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86 Metaphors for  motto

86 Metaphors for motto

Mr. Watkins observed that "the negroes' motto was God and the king.

Even among the Jesuits, with their corrupted theology, the motto emblazoned on their standard was, Ad majorem dei gloriam.

The motto of the Academy is "Talent and Taste" ("Snille och Smak" in Swedish).

King Oscar's motto was Brödrafolkens Väl

EGALITÉ, PHILIPPE, Duke of Orleans, born April 13th, 1787, father of Louis Philippe; so called because he sided with the Republican party in the French Revolution, and whose motto was "Liberté, Fraternité, et Egalité."

The new motto of SBGHC is “quality healthcare close to home.”

There is a celebrated and pro-Ally newspaper in New York whose motto is "All the news that's fit to print."

Its motto is "Passion for discovery".

Tassoulas opened the exhibition in the presence of Croatian Ambassador Aleksandar Sunko and said that “the motto of the Croatian Presidency is ‘A strong Europe in a world of challenges’.”

The company motto is Gradatim Ferociter, Latin for "Step by Step, Ferociously."

In the French wars of the Fronde, the only available motto for anybody was the Tout arrive en France, "Anything may happen in France," which gayly recognized the absurd chaos of the conflict.

The motto of the order is Tria juncta in uno (Three united in one); and Henry VI.'s chapel at Westminster is the chapel of the order, with the plates of the Knights on their stalls, and their banners suspended over them.

Pats motto: a penny saved is a penny earned.

[Footnote 1: The motto in the original edition was 'Semivirumque bovem Semibovemque virum.' Ovid.]

The original motto of the International Committee of the Red Cross was Inter Arma Caritas ("Amidst War, Charity").

Maine’s state motto is simple, declarative and fitting: Dirigo, or “I lead.”

The Trump campaign’s motto is Count every legal vote, as it should be.

Commissioned in July 2003, the ship’s nickname is “Gipper” and her motto is “Peace Through Strength.”

The newspaper’s motto was “Our country’s welfare first, and then we stand by honest party men”.

Our motto should be No Surrender; and far from yielding to the ills of life, let us take fresh courage from misfortune: Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito.

Its civic motto is "the Jewel of the Hills."

Our motto must be, 'A good heart and no hope.'

The Society's motto was "Benefacta male collocata, malefacta existima;" and it attempted much the same work now performed by the Charity Organisation Society.

I have my failings; perhaps, as you have just been pleased to intimate, it would have been better had my motto been frugality; but the open hand, dear Sir, is a part of the design you will not deny me, either.

This house's motto is 'Growing Strong' and their sigil is a golden rose.

We're coming, we're coming, with banners unfurled, Our motto is FREEDOM, our country the world; Our watchword is LIBERTYtyrants beware!

Its motto is lang ('"The interest for the student develops the student's interest").

Their motto was the motto of the Three Musketeers: "All for one, and one for all.

Its motto was "Love, Union, Peace"; its officers were president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, marshal, mother, and six male and twelve female stewards, and its dues fifty cents per month.

The motto of Froude's Remains, which embodied his characteristic temper, was an expression of the feeling of the school: Se sub serenis vultibus Austera virtus occulit: Timet videri, ne suum, Dum prodit, amittat decus, The heroic strictness and self-denial of the early Church were the objects of admiration, as what ought to be the standard of Christians; but people did not yet like to talk much about attempts to copy them.

The motto of Solihull is Urbs in Rure (Town in Country).

The one guiding motto of his life was 'Save, not invest.'

Seneca’s motto is Unconditional Care – Helping Families through the most difficult times of their lives.

"Hence also the infinitive mood, a participle, a member of a sentence, or a proposition, forming together the subject of discourse, or the object of a verb or preposition, and being the name of an act or circumstance, are in construction, regarded as nouns, and are usually called 'substantive phrases;' as 'To play is pleasant,' 'His being an expert dancer is no recommendation,' 'Let your motto be Honesty is the best policy.

Lakehead’s motto is ‘one university, two campuses’, so everything is similar through my eyes.

But it may explain what I mean, that a neat motto is child of the Title.

"In the event of your doing so," Norgate continued, "more money, and arms themselves if you require them, will be available, but the motto of those who have the cause of Ireland entirely at heart is, 'No compromise!'

Our motto is: Ab hoste doceri."

"'Germany's motto is: Deutschland über alles and you have not opposed it; but you have published in the Vorwärts an appreciation of the Kaiser alleging that he had worked during twenty-five years for peace.

The school’s motto is “Leadership and Learning” and their focus is to be a community school.

If ever erected I hope the prominent mottoes upon the pedestal will be: 'Not unto us, not unto us, but to God be the glory,' and the first message or telegram: 'What hath GOD wrought.'

Rather, we should keep in mind that such motto is a verbatim quote from Psalm 71, in which Kind David express the extent of the reign of the Messiah to come, from sea to sea!

“His motto at WhatsApp had been “No ads, no games, no gimmicks”— a direct contrast with a parent company that derived 98 per cent of its revenue from advertising,” the Forbes report said.

Behind the house was a cenotaph for the Princess Elizabeth, a kind of illuminated cradle; the motto, All the honours the dead can receive.

This motto was almost the account that the twisted figure, with queer contortions of face, yet delicate feet and hands, and dainty utterance, might have been expected to give, when Anne asked him, "Was it you, really?" "Ior my double?"

The motto is Quondam his vicimus armisWe used to conquer with these arms.

Its motto should be courage, ambition and energy, governed by honest purpose and tempered by humanity.

I do come from the farm where my motto was people inside, animals outside.

"Then your motto is green inexperience," said Manuel, "and for me to bear it would be black ingratitude." So the writing had been changed in accordance with his instructions, and it now read Mundus vult decipi.

"My motto is consideration for the manufacturer, justice to myself and honest value to my patrons," said Mr. Denton to all.

I want now to find an equine reliance whose motto is "Nulla vestigia retrorsum," or "No steps backward.

The true motto for the writer of such a book is nihil a me alienum puto, whether humanum or otherwise.

The motto of the Academy is "Talent and Taste" ("Snille och Smak" in Swedish).

We would suggest that the motto for this bright little paper be "Tu doces." * * * * * THE VERNACULAR IN INDIAN SCHOOLS.

Narrow and ignorant as is the Toryism commonly displayed in country districts, it is yet preferable, from the point of view of those whose motto is aequam memento, etc., to the impossible Utopia which the advanced Radicals invariably promise us and never effect.

The Trump campaign’s motto is Count every legal vote, as it should be.

I haven't had very much time for reading, but my motto, sir, has been nulla dies sine linea.'

Chapter XIX THE PROVINCES AND THE PUBLIC WORKS POLICY "Members the Treasurer pressing to mob; Provinces urging the annual job; Districts whose motto is cash or commotion; Counties with thirsts which would drink up an ocean; These be the horse-leech's children which cry, 'Wanted, Expenditure!'

The school’s motto is “Women Learning.

His diet is varied and fearful, and his motto, like Lord Nelson's, is 'a little more grape.'

The motto of the state is: "Millions for offense, but not one cent for reclamation."

The motto of the OCLCH is: "Hora fugit, stat jus" ("time passes, law remains").

We have continuous traditions, as they have; our motto, too, is noblesse oblige; and, unlike them, we stand for ideal interests solely, for we have no corporate selfishness and wield no powers of corruption.

With three starters down, the motto is “next player up.”

The motto of the Indian Air Force is nabhah sprsham diptam ('touch the sky with glory').

The motto, which may be thought characteristic of one of General Lee's traits as a soldier, was, "Non incautus futuri" Such are the brief notices given of the family in England.

All over Europe, the most enlightened portion of the world, is this little Motley to be seen frolicking with flashes of satire; the motto for his proscenium should be hic et ubique.

He himself assumed this "title" when he joined the revolutionary party, whose motto was "Liberty, Fraternity, and Egalité" (born 1747, guillotined 1793).

The motto over the Transport Office door might well be "Ohne Hastmit Rast!"

The cattle could get through, but a horse with a man on his back might easily get mired in Vandemark's Folly anywhere along there; and my motto was, "The more hurry, the less speed."

ST. TAMMANY, an American-Indian chief, popularly canonised as a saint, and adopted as the tutelary genius by a section of the democratic party in the States; his motto was "Unite in peace for happiness; in war for defence."

The motto of the OCLCH is: "Hora fugit, stat jus" ("time passes, law remains").

So wags this world into which there came nineteen hundred years ago not peace, but a sword; a world all stirred about by a reformed rake of Spain who, in his own words, came "to send fire throughout the earth;" whose motto was, "Ignem veni metteri in terram, et quid volo nisi ut accendatur."

Glorious Spring is returning to earthin the presence of Venusonce more to make all glad, and with her her attendants to dance and sing, and the Zephyrs to bring the soft breezes; and by Spring Botticelli meant the reign of Lorenzo, whose tournament motto was "Le temps revient".

And that man's motto is 'Vaterland oder Tod!'

In August of the same year this minister unexpectedly announced his new and startling proposals for the introduction of reforms in Macedonia, which nobody in the Balkans who had any material interest in the fate of that province genuinely desired at that moment; the motto of the new scheme was 'progressive decentralization', blessed words which soothed the great powers as much as they alarmed the Balkan Governments.

"It is the Order of the Golden Rose, mon ami, and its motto is Sincere et Constanter.

The company motto is “Savoir saisir ce qui commence” (seize new opportunities).

But his motto will be, "Excelsior."

BUGEAUD, THOMAS, marshal of France, born at Limoges; served under Napoleon; retired from service till 1830; served under Louis Philippe; contributed to the conquest of Algiers; was made governor, and created duke for his victory over the forces of the emperor of Morocco at the battle of Isly in 1844; his motto was Ense et aratro, "By sword and plough" (1784-1849).

Her political motto should be Justice, and her first and greatest care to see it administered to her own citizens.

At the present moment the only motto that can be inscribed on the flag of a liberal Review is the general device of Progress, each writer interpreting it in his own sense, and within such limits as he may set for himself.

The motto of the classicists was polished regularity.

On a grey and wintry day one is chiefly impressed by the dank chilliness of the palaces on the Grand Canal, whose feet lie lapped in slimy water; the lovely tracery of whose windows shows ragged and broken, whose stately guest-chambers are in the sordid occupation of the dealer in false antiques, and whose motto might be "Ichabod," for their glory has departed.

Our motto is, "NO UNION WITH SLAVEHOLDERS," either religious or political.

Lyft's motto is “your friend with a car”. citation According to the company, their service allows its clients to travel by Lyft at a cost 30% lower than using traditional taxis.