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83 Metaphors for  modes

83 Metaphors for modes

" "It is commonly admitted, even by our enemies, that our mode of speaking is the very best in the world, which, I suppose, is the real reason why our literature has so rapidly reached the top of the ladder."

Until then, Jenn’s default mode has been a kind of smartass flirtation, Sol’s a nonchalant uncertainty.

It must be added that, given the actual state of Mrs. Weldon and her little Jack, this mode of traveling would be the most suitable.

The ideal mode of travel in Tahiti in the cool of the day would be a donkey, a slow, patient beast, who might himself take an interest in the scenery, or at least the shrubbery.

Modes are conditions which do not subsist of themselves, but have need of a basis or support; they are not conceivable apart from a thing whose properties or states they are.

[This mode of evading the intercourse act, by presenting or selling liquor on territory where the laws of Congress do not operate, shifting on the Indians the risk and responsibility of taking it inland, is a new phase of the trade, and evinces the moral ingenuity of the American Fur Company, or their servants.] 8th.

Certainly the modes of thinking of his later years, and especially of his last publication, were much more Tory in their general character than those which he held at this time.

And if this should seem unsatisfying, let it be remembered that to this devout Pantheist the divine attributes and their modes were the expression of the very substance and life of God.

The six modes that come standard are Auto (self-explanatory), Beauty face, Shot and more, Panorama (also self-explanatory), Virtual tour and Dual Camera.

The Ionian mode (like our major scale) was the most common in Western Europe.

His mode of expression was the drawing-board.

One mode is the conscious and intentional application of it by the reflective man.

In this context, the mode is the value that occurs most often.

Content-wise, Zombies mode is slim pickings for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Thus the genuine mode of poetic representation is the inner perception and the poetic imagination itself.

The relative rates of acquisition and loss are not precisely balanced, indicating that the prevailing mode of evolution in bacteria and archaea is genome contraction, probably punctuated by bursts of gene gain.

" "I'm not quite such a cad," was Dudley's retort, and then hoisting Roy up on his back, as if that mode of proceeding was quite a usual occurrence, he made his way into the house.

The modes are (1) ad rem, (2) ad hominem or ex concessis.

Perhaps, also, it may in time be discovered that even slave-labor is most profitable when most intelligent and best rewarded,that the present mode of growing cotton is the most wasteful and extravagant, and one not bearing competition.

The mode in which they have learned to accept the idea of their own degradation and unalterable inferiority, is the most serious impediment that I see in the way of their progress, since assuredly, 'self-love is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting.'

"Notwithstanding," he remarks, "the partiality of our countrymen to French cookery, yet that mode of disguising meat in this kingdom (except perhaps in the hottest part of the hottest season of the year) is an absurdity.

The mode of treating a subject is also no doubt the writer's or the artist's way of expressing what is in his mind, but this is Style in the more general sense, and does not admit of being reduced to laws apart from those of Vision and Sincerity.

Religion, always a principle of energy, in this new people is no way worn out or impaired; and their mode of professing it is also one main cause of this free spirit.

In Vs. Duck Hunt, Clay Shooting mode is the second mode after two-duck mode, because the arcade Duck Hunt games never had a one-duck mode.

The source of perplexity is to be found in the fact that the author, who has recently passed from negation to Catholicism, carries with him the language, the modes of thought, the taste and temper of the literary school of which he was, and, in so many of his sympathies, is still a pupil, a school which regards M. Zola as one of its leading lights.

Now the only mode of action not of a material nature is Thought, and therefore to Thought we must look for the origin of Substance.

The 5G will improve the performance and the night mode will be a cool addition to the things that you can already do on your phone.

Through all these denominations of the drama, Shakespeare's mode of composition is the same; an interchange of seriousness and merriment, by which the mind is softened at one time, and exhilarated at another.

The second mode is the reverse of the first [Illustration: musical notation.].

On the other hand, the Normal Mode is the classic gameplay that veteran players are familiar with, and the only thing players have at the start of the game is 500 Gold.

The modes and maxims of this Court, not unlike those of the Chinese, are procrastination, plausible delays, and voluminous despatches and communications, which are carried on through the hands of intermediaries and subordinate agents of every rank and degree.

LUMBAGO.A "new and successful mode" of treating lumbago, advocated by Dr. Day, is a form of counter-irritation, said to have been introduced into this country by the late Sir Anthony Carlisle, and which consists in the instantaneous application of a flat iron button, gently heated in a spirit-lamp, to the skin.

The time of collection should be as convenient as possible for the citizen, and the mode of payment should be the most simple.

But, in the first place, the old mode of expression is a well established usage of the language, being found in our best and most correct writers.

The mode in which this old system has been modified and spiritually symbolized by Freemasonry will be the subject of future consideration.

This mode of procedure has been a very profitable concern to him, as he has received a vast number of presents, and several valuable legacies, besides securing a number of pupils among the English families, that come or that have been here.

While he wrote vigorously and well, and while he was a frequent contributor in later years to scientific literature, especially on the subject of solar physics, yet his best and natural mode of expression was the graphical representation of his designs on the drawing-board.

One mode in particular is Treasure Hunt, in which teams will try to gather as many coins as possible to score points.

"The infinitive mode is the root or simple form of the verb, used to express an action or state indefinitely; as, to hear, to speak.

The six modes that come standard are Auto (self-explanatory), Beauty face, Shot and more, Panorama (also self-explanatory), Virtual tour and Dual Camera.

Our mode of transport is the water we, therefore, need to have clear canals so that we do not have challenges in paddling.

Mode, where 4 players can play to get the most stars and coins in 30 seconds, taken from 4 levels and there's three different colored Yoshis (red, blue, and yellow) the one with the card is Green Yoshi and other characters can get wings to fly.

A sarcastic mode of telling a person that fear, rather than love or principle, is the motive to his good conduct.

This mode of generation is universal, and is based upon that harmonious antagonism between the sexes, that contrast between the male and the female element,

But the mode in which it should be accomplished, and the demonstrations of British power which should attend it, were necessarily questions depending entirely "upon military considerations;" and for several months it seemed impossible that our armies could be put in a state of moral and physical strength, such as could justify the risk of any forward or devious movement of importance.

The perfect participle of a neuter verb is not "passive," as the doctor seems to suppose it to be; and the mode of conjugation which he here inclines to prefer, is a mere Gallicism, which is fast wearing out from our language, and is even now but little countenanced by good writers.

The mode of travel here was a selection of the best levels, the best places to cross the brook, the best places to climb, and it was a process of continual repetition.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a fast emerging information technology that promises to provide interoperable multi-media services for commercial and defense applications.

Psmith's usual mode of progression was a dignified walk.

As superconductivity is still strong at this doping level, with a Tc of 55 K, we conclude that the sharp mode was not an important contributor to high-temperature superconductivity.

The cheapest mode of living is on board a boat.

On the other hand, Rob Zombie - with the notable exception of - seems to have one mode as a writer and director, and that mode is unrelenting, unapologetic carnage.

Failure modes were compressive flange crushing for the panels with continuous GFRP channel, web shear for the panel with discrete channel, and rupture of bottom wythe reinforcement for the panel with steel truss.

As always hitherto, so now, his darling mode of defence was offence,to fight,Grant's every blow being met with another before it hit.

The mode of treating a subject is also no doubt the writer's or the artist's way of expressing what is in his mind, but this is Style in the more general sense, and does not admit of being reduced to laws apart from those of Vision and Sincerity.

"It is obvious, at the slightest glance, that this mode of instantaneous communication must inevitably become an instrument of immense power, to be wielded for good or for evil, as it shall be properly or improperly directed.

It had been specially selected as a personal gift by George III.; but the exact mode of using it was a mystery to Pekin.

Their mode of procedure was Scriptural, following the examples of Moses and others to Nehemiah"the footsteps of the flock."

Some persons, Sir J.E. Smith observes, recommend the preservation of specimens in weak spirits of wine, and this mode is by far the most eligible for such as are very juicy: but it totally destroys their colours, and often renders their parts less fit for examination than by the process of drying.

Modes (states, conditions) are such combinations of simple ideas which do not "contain in them the supposition of subsisting by themselves, but are considered as dependencies on, or affections of substances."

The mode by which it is contemplated to deprive them of that custody is the process of replevin and that of capias in withernam, in the nature of a distress from the State tribunals organized by the ordinance.

A Latin could obtain the Roman franchise, but the mode of doing so at this time is a disputed point.

Maybe Halo: Infinite's free multiplayer mode is a one-off thing, and maybe Microsoft is banking on its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to pick up the slack.

Show how the present mode is an advantage to the small states.

Currently the three game modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Artifact hunt.

His outward mode of manifestation was the likeness of men.

The phrases with may, might, can, must, could, would, and should are sometimes called the potential mode, but the constructions all fall within either the indicative or the subjunctive uses, and a fourth mode is only an incumbrance.

The mode of the day is "les grandes mesures."

The dominant muon decay mode (sometimes called the Michel decay after Louis Michel) is the simplest possible: the muon decays to an electron, an electron-antineutrino, and a muon-neutrino.

But their later mode of development, the degree of perfection acquired by the egg and germ before being laid, the term required for the germ to come to maturity, as well as the frequency and regularity of the broods, are all features varying with the different kinds of animals.

The mode of procedure is this:"On the third day of the moon, when the thin crescent is seen for the first time, show it the knife with which the moss is to be cut, and repeat this formula: 'As Christ healed the issue of blood, Do thou cut what thou cuttest for good.'

So, it goes without saying, Mr. Speaker, that the air mode in this country and the Province itself mainly is a total recovery now.

The mode of travel here was a selection of the best levels, the best places to cross the brook, the best places to climb, and it was a process of continual repetition.

I always bow down unto the Brahmanas whose mode of living is mendicancy.

Given that pension mode is a tax-free situation, and accumulation mode is a 15 per cent income tax environment, I reckon your best course of action is to leave the money in accumulation until your wife reaches pensionable age.

The two modes of commemorating a public man are a statue and a biography.

Our mode of treating the subject is, in this aspect, a Theodicaeaa justification of the ways of Godwhich Leibnitz attempted metaphysically in his method, i. e., in indefinite abstract categoriesso that the ill that is found in the world may be comprehended, and the thinking Spirit reconciled with the fact of the existence of evil.

* * The remaining mode was an election by the people, or rather by the qualified part of them at large.

But the mode of their passing away is not, therefore, a matter of indifference.

The dogmatic mode of thought is merely an explanation from the standpoint of common consciousness, and for idealism, as the only view which is both scientifically and practically satisfactory, this explanation itself needs explaining.

VARIOUS MODES OF FATTENING FOWLS.It would, I think, be a difficult matter to find, among the entire fraternity of fowl-keepers, a dozen whose mode of fattening "stock" is the same.

The most successful mode of giving general moral instruction that I have known, and which has been adopted in many schools with occasional variations of form, is the following: When the time has arrived, a subject is assigned, and small papers are distributed to the whole school, that all may write something concerning it.

Such modes of life as theseand not merely self-assertive conductmay become centres of a moral activity which aims at system.