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11 Metaphors for « onions »

11 Metaphors for « onions »

  • A little finely chopped spring onion or chives and parsley would be an improvement to both soups.
  • Put into a stewpan the butter with an onion chopped fine; add the gravy, ale, and 1/2 a teaspoonful of flour to thicken; season with pepper and salt, and stir these ingredients over the fire until the onion is a rich brown.
  • The onion is a bulb, hoarding water and food that enables it to grow, sometimes growing leaves while still sitting in the kitchen basket.
  • Welcome to Idiocrasy at full throttle; I suspect that The Onion may be your staple news channel shortly.
  • Slice the onions, and put them into a stewpan with the flour and butter; place the pan near the fire, stir well as the butter melts, till the onions become a rich brown colour, and add, by degrees, a little water or gravy till the mixture is of the consistency of cream.
  • Stewed Spanish onions are a favourite accompaniment to roast shoulder of mutton.
  • With many, the onion is a very great favourite, and is considered an extremely nutritive vegetable.
  • Always set your fish on to boil in hot water, hot from the teakettle, adding salt and a dash of vinegar to keep the meat firm; an onion, a head of celery and parsley roots are always an acceptable flavor to any kind of boiled fish, no matter what kind of sauce you intend to serve with the fish.
  • Care must be taken that the onions are not greasy: they should be quite dry, but not burnt.
  • My onion is imperfectness: I cleave
  • Of all the vegetables, onions and potatoes are the most desired and the oftenest used, when anything more than the 'old regulation' is had.

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