27 Metaphors for model

The best working model in the matter is the system of Compulsory Insurance; which was a total failure and dead letter in France but has been, in the German sense, a great success in Germany.

The models upon whom the child or boy forms himself are the boys or men whom he has been thrown amongst, and whom from some incidental cause he may have learned to love and respect.

Her model was Joe's mother.

" This Laurence Eusden was a scribbling parson, whose model in Art was Sir Richard Blackmore, and whose morality was of the Puritanical stripe.

Although the scene is laid in Venice, the model of this framework story was probably not the "Decameron" but the Oriental tales, known in England through French translations and imitations of the "Arabian Nights."

The Model was a model of all the vices.

[Footnote 1: The face has a swollen look, and it was said that his model had been a common woman whose features were swelled by intoxication.

The sympathetic companions studied his works and smiled with scorn at the prejudice of which their great model had been the victim, and of which they had been so long the dupes.

In these, the model of his mere manner is Pope, although coloured by Juvenal, his Latin original; but the matter and spirit are intensely his own.

The nearest English model, in the matter of style and quaint presuming on the reader's patience, is Sterne.

His model is the Rumanian propaganda among the Vlachs in Macedonia, and his expectations are great: "There is no power in Persia to put down such a movement, because it could do no harm to anyone.

The original model was apparently the Jacobin club of Paris.

Some of the best work of George Eliot, Reade, and Trollope was yet to make its appearance; Meredith and Hardy were still the treasured possession of the few; the reigning models during the period of Gissing's adolescence were probably Dickens and Trollope, and the numerous satellites of these great stars, prominent among them Wilkie Collins, William Black, and Besant and Rice.

Models of ingenious machines, representations of interesting manoeuvres, a methodical collection of raw materials, of tools, and of the product of all the arts exercised in a dock-yardSuch are the rich materials collected in these interesting repositories.

Sterne's chosen province was the whimsical, and his great model was Rabelais.

Model was a medium-sized dog, very well proportioned, and with a beautifully moulded head and dark, expressive eyes, and I believe was only once beaten in the show ring.

they are better than a fair specimen of their kind, our grammars abound with worse illustrations, their models of English are generally spurious quotations.

But the model should be the story as told in the home, not the story told from a platform.

Sir John Millais' Model was the first Basset-hound exhibited at an English dog show, at Wolverhampton in 1875.

" "Yes, especially as this notice says," added Paul, who had been reading it, "that all models must be the sole work of the contestants.

Its immediate models were Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, the first forty cantos of which were published in 1515, and Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata, printed in 1581.

As regent he had declared that his model was the brother of the first emperor of the Chou dynasty; as emperor he took for his exemplar one of the mythical emperors of ancient China; of his new laws he claimed that they were simply revivals of decrees of the golden age.

He had, to be sure, a whole literature of popular songs and ballads behind him, and his immediate models were Allan Ramsay and Robert Ferguson; but these remained provincial, while Burns became universal.

Tradition says that Apellês model was either Phyrne, or Campaspê, afterwards his wife.

The model of this character was sir Philip Sidney.

27 Metaphors for  model