13 Metaphors for monsters

And after that the Monster had gone a good while we went onward again, and with a great caution; and dreading alway lest that we come upon that Monster, in the darkness; but yet did we know by smell, and by all our consciousness, whether that we came nigh unto one of the monster Slugs.

The Forest Monster is already bigger than the lot of you, and he will come for you sooner or later if you don't let us stop him!" "Vorest Monzter?" echoed the great shark.

"The monster was a just sacrifice to the laws of the canton!"

Iobates, in consequence, imposed upon him the task of slaying the Chimæra, persuaded that this monster would be the death of him.

"These double-headed monsters are land birds and seldom risk a flight over deep waters.

The 'Behemoth' of Job is beyond a doubt neither whale nor devil, but, I think, the hippopotamus; who is indeed as ugly as the devil, and will occasionally play the devil among the rice-grounds; but though in this respect a devil of a fellow, yet on the whole he is too honest a monster to be a fellow of devils.

I will paraphrase: 'That monster, Custom, who eats away all sense, the devil of habits, is angel yet in this, that, for the exercise of fair and good actions, he also provides a habit, a suitable frock or livery, that is easily put on.'

The heroes who endured their angers and jests and tragic loves are delicately veiled allusions to the sunsurely, a very harmless topic of conversation, even in Greece; and the monsters, 'Gorgons and Hydras and Chimæras dire,' their grisly offspring, their futile opponents, are but personified frosts.

And then, afar upwards in the prodigious height, I did see the great, and bright and quick darting flashes of a strange green fire, and did know that they spelled to me in the Set-Speech a swift warning that a grey monster, that was a Great Grey Man, had made scent of me in the dark, and was even in that moment of time, crawling towards me through the low moss-bushes that lay off beyond the fire-hole to my back.

Who would undertake to resolve what species that monster was of which is mentioned by Licetus (lib. i. c. 3), with a man's head and hog's body?

The monster in question was a whale, of the species that is common enough in Bermudan waters, which after swimming through the tunnel was plunging about in the narrow limits of the lake.

Vile monster, robb'd of virtue, what revenge Is this, to wreak thine anger on the walls?

The beasts and monsters Hercules oppress'd, Might in that age some provinces infest; These more destructive monsters are the bane Of every age, and in all nations reign; But soon would vanish, if the world were bless'd With sacred love, by which they are repress'd.

13 Metaphors for  monsters