57 Metaphors for noses

Perhaps the nose is a trifle squatter than even the average new-born's flat nose.

His large curved nose was also a compensating gift from the godmother of dignity, and he carried himself so erectly that he looked like a toy general.

" He done me my portrait, and, reely, my nose is a ultrymarine, My whiskers is purple and steely, and both of my cheeks is light green.

Her nose was too small and her mouth too wide to be beautiful, but the girl's wonderful blue eyes fully redeemed these faults and led the observer to forget all else but their fascinations.

The nose is a cartilaginous body, pierced with two holes, which are called nostrils.

Her nose was about a foot from his.

"Oh, the middies haven't changed a lot since I boned at Annapolis!" Pennington's nose was no very lovely member of his face at that moment.

Héloise even has got an ugly dress on, and Victorine has scrubbed her face with soapI suppose to get that greasy look offuntil it shines like an apple, her nose is crimson, and her eyes look like two beads.

He is bald, but not of course nakedly bald, and his nose and face are chubby rosy little things, and his beard is trimmed to a point in quite the loveliest way.

His nose should be straight, his face oval and small, he must be clean about the hips, and his movements must be naturally caressing.

Besides, it has the appearance of a race capable of development; only, the nose is platyrrhine (index, 52.3), as among so many Malay tribes, and in the left temple it bears a Processus frontalis squamae temporalis developed partly from an enlarged fontanelle.

The mirror spoke up suddenly, "Snubby Nose it's no use to tease, You might say, 'Thank you,' and 'if you please.'" Tippy Toes slipped down from his chair and ran out after Bunny and Susan.

Her nose was as utterly Whipple as any.

what size my nose is?

The vulturine nose, which smells nothing but corruption, is no credit to its possessor.

always smile?even his nose looks a different shape.)

His nose was a sharp aquiline, and gave something of a bird-like aspect to a countenance that must once have been very handsome.

but nosing of dat kind is necessaire under dese circumstancesonly your mos' gracious and graceful consent!"

Her little nose is a combination of all the amiabilities.

We came along at a great rate and should have got within an easy march of our depot had not Wilson suddenly discovered that Evans' nose was frostbittenit was white and hard.

It struck our unaccustomed eyes oddly to see these girls thus exposed, standing on the pavement in the teeth of some icy blast, talking to stalwart soldier friends, whose noses were their only visible feature.

Your nose is such a delicious tint; it reminds me of a tomato.

But I think that if Mary's nose had been a thought longer, and if she had kept her skin free from freckles she would have been almost pretty.' 'Do you really?


But, alas! one of her eyes was fashioned out of glass; her nose was masculine and masterful; and her chin most positive.

57 Metaphors for  noses
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