8 Metaphors for nice

Sir Courtly Nice, created by Mountford, is the hero of Crowne's excellent comedy, Sir Courtly Nice (1685).

Only 'nice' ain't a big enough word.

After that there were endless showsperforming dogs, fortune-telling, circuses, etc.but the nicest of all was another merry-go-round, with seats which went up and down like a boat in a very rough sea.

The campaign was short, and everywhere disastrous to the Austrians; so that on July 6 an armistice was concluded, and on July 12 the peace of Villa Franca ended the war, with Lombardy ceded to Sardinia, while Nice and Savoy were the reward of the French,justifying by this addition to the territory and glory of France the emperor's second war of prestige.

She's as nice as cake, an' not stuck up a bit.

"Down goes the tenderfoot and takes his saddle and flops it on the piebald pinto, and the piebald was jest as nice as milk.

But keep her up ever so late, meet her ever so early, by breakfast-time she is dressed for the day, and at her earliest hour, as nice as others dressed.

One old leather-face, 'speciallythey told me after he was a Generalwas as nice as pie, an' had me in an' fed me a fresh meat and canned asparagus lunch and near chuckled himself into a choking fit when I told him about dad, an' my being booked up as a Benevolent Neutral.

8 Metaphors for  nice