93 Metaphors for  organizations

93 Metaphors for organizations

Tom's organization, appropriately enough labeled "Tom's Workers", are the best at what they do when it comes to designing and building ships, proving that Gol D. Roger's was one of the best that sailed across the seas for its time.

This organization was an illegal government, with its own army, executioners, and secret service.

The activist organization is a Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary.

But no one ever dreams of being sober and vigilant at the right time, so the organization, like many larger such, is a broken reed.

[Footnote: My friend, Professor Alexander Johnson, of Princeton, is inclined to regard these frontier county organizations as reproductions of a very primitive type of government indeed, deeming that they were formed primarily for war against outsiders, that their military organization was the essential feature, the real reason for their existence.

The organization a "Sovereign State of Mind", seeking only to bring more "Humor, Warmth and Respect" to a world in sore need of all three according to its late Secretary General, Peter Anderson is a key tourism booster for the area.

The activist organization is a Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary.

The revolutionary organization has hitherto been simply a military provisionary power, and no definitive constitution of government has yet been established in New Granada in place of that organized by the constitution of 1858.

"This organization," he said, "is the Good Samaritan, loving to bestow its aid upon the poorest and most despised, the most severely wounded races of our country."

The basic army organization was in units of one hundred men which were combined as "right", "left" and "central" units into an army of 300 men.

The organization which grew up was a true survival of the fittest, both in personnel and in methods.

As I have before stated, our first organization was the picking-gang.

These organizations are Sector Institute Public Libraries (SIOB), the Foundation Bibliotheek.nl (BNL), the Digital Library for Dutch Literature (DBNL) and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB).

Only an organization can be an interpreter here.

To adopt a plan of labor and give it efficiency, the organization of Conferences became a necessity.

The organization set up by the treaty was the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

This organization is now a living, vital force in the affairs of Ireland on both sides of the Atlantic, Mr. Redmond being still its h

The global EY organization is a leader in assurance, tax, transaction, legal, and advisory services.

This organization was a place where nations could talk through their differences calmly.

If you can do it with notepad and command line, then IMO you're good to go, but with those basic skills, I think some organization and convience is a plus, for those that can "handle" it (meaning, still realize what they're doing.

Hall’s organization is a non-profit with navigators who can give objective information about applying for the best, most affordable health care plans.

How often DR loses is partly a function of the organization's relative priorities and partly a function of how prosperous the organization is (ie, how many surplus resources it has in general).

This volunteer-based organization is one of the largest community theaters in the state and serves more than 50,000 Marion, Citrus and Lake County residents each season.

On that day, the Indigenous activist organization, Idle No More, is 3 hours of Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence!

A few years ago it was generally believed that the organization of the old German tribes was politically an almost perfect democracy, and economically a communism in which all had equal claims upon the land.

He consideredat least his course can only be so interpretedthat the organization of a League in all its details was the principal task to be accomplished by the Conference, a task that he felt must be completed before other matters were settled.

The other bidding organization was JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Such organizations were a recourse at the same time for mutual aid and for the enhancement of social prestige.

First of all is the Red Cross, but that organization really is a non-combatant arm of the national service; and its work, generously financed by public subscription, is the greatest of its kind ever done in field or hospital, in any war.

Like CSIS this organization is highly secretive, ultra secret.

Just off the top of my head, the only private organization that comes to mind is the Maples clinic, who we do use for some surgical services, and we did use them for some MRI services.

The history of the Jesuits shows this,that an organization of forces, or what we call discipline or government, is a great thing.

Charitable and religious organizations are one such group and it is lawful for them to conduct and manage lottery schemes in a province provided the proceeds are used for charitable or religious purposes.

Jensen spoke as if German actions were examples of religious discrimination, but in Germany the Scientology organization is not a religion and, according to many of its governmental officials, a probable threat to democracy.

Thus it would seem that while organization of labour may become a real remedy for "sweating" in any industry to which it is vigorously applied, it cannot be relied upon ever entirely to crash out the evil.

So our organization became the Mysterious F-O-R, and you'll find out as time goes on what the answer is.

One student organization that will be celebrating this way is Unidos Bailamos.

The kettles will be packed away for another year at 2 p.m. on Monday and the charitable organization was still about $128,000 shy of its $500,000 goal as of Friday afternoon, said Capt. Karen Holland.

The organization of labour is the second form of remedy.

One such organization is Nanaimo's Haven Society.

Another organization that did not recognize the need for any proof that the "La Scierie massacre" had indeed ever happened, was the MCC.

The partner organizations are 4-H Ontario, the Arts Network for Children and Youth, Boys and Girls Canada Central Region, Ophea, Parks and Recreation Ontario and YMCA Ontario.

Political organization has always been a powerful preoccupation of mankind, and the earliest records testify to its antiquity.

But Joe's books argued further and most dogmatically that this organization by the selfish few was a necessary step in progress, that when their work was finished the toilers, the millions, would arise and seize the organization and use it thereafter for the good of all.

Madeline Patrick, a fourth-year in psychology and one of two Buckeye PAL student managers, said the organization is a a peer-based call line for non-crisis occurrences.

Many of the newspapers which had not yet forgiven the passing of Catholic Emancipation made it a ground for the strongest imputations on the Duke himself, some of them even going the length of affirming that he aimed at the throne, and that the organization of this new force was the means on which he reckoned for the attainment of his object.

The organization is partners with key stakeholder organizations and institutions where it promotes members' interests, and advances international higher education in Europe as well as in the rest of the world.

The organization of the East India Company was no obstacle to a measure demanded by the honor of England and the welfare of India; and certainly the parchment of the Second Charles will not deter any deliberate expression by Parliament in regard to the colonization of Central British America.

The Jets organization are the ones that turned him in for cheating for spygate.

Their organization was perfection.