Brothers.

Joshua Miller was a blacksmith, and lived in the same house with Kelsoa double house.

At Northwest Guilford High School, Miller was a three-time all-conference wrestler, four-time All-American, and capped off his 45-0 senior season with a 4-A state championship at 220 pounds.

Robert and Bernice Miller were downtown Saturday morning to ring bells for the Salvation Army of Aiken’s Red Kettle Campaign.