32 Metaphors for nephew

" "That nephew was a clever blackguard," she commented.

I made some inquiries which led to the discovery that there had been a Mr. Timothy Jabbers once the occupant of our house, that he had at one period been in business with my wife's father, that he was now many years dead, and that his nephews in New York were his heirs.

"My nephews are little gentlemen; you must be mistaken," she was saying.

The nephew mentioned in the will was Howell Cobb of Confederate prominence.

For all that, his nephew would have been a better tenant and have paid a higher rent."

The nephew was now a captain in the army, the niece had her home at Monkbarns.

"We wish to know where your nephew Adam is, mistress," now broke in de Chavasse roughly, "the squire and I would wish to ask him a few questions.

My nephew, without any sinister means, is master of your daughter's affection; and lord Martin, I have authority to tell you, is her aversion."

Cruchot's nephew was a rising lawyer, already, at the age of thirty-three, a president of the court of first instance, and Cruchot's brother was an abbé of Tours.

However, Octavian's strong stand could only have pleased them: Caesar's grand-nephew and heir would naturally be to them a sympathetic figure.

This nephew was Peter Peters, who was to accompany the Boreal expedition as doctor, botanist, and meteorological assistant.

His nephew had ever been a trouble to him, because he had expected from his nephew a kind of worship to which he had felt that he was entitled as the head of the family.

" That night I wrote to my sister to inform her that the scales had fallen from my eyesI saw clearly that my nephews were angels.

"My nephew Nicholas, hot from school, is just the man you want.

But my nephew is his only son, and therefore cannot be deprived of the principal part of his estate after his death.

nephew is a far inferior title to friend I confesse, but I will preferre thee backwards (as many friends doe) and leave their friends woorse then they found them.

'Yes, my nephew is an apprentice in a pharmacy,' I echoed.

He had looked into the law, and, as far as he could understand it, Buston must become the property of his nephew, even though his nephew should become an American citizen.

He had no son, although married later to the daughter of the Earl of Shrewsbury, and his nephew, Thomas Percy, became the seventh Earl.

And my nephew-in-law in a state of suspicion is a delightful study.

DIODATI, a Calvinistic theologian, born at Lucca; was taken while a child with his family to Geneva; distinguished himself there in the course of the Reformation as a pastor, a preacher, professor of Hebrew, and a professor of Theology; translated the Bible into Italian and into French; a nephew of his was a school-fellow and friend of Milton, who wrote an elegy on his untimely death (1576-1614).

But Major Pendennis, when the offer of the commission was acknowledged and refused, wrote back a curt and somewhat angry letter to the widow, and thought his nephew was rather a spooney.

He asked me to set up his nephew; you see, the nephew is my godson.

Henry Fox, afterwards Lord Holland, the early years of whose patriotic son, the late C.J. Fox, were passed chiefly at this mansion; and his nephew, the present Lord Holland, is now owner of the estate.

"My nephew is a law student," said Miss Clark as she introduced the two young people, "and I want him to know all of our neighbors.

32 Metaphors for  nephew