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123 Metaphors for  model

123 Metaphors for model

Iโ€™ve tried several brands and styles, but this model is the best for on-the-go hot beverage drinking.

Her model was Joe's mother.

Models of teaching are approaches to the management of some aspect of classroom instruction and they may not be independent of subject area, grade level, age of the student, or the setting for learning.

This model was a departure for Sony, as it includes a thumb keyboard but is much smaller than the NV series and doesn't need to be flipped open like the UX series.

The result: the 2018 KTM SX models are the slimmest, lightest dirt bikes out there.

It doesnโ€™t matter how attractive your model is if your dress is dragging on the floor because the model is six inches too short to properly fit it.

This Laurence Eusden was a scribbling parson, whose model in Art was Sir Richard Blackmore, and whose morality was of the Puritanical stripe.

And the model of the complete human is at least 10 times the resolution offered by other virtual systems, and it can be scaled to any size, and select components or the total model can be displayed at any time.

The J4001 32 inch model from Samsung is a 720 pixels HD TV that offers clear and vibrant display.

The hands-on model is common in small organizations where board members are also full-time workers, such as clubs or food co-ops.

The Glotos models offered by are Boxes and Tree representations.

A model can become a cult leader.

Washers can come with a lot of great smart features these days, and combo models are no exception.

The third model, seen in Revenge of the Cybermen, was a much larger, snake-like cybermat that could be remotely controlled and could inject poison into its victims.

This conflicts with the fact that most currently studied systems biology models are rather large networks containing many states and parameters.

From there, 3.0t Premium models are next, then Sport, and finally the coupe's top-of-the-line Red Sport trims replaces the brand's former performance pinnacle, which it called IPL.

Make sure to leave yourself ample time to find another one if the model you need is not a good fit.

By the late 1980s, the generally accepted model was a three-axis object with major albedo or topographical features.

In fact, Communication Lab Model is the longest running communication lab in North America.

The Model was a model of all the vices.

Ole Nedergaard Thomsen Competing models of linguistic change: evolution and beyond 2006 โ€“ Page 68 "Extensions, by contrast, are applications of extant means in new usage.

The model wasn't a strong seller for Mecedes-Benz and was discontinued in 2012 without a replacement.

The face has a swollen look, and it was said that his model had been a common woman whose features were swelled by intoxication.

The sympathetic companions studied his works and smiled with scorn at the prejudice of which their great model had been the victim, and of which they had been so long the dupes.

Another similar model is the NS Class 1600.

Over time the office will become less focused on desk based work and the โ€˜Hub and Clubโ€™ model will become increasingly common place.

Results: The best performing model was a support vector machine with 78% accuracy, 26% sensitivity, 95% specificity, 0.36 F1 score, and 0.31 MCC and one posterior pelvis accelerometer input feature (left acceleration standard deviation).

In these, the model of his mere manner is Pope, although coloured by Juvenal, his Latin original; but the matter and spirit are intensely his own.

His model was Salai, with his beautiful long curling hair.

The Commissioner was satisfied that the bank's internal credit scoring model was confidential commercial information.

This model, says Otto, is the โ€œonly hope for prosperity and development that recognises rights and protects the environmentโ€.

JGB's model is a 2.9-litre Ford Granada, "which, over here, is about the nearest you can get to the size, the space and the Detroit glamour of an American car.

His model is the Rumanian propaganda among the Vlachs in Macedonia, and his expectations are great: "There is no power in Persia to put down such a movement, because it could do no harm to anyone.

The original model was apparently the Jacobin club of Paris.

Even its $686 base model is a solid PC, including a GTX 1650 Super and a quad-core 10th-gen Intel Core i3 processor.

Our model is a minimally viable product so we donโ€™t have a ton of overhead, we run as lean as we can.

In the moment, Persephone's observation about banks feels like a throwaway line, but Smythe's critique of the banking system and, by implication, Hades's whole business model is a smart jab.

The model for the hound in his well-known picture, "Dignity and Impudence," was Grafton, who was a collateral relative of Captain J. W. Clayton's celebrated Luath XI.

The "model" is a friend who was also enjoying the sunset and didn't even notice I took this.

A logic model is a diagram that describes what you are going to do, what resources you are going to use and what you hope to achieve.

The scale model โ€” not much bigger than a Ping-Pong ball, affixed to the wall of the Houlton Information Center โ€” was a little underwhelming.

Tradition says that Apellรชs model was either Phyrne, or Campaspรช, afterwards his wife.

The model that will be most appealing to many buyers is the $43,938 Performance trim, seen here.

The rear-wheel drive model isnโ€™t entirely a surprise.

The existing model of globalization, not Trump, is the root cause of the current breakdown.

His model is the right-to-work policies of Michigan but more importantly, the anti-union policies of Wisconsin.

The most common model of multicultural therapy is multicultural competence, which is defined by having knowledge of various cultural groups, skills to navigate cultural processes, and self-awareness of personal bias.


The recommended models have been interfaces with the standard frequency dependent transmission line model in the EMTP.

The absorption model of reaction is a form of observational learning that enables us to model behaviours, and potentiates the passage of cultural beliefs across generations.

In an explanatory e-mail written by the Rev. Paul Gibson, Paul commented on the design and said: โ€œIt seemed to me that the model of salvation most appropriate for the time was, โ€œthe bringing together of the broken pieces.โ€

The new Polestar Engineered models are by far the priciestโ€”but also the fastest.

Air fryers are great at certain tasks, but some models are serious counter hogs.

The Stevensโ€™ Model of Career Development is essentially a client development concept leading to career selfโ€“resiliency, not a matching process.

The hypostatic model of personality is a way of viewing the many sides of a person's character.

The starting models for our stellar evolution calculations are the results of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) simulations of parabolic collisions between main sequence stars performed by Lombardi, Rasio and Shapiro (1996).

The gorgeous model has been thousands of miles away Europe amid the pandemic while Chris has remained Stateside.

Some of the best work of George Eliot, Reade, and Trollope was yet to make its appearance; Meredith and Hardy were still the treasured possession of the few; the reigning models during the period of Gissing's adolescence were probably Dickens and Trollope, and the numerous satellites of these great stars, prominent among them Wilkie Collins, William Black, and Besant and Rice.

Models of ingenious machines, representations of interesting manoeuvres, a methodical collection of raw materials, of tools, and of the product of all the arts exercised in a dock-yardSuch are the rich materials collected in these interesting repositories.

Sterne's chosen province was the whimsical, and his great model was Rabelais.

Model was a medium-sized dog, very well proportioned, and with a beautifully moulded head and dark, expressive eyes, and I believe was only once beaten in the show ring.

The Kรผbler-Ross model, or the five stages of grief, is a theory about the feelings of people who are dying.

they are better than a fair specimen of their kind, our grammars abound with worse illustrations, their models of English are generally spurious quotations.

But the model should be the story as told in the home, not the story told from a platform.

True wireless models like the which feature sweatproofing, are far and away the best headphones for working out because youโ€™ll never have wires in your way.

Appleโ€™s biggest current MacBook Pro model is a wallet-buster, as you might expect, but at least Amazon is slashing a couple hundred bucks off right now.

Sir John Millais' Model was the first Basset-hound exhibited at an English dog show, at Wolverhampton in 1875.

This model is dual voltage.

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 13 is the thirteenth cycle of ANTM.

The most famous models were the Type 38 and Type 99 rifles.

"However, the hybrid learning model we discussed will be a fallback alternate position in the event we do not have physical space in the building to serve all kids full time."

The model is a stochastic dynamic game involving three players and played over a ten-year period.

Chaucer lent his great authority to the more modern verse system, and his own literary models and inspirers were all foreign, French or Italian.

The article was about a new improvement of the memory in Model 85. Model 85 was a computer of the IBM System/360 product line.

This model is the bigger 15-inch size, which you could call a three-in-one because it acts as tablet, laptop and desktop replacement with its roomy display.

"Yes, especially as this notice says," added Paul, who had been reading it, "that all models must be the sole work of the contestants.

However, Hong Kongโ€™s model is an example that partial democracy doesnโ€™t work.

An activity model is the main vehicle for the analysis; an alternative model specified in terms of deviational variables is also presented.

However, the model is NOT a source for physical chemical properties.

Their company model is destination based.

The UTVA Model 75 is a training single-

Latex models are quite bouncy, but they donโ€™t make noise as innerspring models.

The mentorship model will also be a feature topic at the CAAWS Lunch & Learn on November 28th, in Ottawa.

The model in your picture is the Gould Bazooka.

Other models to consider in this segment would be the BMW X1 and Jaguar E-Pace.

As regent he had declared that his model was the brother of the first emperor of the Chou dynasty; as emperor he took for his exemplar one of the mythical emperors of ancient China; of his new laws he claimed that they were simply revivals of decrees of the golden age.

Debugging machine learning (ML) models isnโ€™t a walk in the woods.

The only major change to this upgraded ThinkPad X series model is a processor update.

Today, the best model for that approach is China, which funds infrastructure by borrowing from its own state-owned banks.

He had, to be sure, a whole literature of popular songs and ballads behind him, and his immediate models were Allan Ramsay and Robert Ferguson; but these remained provincial, while Burns became universal.

The opening letter states their doctrine, after the model of SocinusGod is One Person, not Three; the Lord Christ is the 'Messenger, Servant, and Creature of God,' also the 'Son of God, because he was begotten on the blessed Mary by the Spirit or Power of God'; 'the Holy Ghost or Spirit, according to them, is the Power and Inspiration of God.'

I knew this hybrid model would not be the normal college experience, but it would create some semblance of what it used to be.

Tradition says that Apellรชs model was either Phyrne, or Campaspรช, afterwards his wife.

"โ€ฆ if redshifts are velocity shifts which measure the rate of expansion, the expanding models are definitely inconsistent with the observations that have been made โ€ฆ expanding models are a forced interpretation of the observational results"

However, the models in PIP 33086 are a new sculpt and therefore look different from the models in PIP 33010, PIP 33019 and PIP 33049.

The interactive 3D model of the Gorge Waterway is an effective teaching tool used at the Nature House.

His model of perception is an interaction between data from sense organs and previous knowledge and experience.

A potential model for action could be the United Kingdom where the financial regulator required banks to provide up to ยฃ500 in overdraft funds, at no cost, for 90 days.

The new model is a larger and reportedly more efficient version of Boeing's 777, and it's expected to go head-to-head with competitor Airbus' A350-1000 which can seat about 360 passengers.

Part of Chinaโ€™s growth model has been its currency advantage relative to the US economy.