54 Metaphors for monument

A more popular and pleasing monument by Giovanni Pisano is the tomb of Benedict XI.

These monuments are fragments of the throne Once reared by genius on this spot so fair, When Florence was the seat of arts and early fame.

Their grand monuments were not triumphal arches, but temples and mausoleums.

His best monument is the city which he founded, and the most memorable verdict on his life is written in a letter addressed by a Maori chief to the Queen.

The two chief monuments of the architecture of ancient Athens, both erected on the Acropolis, are the PARTHENON (q. v.), dedicated to Athena, the finest building on the finest site in the world, and the Erechtheum, a temple dedicated to Poseidon close by; is the capital (100) of modern Greece, the seat of the government, and the residence of the king.

A dirge was played and all the bells in the city were tolled at sundown, for this monument of the past was a link gone that could not be replaced.

Thus the man passes away; his name perishes from record and recollection; his history is as a tale that is told, and his very monument becomes a ruin.

Monuments are they of religious zeal and poetical inspiration,the creations of great artists, although we scarcely know their names; adapted to the uses designed; the expression of consecrated sentiments; the marble history of the ages in which they were erected,now heavy and sombre when society was enslaved and mournful; and then cheerful and lofty when Christianity was joyful and triumphant.

The monument at Richmond will be the resort of pilgrims from the North as well as from the South, and the grave of Lee will be second only in the hearts of the people to the grave of Washington.

The only monument of interest, except that of Edward Coker, is a cross-legged effigy of one of the de Chideocks in the north transept.

But none who knew the man will be satisfied to let this world-wide and forever growing monument be the sole record of his greatness.

The Soldiers' Monument at Cambridge is the result of the combined efforts of CYRUS and DARIUS COBB, whereas, SYLVANUS, alone and unassisted, is able to raise, every week, a tall column on the surface of the N.Y. Ledger.

I cannot omit saying that this splendid monument to the appreciation of art and to great generosity was the gift of women, while the artists who perfected its architecture and decorations are Americans; it is an impressive expression of the expansion of American Art in the nineteenth century.

THIS MONUMENT IS ERECTED In memory of A FATHER, A MOTHER AND A SISTER, By the surviving children.

The Tanfield monument, though somewhat ugly and grotesque, is a wonderful example of alabaster work.

Now Dante's monument is "the marvellous, mystic, unfathomable song," in which he sang his sorrows and his joys, revealed his visions, and recorded the passions and sentiments of his age.

and "Joan of Arc before Cardinal Beaufort"; the subjects of his latest pictures are from history, English and French, such as "The Princes in the Tower" and "Cromwell contemplating the corpse of Charles I.," a great work; but the grandest monument of his art is the group of paintings with which he adorned the wall of the semicircle of the Palais des Beaux Arts in Paris, which he completed in 1841 (1797-1856).

The latest monument is a bronze statue of Lord Roberts.

And the monuments you erect to their memory, and the religious reverence with which you cherish the memory, are indeed well deserved tributes of gratitude.

Ochterlony's Monument is a simple stone column, 165 feet in height, standing, like a large note of admiration, on a solitary grassplot, in memory of General Ochterlony, who was equally celebrated as a statesman and a warrior.

If it were otherwise, the towering monument on Easby Moor would be a questionable inspiration to posterity.

The monument is a beautiful structure of red standstone, about 15 feet high, and stands in "Twilight Dell."

This project being brought to the knowledge of the editor, he ventured to express the opinion that the best monument Mr. Scott could have, would be the collection and publication of his poems in book form.

The earliest monuments of enduring magnificence were the temples of powerful priests and the palaces of kings; and in Egypt and Assyria these appear earliest, as well as most other works showing civilization.

Not the monuments of faith and love are the most durable, those of servitude last much longer.

54 Metaphors for  monument