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150 Metaphors for  ministering

150 Metaphors for ministering

Mr. Speaker, I think my colleague has probably already identified that the former minister of the environment is astute in his assessment of where this money is coming from.

The current Minister of Family Services (Mr. Mackintosh), I thought, was probably the best in terms of talk and press releases.

The present minister is, I believe, a Presbyterian.

The United States minister was John E. Ward, a noble-hearted son of Georgia, and the chief of our little squadron was the gallant old Commodore Tatnall.

From October 2018 to November 2018, the Acting Minister of Aquaculture and Fisheries was Hon. Benoรฎt Bourque, and he was also the Minister of Health.

A minister may be fearless of the investigations of scientific criticism.

Rev. F.B. Meyer, in speaking on "Twentieth Century Evangelism," at Bradford, England, in 1902, made a plea for "the institutional church, the wide outlook, more elastic methods, greater eagerness to reach and win outsiders, more varied service on the part of Christian people, that the minister of any place of worship should become the recognized friend of the entire district in which his chapel is placed."

The finance minister who saw his "short term pain for long-term gain" budget blow up in his face was Crosbie.

"A minister of a parish seized of lands in its right as parsonage lands, is a sole corporation, and on a vacancy, the parish is entitled to the profits;" 2d

The most recent Minister of Finance, in particular, her biggest problem was the deficit.

Three hours' talk over Mr. HENDERSON'S dual personality left the Commons still vague as to how a Cabinet Minister becomes a Labour delegate at will.

The prime minister of England, Lord North, was the most amiable and gentle of men.

I think the most appropriate minister to ask would be Natural Resources, but I will attempt to find out more on the issue and get back to the member today or tomorrow.

The minister of Trinity Church is the Rev. J. T. Brown, and his salary amounts to about 300 pounds a year.

His answer was, "Let a prince be a prince, and ministers be ministers; let fathers be fathers, and sons be sons."

How happened it that the humble ministers of a new and persecuted religion became princes of the earth?

The Prime Minister is usually the chairperson of the government majority party in the Indian Parliament and acts as Leader of the House for either the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha.

The current prime minister is Narendra Modi of Bharatiya Janta Party.

Mr. Speaker, we all know that the fire commissioner is unable to speak for himself anymore in the Province because the Minister of Municipal Affairs now has become the official spokesperson for the fire commissioner.

The officiating ministers are the Rev. R. Kell and the Rev. John Corrie.

That minister was galbet, or admiral of the realm, very much in his master's confidence, and a person well versed in affairs, but of a morose and sour complexion.

His ministers are his secretaries, without influence, comparatively, in the halls of Congress,neither made nor unmade by the legislature, although dependent on the Senate for confirmation, but once appointed, independent of both houses, and responsible only to the irremovable Executive, who can defy even public opinion, unless he aims at re-election, a unique government in the political history of the world.

The officiating minister was not Parson Ranson after all, but a Reverend Cleotus Haidus, the presiding elder of that circuit of the Afro-American Methodist Church, whose duties happened to call him to Hooker's Bend that day.

The ministers of the sovereign at this time, were, that mixed and plausible character, Mr. Pelham, and that immortalized booby, the duke of Newcastle.

While former Finance Minister, Prafulla Ghadai was the chief guest for the event, the session also saw participation of imminent experts from different financial backgrounds.

The prime minister was a Tory firebrand with a cult-like following and a determination to ram through changes.

Ministers are the worst offenders.

The prime minister is clearly the single most important actor in the national governing process.

But the first Prime Minister of the nation-as every Canadian learns at school-was Sir John A Macdonald, who took office with the birth of the Confederation in 1867.

The minister is God's ambassador to lost men.

When the ministers admonished[a] him that his punishment in this world was but a shadow of that which awaited him in the next, he indignantly replied, that he gloried in his fate, and only lamented that he had not limbs sufficient to furnish every city in Christendom with proofs of his loyalty.

The Minister of Government Services and lands, for example, there is a little reference in this Province, we make millions and millions of dollars a year from the Registry of Deeds in this Province.

The current Prime Minister of Swaziland is Themba N. Masuku, since 13 December 2020.

Minister: Well, it'sโ€“right now it's money that is not spent and I'llโ€“I'll have to leave it at that.

The former Nigeria's Minister of Finance, is the present Board Chair of GAVI, present Board Chair ARCapacity.

Here was the town manager and the mayor telling me; Mr. Minister, our mil rates are 9 mils - which is one of the highest in the Province, higher than Mount Pearl.

The current chief minister of the state is Edapadi K. Palaniswamy from the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(AIADMK).

The minister was a most worthy gentleman, but this was not the Rockland native-born manner; some new element had come in between the good, plain, worthy man and this young girl, fit to be a Crown Prince's partner where there were a thousand to choose from.

The current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, became PM by asking Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for a โ€˜leadership spillโ€™ in October 2010.

Cupid is their prime minister, and we all know that prime ministers are the power behind the throne of rulers.

Simplicity and liberality, mingled with much earnestness and a fair amount of self- righteousness, are the leading traits of the "elect" at Vauxhall- road chapel; whilst their minister is a curious compilation of eccentricity, sagacity, waddlement, winking, straightforwardness, and thorough honesty.

It is a new position, and a remarkable one in our history is that of M. Necker teaching the party he calls public opinion that under a good king, under a monarch beloved of the people, the minister of finance has become the sole hope, the sole security, by his moral qualities, of the lenders and experts who watch the government.

Mr. Minister, is there any commitment from the federal government on a new agreement for rural development in the Province?

A minister of the Crown is not qualified to answer a question related to the business of a committee, basically, its arm's length relationship to the government.

The Minister was really the DC who was loved by people in all the districts he has worked.

Mr. Speaker, this minister is a disaster.

Ironically, the current Minister of Education, when he was on this side of the House, up until whatever happened in November 30, 2015, he was the biggest champion against this policy.

The parish minister was not only a long preacher, but, as the custom was, delivered two sermons on the Sabbath day without any interval, and thus saved the parishioners the two journeys to church.

Fortunately, our Minister to Belgium was Brand Whitlock.

He said: โ€œDespite what the SNP claim, our Prime Minister is a wholehearted supporter of devolution, and the UK Government is putting the Union at the heart of everything we do.

The Minister of Works, Services and Transportation is a businessman here.

The ministers are the Rev. J. Judson, who is the superintendent, and the Rev. W. Graham.

The minister of the church is the Rev. E. Sloane Murdoch; and we dare say if the Cuilmenn of Erin, or the Book of the Uachongbhail, or the Cin Droma Snechta, or the Saltair of Cashel could have been consulted, his ancestors would have been found named therein.

The first Prime Minister of Liechtenstein was Josef Ospelt.

The prime minister, the official organ, and the active and superintending officer is the chief mate.

Well, I know that the minister has been very busy meeting with various sectors including a lot of mining companies, and, as he says, he is probably the most effective marketer for Manitoba in terms of mining, and I agree with him.

"The Prime Minister is not only my colleague and my boss but also my friend, and my thoughts are with him and his family," he said, adding that the UK PM's illness is a reminder how "indiscriminate this disease is".

So, in respect of staffing for this particular component, of course, I know that the assistant deputy minister is Angie Bruce,who I have just an enormous amount of respect inโ€“for.

Head of government: The prime minister is Perry Christie but The Bahamas is a British colony so the supreme ruler is Queen Elizabeth the second.

Your Ministers who are most in favour are Radical pacifists.

Her Majesty's Ministers, however, were of opinionand no doubt there is something to be said in favour of that opinionthat as the question, although federal, was one which would probably lead to events which would make it international, it was wiser and better to interfere by anticipation, and prevent, if possible, the federal execution ever taking place.

The selectmen were the overseers; and, following the necessities of the times, the ministers of the gospel were generally Independents or Congregationalists, not clergy of the Established Church of Old England.

He was on the platform of the Albert Hall addressing a great meeting at which the Prime Minister was the principal speaker.

As envoy, although an official, I still had the feeling of being a gentleman; as [Parliamentary] Minister one is a helot.

The Minister of the Interior is now also Commissioner for the New Bundeslรคnder to show that there is still some work to make all of the states equal.

The Prime Minister is about to call an election, an election that nobody wants, not even his backbenchers.

Mr. Cathro winced, and then explained with emphasis that the Hugh Blackadder was a competition in which the local ministers were the sole judges; he therefore referred the ladies to them.

"The minister, victorious over the Parliament, had become the arbiter of Europe," said Frederick II., in his History of my Time.

The Health Minister is the first high profile government official whose COVID-19 status will be known to the public.

That almost any other women of their capacity and station could produce a greater effect on the public mind on that subject than they, because they were Quakers, and woman's right to speak and minister was a Quaker doctrine.

Ministers were "gluttons for centralisation," and would, he prophesied, incur the usual fate of gluttons, acute indigestion.

Before television brought politicians with their speeches, gestures and faces into the living rooms of the nation, the first prime minister to establish a "media image" was Louis St. Laurent.

The lecture was re-delivered a few weeks later at a Unitarian chapel, where the minister was the Rev. Peter Dean, and gave, I was afterwards told, great offence to some of the congregation, especially to Miss Frances Power Cobbe, who declared that she would have left the chapel had not the speaker been a woman.

Austere Presbyterian ministers were people of mark in many of the towns.

According to these conventions, the Prime Minister is leader of Cabinet (itself a body existing by convention), and takes a co-ordinating role.

The minister is in his full NDP, weโ€‘in-governmentโ€‘knowโ€‘best mode.

It is, moreover, to be bewailed that many ministers, who should be examples of charity and good works, are ringleaders in this sin of oppression.

Of all present, the bailiff manifested the least surprise or concern, for to him the last minister of the law was an object, if not precisely of respect, of politic good-will rather than of dishonor.

A minister is not a parlor-pet.

The Minister of Finance was actually the moderator of the event.

At 48, former finance minister and presidential candidate Elyes Fakhfakh is a youngish, if not a new face in Tunisian politics.

Moreover, prime minister is also Chairman of the Council for National Education, Standing Member of the Central Military Commission and the Central Police Party Committee.

Technically, the Eucharistic minister is the "acolyteโ€.

Furthermore the minister was the vehicle through which the commands of the authorities, lay or ecclesiastical, were conveyed to the parishioners.

Also he went as often as he could to church, which, little as it means in general, did not mean little when the man was Paul Faber, and where the minister was Thomas Wingfold.

A king, who was frivolous and indifferent to his business as well as to his glory; a minister aged, economizing, and timid; an ambitious few, with views more bold than discreet,such were henceforth the instruments at the disposal of France; the resources were insufficient for the internal government; the peace of Vienna and the annexation of Lorraine were the last important successes of external policy.

The prime minister was the Earl of Aberdeen; but Lord Palmerston was the commanding genius of the cabinet, controlling as foreign minister the diplomacy of the country in stormy times.

"She has had to learn that the minister and Bible reading and prayer are not God.

"The Christians of the South owe a heavy debt to slaves on their plantations, and the ministers of Christ especially are debtors to the whole slave population.

I walked with union workers over the last weekend at CP Rail and I can say that the minister is no representative.

The minister stationed at the place is the Rev. J. Hallcolleague of the pastor at Saul-street Chapelbut he only takes his turn in it.

If we take a narrow-minded and partisan view of bishops, we might say that they always have existed since the times of the apostles; the Episcopalians might affirm that the early churches were presided over by bishops, and the Presbyterians that every ordained minister was a bishop,that elder and bishop are synonymous.

A Christian minister is a person who in a peculiar sense is not his own; he is the servant of God, and therefore ought to be wholly devoted to him.

The present minister of the chapel is the Rev. Richard Abercrombie.

His ministers, his judges, his high officials were simply his tools, and perpetually insulted the nation by their arrogance, their venality, and their shameful disregard of the Constitution.

The minister of Cannon-street chapel is the Rev. H. J. Martyn, who has had a good stay with "the brethren," considering that their fighting weight is pretty heavy, and that some of them were made to "have their way."

The current minister of Justice is Dolores Delgado Garcรญa.

The current Chief Minister is Dato' Abdul Ghani Othman, a former civil servant.

The minister at this time was the Rev. David M'Quater Inglis, a man of rugged appearance and of original and vigorous mental powers.

(1727-1760), said: "Ministers are the king in this country."