91 Metaphors for  occasions

91 Metaphors for occasions

This very pleasant occasion at City Hall was both a warm welcome to their new home away from home for Members of Parliament from every part of Canada as well as an opportunity to acquire information about housing, education and so on.

Also present for the occasion were: Terri Noble, public relations and foundation development coordinator and Michael Dunn, foundation chair.

The occasion was a proposal to increase the privileges of the Jews.

This was the first person put to death in England for his religious belief, and the occasion was the origin of the epitaph, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

But if the occasion is a large semi-public affaira political gathering, for examplewhere strict etiquet does not require that all remain thru the entire program, there will always be those who will leave early, thus missing the best part of the entertainment.

The immediate occasion is probably some matter of internal politics, such as growing discontent and democratic sentiment among the people.

" The first occasion on which the duchess partook of the Communion in connection with the Free Church at Huntly was a memorable event.

The occasion of one of these starts of growth is always some novelty that astounds the mind, and provokes it to dare to change.

Occasion is his Cupid, and he hath but one receipt of making love.

Another grand ceremonial occasion, when flowers were specially in request, was the Fontinalia, an important day in Rome, for the wells and fountains were crowned with flowers: "Fontinalia festus erat dies Romae, quo in fontes coronas projiciebant, puteosque coronabant, ut a quibus pellucidos liquores at restinguendam sitim acciperent, iisdem gratiam referre hoc situ viderentur."

The occasion of this war was no doubt a surprise.

The occasion was, the production of The Great Unknown, by AUGUSTIN DALY's Company of Comedians.

The most common occasion chosen by countries for the national celebration is the anniversary of the day they gained independence from colonial rule or from an occupying force.

The occasion is the recent marriage of my niece, who with her husband has just returned from their bridal excursion, and they will be soon on their way to their residence in Baltimore.

The occasion, she determined, should be a talked of one in Coombe.

The occasion was the entry into Turin of Carlo Emanuele and his bride, Catharine of Austria, the marriage having taken place at Saragossa some time previously.

The more excellent the work is in its kind, the more insidious and virulent the falsity, if the whole occasion of it be a pretence.

This was the first person put to death in England for his religious belief, and the occasion was the origin of the epitaph, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

It must be emphasized that the occasion with which we are here concerned is the press conference where the appellants published the complaints to everyone they could reach through the assistance of local and regional media.

The occasion was a semi-monthly meeting of the Ladies' Home Study and Culture Club, at which Miss Caroline was to be present.

He died in Ohio more than forty years ago, and it is said that the immediate occasion of his demise was an overdose of hilarity.

The occasion of her visit was a presidential inauguration.

It was Elinor Brentwood who was his intercessor; and the occasion was the last day of the third week of the extra sessiona Saturday afternoon and a legislative recess when Kent had borrowed Ormsby's auto-car, and had driven Elinor and Penelope out to Pentland Place to look at a house he was thinking of buying.

The occasion of writing it was the receipt of a gift from them, and to express the joy it gave him as a token of their affection.

Somehow or other she always contrived to make him feel uncomfortable, and the present occasion was no exception.

The immediate occasion of the hostilities, which in time involved so many states, was the opportunity offered by the conflict between Corinth and Corcyra of increasing the sea-power of Athens.

wee tooke occasion to see Nicosia, the chiefe city of this Iland, which was some twenty miles from this place, which is situated at the foot of an hill: to the East is a great plaine, extending it selfe in a great length from the North to the South: it is walled about, but of no such strength as Famagusta (another city in this Iland neere the Sea side) whose walles are cut out of the maine rocke.

The occasion was the opening of the Wells Community Hall, and his partner was Mrs Paddy MacDonnell.

More frequent occasions for the creation of vigilance committees were the rumors of plots among the blacks and the reports of mischievous doings by whites.

He also informed us that the special occasion for this rather pompous parade was the execution of some criminals at a park or prison not far away, and that this was done by beheading them.

The occasion was the shaving of his beard for the first time.

JOHN, EPISTLES OF, three Epistles, presumed to have been written by the author of the Gospel, from the correspondence between them both as regards thought and expression; the occasion of writing them was the appearance of Antichrist within the bounds of the Church, in the denial of Christ as God manifest in flesh, and the object of writing them was to emphasise the fact that eternal life had appeared in Him.

But, that an increasing amalgamation would attend the liberation of the slaves, is quite improbable, when we reflect, that the extensive occasions of the present mixture are the extreme debasement of the blacks and their entire subjection to the will of the whites; and that even should the debasement continue under a state of freedom, the subjection would not.

The occasion for Trump’s threat was his reluctant announcement on January 12 that he had decided to waive the reimposition of US sanctions that were lifted as part of the nuclear agreement, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The occasion of his elevation to the Vice-Presidency is a perfect illustration of the accidental circumstances and unimportant services to which he was generally indebted for advancement.

The occasion is the archery contest for the hand of Draupadi.

The Occasion which Milton assigns for this Revolt, as it is founded on Hints in Holy Writ, and on the Opinion of some great Writers, so it was the most proper that the Poet could have made use of.

The occasion was the Concours Hippique, an ultra-equine fête, where the lovers of the friend of man, and such persons as are fitted by an ungenerous fate with limbs suitable to horsey clothes, meet and bow.

One occasion was the night of April 10, 184-, when the mass of wheels started with a sudden click, but stopped in three seconds by the clock.

Indeed the occasion of the speech, on which I am now commenting, was the impudent protest of inhabitants of that District against the right of the American people to petition their own Congress, in relation to matters of vital importance to the seat of their own Government!

An occasion is a portion of time having in it a suitable opportunity for doing or avoiding to do some particular thing.

The occasion of it was a visit of the cardinal, his master, to the court of his relative Charles the Ninth.

The occasion was the first performance of Pillars of Society at the Gaiety Theatre, Londonthe first Ibsen performance ever given in England.

The possibility of such an advance being attempted was evidently still in the minds of the Staff, for our forward or Battle Position at San Sisto had to be kept in constant readiness for occupation, and it was suggested by some that the occasion for a big attack would be the moment when the enemy was in the act of retiring voluntarily to his Winterstellung, necessarily a somewhat difficult and risky operation.

The occasion of the story was a passage in a letter from London written by a friend, which described in a very graphic and touching way the yearly exhibition of the Society for the Promotion of Window Gardening among the Poor.

His occasions were very lengthy ones and the interregnum a period remarkably brief.

And when the nation assembles to a common political celebration, the occasion is no Feast of the Constitution, no Day of the Bastille, no Panathenaic Festival.

"Every occasion was the perfect occasion."

The occasion was a reception given in her honor by one of her clubs on her seventieth birthday.

The immediate occasion was the practice of the heathens of Rome.