24 Metaphors for minutes

And that Minute, the most renoun'd Don Gulielmo Roderigo de Chimeny Sweperio, became your Gally-Slave,I say no more, but that I do love,and I will love,and that if you are but half so willing as I, I will dub you, Viscountess de Chimeny Sweperio.

Seven minutes had been the record time for the five-mile sail over the ice to Bleak Hill, but Samuel and Abe, both vowing delightedly that the skipper couldn't go too fast for them, stepped into the body of the boat and squatted down on the hard boards.

The half-minute which we daily devote to the winding up of our watches is an exertion of labour almost insensible; yet, by the aid of a few wheels its effect is spread over the whole twenty-four hours.

The ten minutes that succeeded were minutes of intense concern.

impatiently shouted Nighthead "Each minute of light is a week of life to us all, and every moment of calm, a year.

and each minute of it is a prodigal eternity.

I am afraid I shall never free myself from that yoke; on the contrary, the more my mind expands, the more minute will be the knowledge of self, and even on my deathbed I shall not leave off criticising the dying Ploszowski unless disease has fogged my brain.

Then, a few minutes in the lovely cathedralits beauty was a great surprise to me!a greeting to the tomb of Bossuetah!

Every minute was an added torment to him; he imagined he could hear the mute gibes that mouth must be uttering at his expense.

"It is more;fifteen minutes is a quarter of an hour.

a minute or thereabouts, but a music ride is an exercise which a wise pupil will not take until advised thereto by her master.

The old, slow-footed hour is dead, an' now, boy, the minute is our king.

In the same act by which I feel that this passing minute is a new pulse of my life, I feel that the old life continues into it, and the feeling of continuance in no wise jars upon the simultaneous feeling of a novelty.

Another five minutes and the distance between the two was barely twelve hundred yards.

The next minute all was wild confusion.

Dan c'n only die once, but every minute is a death to her!" CHAPTER XXXVII DEATH Before noon of the next day Buck joined the crowd which had been growing for hours around Tully's saloon.

These few minutes are the really exciting moments in the chase, with hounds, of any big cat that will tree.

And the minute the British protect the Jews there'll be all Moslem Asia on fire.

" "A minute is a whole lot sometimes," said Lorry.

Minutes were days while he waited.

After this long delay, every minute is an age.

Meanwhile, the Vicar, interrupted in conversation with the blacksmith, was amazed to see distressful stranded fish leaping out of a few residual pools, and heaped green weed in the bed of the stream, where ten minutes before there had been eight feet and more of clear cool water.

The minutes became an hour, and yet they sat there with set faces, bursting hearts, unseeing eyes.

Those ten minutes were surely the longest which had ever ticked their way into Eternity!

24 Metaphors for  minutes