4 Metaphors for millionaire

The monster millionaire, who owns the whole or the bulk of his great business, is after all a very rare specimen.

West Side millionaires, like those on the other sides, are not infrequently the fathers of fair daughters.

Millionaire, multimillionaire, Delkin was the third person (I'm leaving this valet, Ebers, clean out, though I've not the slightest doubt he was one of the pieces of the machine) who knew that James Allerdyke was bringing two hundred and fifty thousand pounds' worth of jewels for his, Delkin's approval!

A millionaire is almost as good a mark at which to throw mud as a woman of the world whose reputation has never before been attacked, and when the two can be pilloried together it is hardly to be expected that ordinary people should abstain from pelting them and calling them bad names.

4 Metaphors for  millionaire