30 Metaphors for murderer

The murderer I am looking for is not that kind of a murderer.

The first murderer was the first city-builder; and a good deal of murdering has been carried on in the interest of city-building ever since Cain's day.

Perhaps the murderer was not a man, but a woman.

The supposed murderer, the paper said, was a Mr. Wilkes or Wilkson.

The real murderer was Hawkins.

She remembered that people deduced many things from that improvised sash-line, chief among these deductions being that the murderer was a sailorso wonderful, so complicated, so numerous were the knots which secured that window-frame.

The answer is, We shall be most happy to amend anybody of any fault, however great: but the experience of ages is that murderers are past mending; that the fact of a man's murdering another is a plain proof that he has no moral sense, and has become simply a brute animal Our duty is to punish not to amend, and to say to the murderer, "If you can be amended; God will amend you, and so have mercy on your soul.

His murderers were all conspirators, who ran like rats and turned on one another.

Her husband discovered the amour, and murdered his wife; but the murderer was the same night found dead in the street, and there was no one to whom any suspicion could be attached.

Once rebellion rises to the dignity of revolution murder becomes execution and the murderers become belligerents.

" "An apache murderer," Steve groaned"and me thinkin' it was a frawg hero.

Bombarda was a passionate anticlerical, and his murderer was a fanatical Catholic.

His murderer was his son-in-law, a certain Ptolemy, who was governor of the Jordan Valley, the resources of which had been developed under Simon.

Three murderers I remitted to a court which I called together with an old Russian officer to preside, but he was so terrified at the prospect of having to order their execution for fear they might be Bolshevikswhose name was a terror to everybodythat I had to send them to another district to enable the law to be carried out.

In the kingdom of ten thousand chariots, the murderer of his ruler will be the chief of a family of a thousand chariots.

If it was forced after the murder the murderer was a cool hand.

If the murderer was a criminal who had broken into the house with the intention of committing a burglary, there could be no connection between the return of Sir Horace Fewbanks from Scotland and his murder.

Such is the German account of the matter; but my opinion isthat the murderer was an amateur, who felt how little would be gained to the cause of good taste by murdering an old, arid, and adust metaphysician; there was no room for display, as the man could not possibly look more like a mummy when dead, than he had done alive.

After a little he paused to say: "This murderer is James Guilford, I take it; and the governor" "No," said Kent, gravely.

Drawing his breath hard, and setting his teeth as with steeled determination, he cried, "The murderer is Eugene Aram!" VI."I Murdered my Own Life"

The murderer of Duke Francis of Guise was a petty nobleman of Angoumois, John Poltrot, Lord of Mere, a fiery Catholic in his youth, who afterwards became an equally fiery Protestant, and was engaged with his relative La Renaudie in the conspiracy against the Guises.

But if the murderer was a burglar he had stolen nothing and had not even collected any articles for removal.

There is police inquiry; mother and daughter cross-examined; believe the murderer is the husband and father; saw him do it with their own eyes; but of course not going to peach; little girl pressed to tell all she knows; makes answer in voice that thrills Gallery, and makes mothers in the Pit weep, 'I have seen nothing, I have heard nothing.'

The murderer is a fox.

Caesar would never have endured that the murderers of his father should become consuls or that Antony's soldiers by receiving the same as his own should feel still more kindly toward his rival.

30 Metaphors for  murderer