43 Metaphors for miracles

2. The miracle also itself in its details was a special and exact fulfilment of the prophecy contained in the next verse, Is.

No miracle in them hath place, For this world is their home; An utterance of essential grace The angel-snowdrops come. TO MY SISTER.

Another Miracle and a Temptation in the Wilderness The floor of the valley was an arid waste, flat and treeless, a far sweep of gray and gold, of sage-brush spangled with sunflowers, patched here and there with glistening beds of salt and soda, or pools of the deadly alkali.

I confess, that I cannot peruse page 179 without fancying that I am reading some Romish Doctor's work, dated from a community where miracles are the ordinary news of the day.

Though Mohammed had repeatedly declared himself to be an ordinary man chosen by Allah as the organ of His revelation, and whose only miracle was the Qorân, posterity ascribed to him a whole series of wonders, evidently invented in emulation of the wonders of Christ.

The next "sixpenny miracle" he visits is Chatsworth, which calls forth the following vigorous attack on sundry gentlemen, clothed in the author's peculiarly lively and racy language: "The showy magnificence of Chatsworth, Blenheim, and the gloomy grandeur of Warwick and Alnwick Castles, serve to remind us, like the glitt

It is useless to deny that the miracles of science have not been such an incentive to art and imagination as were the miracles of religion.

"Only that I took a notion to come home and claim that legacy left by our eccentric Uncle Joshua," Jack told him, with a shrug of his shoulders, as though miracles were an every-day occurrence with him.

But the greatest miracle of the night was little Jacob, who ate oysters as if he had been born and bred to the business.

A miracle is an instrumentan instrument without which revelation is impossible; and Mr. Mozley meets Spinoza's objection to the unmeaning isolation of a miracle by insisting on the distinction, which Spinoza failed to see, between a miracle simply as a wonder for its own sake, and as a means, deriving its use and its value simply from the end which it was to serve.

Certainly, if miracles be the command over Nature, they appear most in adversity.

A name appropriate to all the seasons would be the City of the Miracle, the miracle being the Renaissance.

But a miracle should be a violation not merely of the known but of all the laws of nature, and until you know all those laws, how can you tell what is a miracle?

But if religion is addressed to, and must be judged by, our moral faculties, how could I believe in that painful and gratuitous personality,The Devil?He also had become a waning phantom to me, perhaps from the time that I saw the demoniacal miracles to be fictions, and still more when proofs of manifold mistake in the New Testament rose on me.

And Vina awakened, for she saw with trembling, what is a miracle to a modern woman's eyes, man's delight to honor that which is most truly woman's.

The Miracle THERE'S not a leaf upon the tree To show the sap is leaping, There's not a blade and not an ear Escaped from winter's keeping

" "I understand," continued the lady, "that there are doubts after all, whether this miracle be really a true miracle.

"We have a maxim that it is more probable that any number of witnesses should lie, that the senses of any number of persons should be deluded, than that a miracle should be tru

And these miracles of Christ were the proofs that he was the Messiah, the great Saviour, of whom the prophets had spoken.

But be that as it may, the Jews were trained to believe that the miracles were God's, God's immediate work, and not performed by the wisdom or sanctity or supernatural power of any saint or prophet whatsoever.

The Miracle and Mystery Plays were the most popular form of entertainment in this age; but we have reserved them for special study in connection with the Rise of the Drama, in the following chapter.

The feeding of the five thousand, the miracle described by all the four Evangelists, is thus curtly disposed of:"Il se retira au désert.

" "I was unable to resist the weight of historical evidence, that within the same period most of the loading doctrines of Popery were already introduced in theory and practice; nor was my conclusion absurd, that miracles are the test of truth, and that the Church must be orthodox and pure, which was so often approved by the visible interposition of the Deity.

If so, every miracle in Scripture is as natural an event in the universe as any chemical experiment in the physical world; if not, the seat of the great Presiding Will is empty, and nature has no Personal Head; man is her highest point; he finishes her ascent; though by this very supremacy he falls, for under fate he is not free himself; all nature either ascends to God, or descends to law.

They seem not to me to have answered satisfactorily to the main argument fetched from the Apostle's own government, with which Saravia had inclined me to some Episcopacy before: though miracles and infallibility were Apostolical temporary privileges, yet Church government is an ordinary thing to be continued.

43 Metaphors for  miracles